Friday, May 13, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 33: Sinister Intent Part 2 PREVIEW

Progress for the latest arc of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has been going at a breakneck pace. Some stories just get you so excited that you can't help but plunge ahead. Sinister Intent started with quite a few shockers. When I said that this arc would be a major turning point for X-men Supreme, I meant it! Relationships are changing. Trust is being tested. New villains are arising. For many die-hard X-men fans, there are some familiar elements with this arc. For those yearning for something novel in their X-men stories, there will be plenty of that as well! It continues in Part 2 of the Sinister Intent arc. This fanfiction series is set for some major revelations! Check out the preview on this site for a brief taste of what to expect from this landmark issue of X-men Supreme!


Scott Summers groaned in a woozy daze. He found himself somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, not coherent enough to make sense of his surroundings but still aware he was somewhere different than he remembered. His whole body felt paralyzed. The air around him felt cold and sterile, reminding him of a hospital of sorts. At first he thought he was in the institute infirmary. But he got a sinking feeling that something was very wrong.

As he became more aware, the events from earlier came rushing back to him. He remembered the fight with the sentinel. That seemed to catch everybody off guard. They managed to regroup and fight back. Just when it looked like they had it on the ropes, it deployed some new weapon that took everybody out. After that, it all went dark for him. Wherever he was now one thing was for sure. He wasn’t at the Xavier Institute anymore.

Fighting through soreness and pain, Scott opened his eyes. He was quickly relieved to find that his visor was still on and he was still in his uniform. But that relief was short lived. As his vision cleared, he discovered he wasn’t in a hospital or infirmary. He was in a lab of sorts. Looming above him was an ominous machine looking as though it came from an alien spacecraft. Various surgical tools and wires protruded from it, making the idea of being right under it very unappealing.

He immediately started struggling, wanting nothing more than to get out from under this thing. But to his dismay, he found his hands and feet were bound by hard metal restraints. Panic and urgency quickly set in. The young X-leader started thrashing wildly. As he did, he turned to his side briefly and saw that he wasn’t alone. Lying right next to him on a similar table was an unconscious Jean Grey.

“Jean!” he exclaimed in horror, “Jean, wake up! Try to…augh!”

It was then Scott felt a paralyzing surge through his body. Everything from the neck down started to sting and go numb. It was then Scott realized that some of those wires from that machine above him were going into his body. Two were hooked right into his neck. It was a painful, invasive feeling, making this place all the more ominous.

“What…what is this?!” he called out, “What the hell is going on here?!”

“I wouldn’t recommend struggling. You are currently hooked up to some very advanced sedatives. The more you fight them, the more it will hurt. Trust me when I say you do not want to test them.”

That cold, dark voice sent chills down Scott’s spine. Grunting through the pain, he looked up to see an imposing figure emerge from across the lab. When Scott saw him he gasped at his macabre appearance. There was little doubt if evil had a face this man would be it.

He stood over six and a half feet tall, his whole body covered in a mysterious black body suit that hugged his frame like a second skin. Along his neck there were these protruding red tendrils that draped down his back, acting like a cape of sorts. But the most dominating feature was his face. His skin was white as snow and his eyes glowed with an ominous red malevolence. There was also this unusual red diamond on his forehead which seemed to grow a little brighter. Even for Scott, who had seen his share of monstrous figures with the X-men, this man was a new kind of scary.

“Who are you? Were you the one behind that sentinel?!” Scott demanded.

The dark figure just smiled and laughed sadistically as he casually walked alongside the unconscious Jean.

“So many questions. So little time,” he said, “But I’m not without manners. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Nathanial Essex, but I prefer the name, Sinister.”

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has come a long way and been around the block for a while. As it continues to grow, it'll continue to develop into it's own series. As a result, the overall continuity will grow as well. This is a good and bad thing for a fanfiction series. The bigger the story, the more difficult it can be to keep up with. As I said in my about page, I am treating this series as if Marvel and Stan Lee himself hired me to write it. That means being careful with the details and sticking to the continuity. Now as this story unfolds, I encourage all you readers out there to point out where I slip up. If I do forget something, I want to correct it just as Marvel would. X-men Supreme means a lot to me and that means keeping it consistent. I have so many story ideas for this fanfiction series so there will be plenty of opportunities for this continuity to grow.

In addition, I want to remind everybody that I'm always open to talking with fellow X-men fans. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. In addition, I want to expand the links and pics section. X-men Supreme is always open to other X-men fans who have websites they want to share. I'm also more than willing to post fanart. Please let me know if you have something you would like to share. X-men Supreme has a lot to offer and I would like to share it with my fellow X-men fans. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


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