Friday, February 26, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 5: Schoolyard Drama is Live!

Time for another update! X-men Supreme is still rolling along, on schedule and making progress towards it's ever contsant goal of awesome. A new issue has been completed and is now live and ready for your fanfiction viewing pleasure.

This issue begins some major dramatic shifts within the series. The X-men have always been heavy on the soap opera elements. Sometimes it's an even bigger draw than the action. Many fans are passionate about their characters and the characters they are close to. Some are outright die-hards, accepting that characters must only be linked with someone in particular and anything else is blasphemy.

Sadly, I do not take such extreme positions as some writers often do both in fanfiction and comics (looks cynically at Matt Fraction and Chris Claremont). Any character relationship can be done so long as it's well-developed and in line with who the character is. You can't just thrust two people together and expect it to work. That only damages both characters and others around them. I won't name names, but some so-called shippers love to champion their pairing by bashing another. In my writing philosophy that is a cardinal sin. You don't character bash no matter what your biases may be.

With that in mind, look for X-men Supreme to use some classic pairings with a new twist. Some may be more novel than others and they will all be handled in a unique way. Whatever shape these pairings take, I promise my readers that I will treat these characters with the utmost respect. I won't say it'll be perfect. I'll just say I won't bash them for the sake of supporting others.

I hope this clears the air! With this latest chapter, expect some new developments with some very familiar characters. I won't drop too many hints, but take a look at the picture below. It should give you a pretty idea of what we're in for!

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