Friday, May 27, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 34: Sinister Intent Part 3 PREVIEW

A very Sinister conflict has been brewing in the pages of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series! For the past two issues, the X-men have come face-to-face with a villain that has a special place in the history of Marvel comics. Sinister has never shied from doing a special kind of damage. He's left a big impact on the X-men and many major characters. That's why I was so excited about introducing him in the Sinister Intent arc. It's taken two issues to unfold. It'll take one more to complete. The final issue of Sinister Intent will bring some major changes to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The climactic battle is at hand! Here's an extended preview of what you can expect.

“NO! Damn it, not this! Not now!” cursed an enraged Sinister as he banged his fist on one of his gauges.

His experiment was almost at the critical point. The extraction process had just begun. The special procedure he prepared for Rogue was in full swing, using various chemicals and electrodes to manipulate her powers in just the way he wanted. She had been slowly draining Scott and Jean, who were still fighting the sedatives on the gurneys, but he wouldn’t get the full package until the draining procedure was at full power.

That’s when the power faltered. Just as he was beginning the next round of protocols, the lights started flickering. This old base had an antiquated power system that he had to modify with more advanced generators, but much of the system still had be linked through the wiring in the building. Either they were failing on him now of all times, or someone was disrupting them. Given the way his sentinel was faltering, it was highly likely the X-men were behind this.

As lights flickered and more power gauges showed grim readings, the experiment was in jeopardy. Without power, he couldn’t keep his machines working. And if his machines couldn’t work, the process couldn’t be completed. He was in too early a stage to push for full extraction. If he were to try his systems would be fried along with his specimens and that was something he couldn’t afford.

“Damn you, Charles Xavier!” he spat, literally punching through one of the monitors.

From the gurneys, Scott and Jean were still dazed and in a world of pain. But they could definitely see something was wrong. The flickering lights and the flashing computer screens could only mean one thing. The X-men were getting closer.

“See that, Sinister?” grunted Scott through the pain, “That’s our friends coming to kick your ass!”

“Face it,” said Jean, still in a daze, “You…you failed!”

“I may have underestimated the X-men! But you would be wise not to underestimate me either! I may not be able to complete my experiment, but I can make sure it isn’t a total loss!”

In a fit of frustration, Sinister picked up another computer screen and shattered it with his bear hands. He then stormed over to the area between Scott and Jean’s gurneys and entered a couple of commands on a key pad that was on some computer console behind them. The two mutants then felt a brief sting in their arms where a large IV was in. A quick sample of blood, tissue, and bone marrow was quickly extracted and sent through a series of tubes that led into the console. After about a minute of continuous typing, a panel below the keypad opened and two glowing vials emerged.

These weren’t necessarily what Sinister was hoping for. They were but a part of something much grander he hoped this experiment would grant him. But without the full capacity of his equipment, that was impossible. His major goals had not been thwarted. The destiny of these two very special mutants had not changed either. It was just going to have to wait.

“It’s not much, but it’ll do for now,” said Sinister as he looked at the two vials, “You two still have many secrets in your genetics. I will uncover them all, but not today.”

“So what are you going to do?” grunted Scott, “Kill us?”

“Kill you? Why would I want to do that?” said Sinister with an ominous grin, “Like I said, you two are very special to me. The last thing I would want is for you to perish before your true potential is unlocked.”

The end of the Sinister Intent arc will set the stage for a new phase in X-men Supreme Volume 2: War Powers. Like the volume before it, War Powers is building towards something big. The many plotlines and stories that have been unfolding are linked to something bigger. You don't need to read Volume 1 to appreciate it, but it'll help give readers a sense of the scale that this fanfiction series has taken on. As I said from the beginning, I want this to be more than fanfiction. I want X-men fans to see this as a legitimate outlet for X-men. That scale will become very clear as Volume 2: War Powers unfolds. From there, some much more ambitious stories lay ahead.

Thanks as always to those who have supported the X-men Supreme fanfiction series through it's development. There's still plenty more to come! I probably won't be able to do a bio for Sinister soon because that would spoil a lot. The man has a long history. There's much I've yet to reveal! I would also like to remind everybody that I'm always open for feedback. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or comments. If you also own a website, I'll be happy to link to it. If you have art, I'll be happy to post it in the pics section. Until next time, take care and best wishes!



  1. Looks good! But be aware that spell-check doesn't see the context of the words you type, so getting things proof-read before you post might be an idea. I doubt Sinister can do much computer work with his "bear" hands.


  2. Thanks guys! I'm glad you're enjoying it. The next issue will be extra special. It'll also have some new artwork to go along with it! You'll see what I mean when the time comes. Until then, take care!