Friday, February 19, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 5: Schoolyard Drama Preview

Another week another preview. X-men Supreme keeps rolling along! There is much to look forward to with this fanfiction series. I've been having a blast writing it and I have plenty of ideas to keep it going as long as some comics have been going. I'm still hoping to get more feedback with future stories, but so long as there are people reading I'll keep writing. Below is a brief preview of the next chapter entitled "Schoolyard Drama." If you're a fan of X-men relationships, you should enjoy this one! Stay tuned for the full update on February 26th.

“Shouldn’t you guys be working on those team-building exercises I gave you?” she said in a disgruntled tone.

“We should, but after wrestling,” said Lance.

“Figures,” said Wanda, rolling her eyes, “Honestly, how do you expect to fight for mutant liberation sitting on your asses like this?”

“What? Doesn’t watching wrestling teach us how to fight?” quipped Mortimer.

“I give up,” she groaned, “When you decide to stop being lazy, look over these reports.”

“Reports, huh?” said John as he picked one up, “What is it? Plans to blow up the White House?”

“Not quite. But if I were you, I’d read up on them. My father has a reputation for planning missions that tend to get messy.”

That helped get the attention of the four mutant men. They signed up for this deal knowing full well they were going to engage in battles for all mutant-kind. They just didn’t know it was going to come so soon.

While they all gathered around to read over the plan, Wanda left the lounge area for the central chamber. She still couldn’t believe these guys were going to be part of Magneto’s grand scheme for mutant liberation. Lance, Freddy, Mortimer, and John were more outlaws than visionaries. They all came from shady backgrounds. Two had done serious time behind bars. They were also young. She understood that was important because youth was key in fostering loyalty, but she was still skeptical and would be until they proved otherwise.

Sighing to herself, she met up with Magneto, Pietro, and Mystique. They were each going over maps and assorted news clips. The focus was on growing public concern over mutant issues. Already, there were major divisions. Some wanted containment while others favored human rights. It was a debate Erik Lensherr knew all too well. He had seen it develop as a boy in Poland during the rise of the Nazis and it ended in war, death, and genocide. And he would be damned if homo superior was going to face such a fate.

“I hope you’re right about these guys, Father,” said Wanda, “Because honestly, I don’t see in them the future freedom fighters for our people.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge, Wanda,” said Magneto, his eyes never leaving the computer screen, “I chose them for a reason.”

“Let me guess. Is it because thugs make better soldiers?”

“Hardly,” scoffed the master of magnetism, “I am a firm believer that those we consider thugs are merely those society has given up on. With more and more mutants facing such despair, our cause is ripe for spreading.”

“Does that mean more recruitment missions?” asked Pietro from another console, “Because at the rate we’re going, we won’t be much of a force within this decade.”

“Big movements require big bangs,” said Magneto ominously, “Rest assured, my plan will leave quite a mark on the world.”

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