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It's been a while since I had my questions mentioned on CBR's weekly (yet awesome) X-POSITION. It's not that I've forgotten or been too drunk (relatively speaking). There just hasn't been much for me to ask. The X-books have been quiet lately, like the lull between hangovers because they're wedged between the titanic sized super-events in Fear Itself and Schism. So you really can't do much during shit like that. It's like trying to give a lecture on fiscal responsibility while six Playboy playmates go down on each other in a vat of chocolate.

CBR: X-POSITION - Kieron Gillen

However, some notable shit has been happening in the X-books. I haven't reviewed it, but the series Children's Crusade #6 dropped a Battlefield Earth style bomb recently. It brought Wanda Maximoff back into the fold and had her re-power one of the millions of mutants she effectively neutered in House of M, namely Rictor from X-Factor. Now this series has come out about as frequently as a sober German during Ocktoberfest. It's been hard to follow, but given the impact that Wanda had on the X-books this is a pretty big fucking deal. Especially after the X-men went through all the trouble to save some bratty redhead named Hope who was supposed to fix everything. So what does this mean? Well this was the primary theme of my questions and here's what Mr. Gillen said.

MarvelMaster616 starts us off with a question that appears to be on the minds of several readers. It concerns a certain miniseries that ties together the Avengers, Young Avengers, and the X-Men in a profound way. Be warned, however, mild SPOILERS follow!

1) I recently read "Avengers: Children's Crusade" #6 and it was one of my favorite comics all year. How will these new developments with the Scarlet Witch have an impact on "Uncanny X-Men" and "Generation Hope?"

I want to say something like, "My plan is to entirely ignore what's happening in the 'Children's Crusade,'" but I suspect someone would take me seriously. M-Day's fallout is a big strand of the large-scale story of the X-books. There's clearly no way I won't be reflecting the result of the "Children's Crusade."

2) While on the subject of the Scarlet Witch, do the events of 'Children's Crusade' make Hope's presence somewhat tenuous if not unnecessary?

There's three more issues of "'Children's Crusade." I mean, seriously, don't count your mutant chickens. Rictor could explode next issue for all anyone knows.

3) It's been mentioned that "Schism" will affect not just the teams, but some of the relationships within the X-Men as well. I know you probably can't get into specifics, but could you hint about how these relationships might be affected?

I can hint, but it's not exactly much of a useful hint. How are they affected? Generally badly. Actually, thinking about it -- there's a couple of exceptions to that.

4) And how will "Schism" affect Cyclops's status and competence as a leader?

That the schism is between Wolverine and Cyclops is known. You can safely say that Logan and, by implication, Logan's followers have problems with Scott's choices in "Schism." So you could say it affects it negatively, at least for some people, for the length of "Schism." Of course, as I've already said, we haven't said for sure that Scott's even going to be around afterwards. We haven't said if anyone's around afterwards. I could hypothetically create scenarios which leave Scott's status and general competence as high as they are now after the schism, even ,em>with the events of the "Schism."

It's hypothetical here. I wouldn't want to talk about this stuff until we're heading towards "Regenesis," as it kind of spoils the fun.

So he didn't reveal much. That's to be expected. Kieron Gillen plays everything really close to the chest. He's not Matt Fraction. He won't turn an X-POSITION column into a re-run with Married With Children (although that would be pretty awesome). He can't really say much because of the timing of this column. That may or may not be CBR's fault or whoever thought it was a great idea to schedule this shit in between two big ass events. But at least he limits the bullshit, which is the most you can ask of a Marvel writer.

So the story about Wanda's return isn't clear. She may or may not be inclined to undo the shit she did with M-Day. Hell, if someone at Marvel gets lazy they could just have her go crazy again. Even if she doesn't, it's doubtful that it's as simple as Wanda saying "That thing about no more mutants...fuck it." So there's still a story there and once the shit storm stops smelling from Fear Itself and Schism, Kieron Gillen may be in a position to do something with it.

What he said about relationships was a bit overly coy. I asked that question because message boards fanboys have been soaking their panties about the prospect of Cyclops and Emma Frost either breaking up or getting married. The main reason for this sentiment is Uncanny X-men #540, which I intend to review later this week. But I personally don't think much will come of that. Not because Marvel can't do it. I just don't think they will. Before Gillen even took over, Cyclops and Emma were established as that sacred cow that no writer dare touch less they be locked in a room gay grizzly and a bucket of meth. Every story that has ever had potential conflict with their relationship has ended the same. They kiss, make up, fuck, and go back to the way everything was. With shit like Schism and Fear Itself going on, I doubt there's enough ink. I was hoping for some clarity, but again Gillen plays it close to the chest. It is kind of obvious where it's going though. Anybody who thinks Cyclops and Emma will break up is more fucked up than I am on 4/20.

I'm much more intrigued by the prospect of Cyclops getting humbled by Schism. Ever since Messiah Complex, he's been the large-and-in-charge boss, the godfather of the mutant race. Nobody has really opposed his leadership. Hell, even Magneto respects the guy now and he used attempt to kill him every other Thursday. With that sort of power comes a certain level of douche-baggery. There's no doubt that Cyclops has become a bit arrogant in his new position. Who wouldn't be? He's leader of all mutant kind and he gets to hump Emma Frost. It's time the man get humbled. It's time the mutant race take a different direction and Schism looks to be the perfect way of reshuffling the deck. For that, I wait with bated breath and a semi-hard dick. Kieron Gillen and his prison bitch, Jason Aaron, are in a hell of a position and I can't wait to see what comes of it! Nuff said.

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