Friday, May 6, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 32: Sinister Intent Part 1 is LIVE!

It's finally here! The story I've been building towards with X-men Supreme begins today! This fanfiction series has taken a number of twists and turn throughout Volume 2: War Powers. The last issue, Memory Musings, was a brief insight into the history of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. That trip wasn't just for nostalgia. As I stated clearly in one of my writing commandments, the past is the key to the present. What happened in the past is a big part of what will happen in this new arc. The X-men Supreme fanfiction is entering a new stage of it's development and from here, a new wave of possibiliites will unfold! So without further delay, I give all you X-men fans out there the first issue of Sinister Intent.

Issue 32: Sinister Intent Part 1

Now why am I making a big deal out of this arc? Well I can't say too much without spoiling some major stories. I can say that this arc will lay the foundation for a story that will have major ramifications in this volume and future volumes of X-men Supreme. It brings in some new characters while taking established characters to new depths. Part of the goal for this fanfiction series was to tell stories around these characters that fans can embrace. I've had 32 issues and some spin-offs to develop these famous characters. There's so much more I want to do with X-men Supreme and this arc is a major stepping stone.

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is entering a new level of action. As such, it's very important that I get feedback for these issues. I know I've always asked for it at the end of each update, but this is a very important arc. I need to know that I'm doing it right! Please feel free to contact me at any time or post comments directly on the issue. I'm always up for talking X-men! This site has so much more room to grow and I look forward to developing it. Thanks to all those who have supported me thus far! I hope I continue to have your support as this fanfiction series continues to grow. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


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