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CBR: X-POSITION - Rick Remender and My Questions Asked!

I know it's been a while since I posted about an X-POSITION. It's not my fault. Marvel is at that time of year where they're very picky about the hints they drop. It's like PMS for women. They become irritable and emotional when fans pester them for information. With Fear Itself going on and stories like Schism coming up in the X-books, they just don't want to give us fans a bone! Well in the midst of this comic book parody of lady issues, the fine people at Marvel have popped some midol and dropped a few hints.

CBR: X-POSITION - Rick Remender

If you've been following this blog for the past few months, you all know I have a six foot boner for Uncanny X-Force. It's my favorite X-book on the racks right now. There are few X-books that even come close. You just can't match a book that has Deadpool, Wolverine, and Psylocke going on secret missions that involve murder, Nazis, cyborgs, and creepy babies. Seriously, what more could you ask for without a bad LSD trip? Well this week's X-POSITION had Rick Remender, the mastermind behind Uncanny X-Force. I sent in a few questions as I so often do and two of them got asked.

MarvelMaster616 wants to know more about houseguests and the nitty-gritty -- particularly the gritty!

1) I really enjoyed the Deathlok arc, and I noticed he continued to linger around X-Force after the story was over. What's his current status with the team? Will he be joining them? Is he going to be part of another upcoming story?

Deathlok, while not an official member, is going to be camping out in Cavern-X, watching over the world. Using his tachyon transmitter, he communicates with versions of himself in the future to discover what fate awaits mankind. In many cases, the fate is a bleak one due, in some part, to the existence or misuse of the World. Fantomex has insisted he not destroy the World, and the noble AI that runs Deathlok has agreed. The compromise being Deathlok now stands guard over the World, allowing no one in or out. 

2) It seems that every time a member of X-Force kills someone, it affects them profoundly. Whether it was their actions with the kid Apocalypse, Father, or Shadow King, it seems as though the nature of their job is getting to X-Force. Can you discuss where this is taking the team and how it will affect future stories?

For a band of superheroes to gather together in secret and go out and perform clandestine assassinations, they must accept that there are going to be many late nights of agonizing afterwards. There should never be a situation where killing a person is a simple endeavor, one without consequences. To me, the consequences are what make the book interesting -- knowing that what you're doing may save 10,000 human lives today, but it might cause greater problems down the road. It might cause you to lose a part of yourself as well. I look at every assassination as a domino falling, and, no, that does not mean we will be seeing Domino in the book.

I have to say, it's a lot more than I expected. Usually, the responses I get are short, sweet, and exceedingly coy. It's like a hot hooker that charges a hundred bucks for a reach-around. This was like copping a feel. Remender took the time to add some clarity to the world of Uncanny X-Force. Deathlok will in fact be sticking around Cavern X, which was not made clear in the books. It opens up many possibilities because there are just so many things you can do with a killer cyborg from the future.

Remender also reminds us fans that there's more to this book besides killing, bloodshed, and Psylocke's ass in a thong. There's some heart behind this male fantasy world. These X-men aren't just going out, killing bad guys, and ripping bad catch phrases that were rejected by Keanu Reeves movies. These stories are deeply affecting these characters. It's a little something called depth, which is more than just the deep end of the pool where you do cannon balls. It's part of what makes Uncanny X-Force so awesome and I'm glad Remender is acknowledging it.

I also asked a question about Warren and Betsy's relationship. It didn't get asked, but it wasn't because it was ignored. An angel and a hot Asian chick is a popular topic among other readers so someone else asked that question and the answer was just as generous.

2) With Warren not being himself that much lately and Fantomex all over Betsy (the cover to issue #12 is, just, wow…), it seems like the romance between Angel and Psylocke is doomed. I'm sure they love each other, but do you feel like they are in a toxic relationship?

They do love each other. And, were they two regular people living a regular life, I believe that they would be quite happy together. Their characters and their backgrounds align in a way that makes me feel that they belong together. However, in a situation such as the one therein, given that Betsy is responsible for containing the evil within Warren, there are sure to be some complications. And those complications will take their toll on both of them.

So there's the romantic element for you in additional all the touchy feeley moments beyond the bloodshed and boobs. It just doesn't seem interesting if you can't throw in relationship drama. Adding tension to Angel and Psylocke seems logical even if it's a bit of a gimmick, but if it makes for a kick-ass story I'm all for it! Also, more shots of Psylocke's ass would help. Pretty please, Mr. Remender?

Well if you were already excited about Uncanny X-Force, this X-POSITION should simulate a good hit of crack. With the Dark Angel saga coming up and a visit to the Age of Apocalypse world just ahead, there are plenty of reasons to read Uncanny X-Force! If you can't find something to like about this book, then you're just being greedy. It's the best X-book on the market right now. It's a great time to bathe in it's awesome! Nuff said.

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