Friday, July 8, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 37: Deadpool Part 2 PREVIEW

I've been having a lot of fun with X-men Supreme since I brought Deadpool into the mix. This fanfiction series is that much more awesome with Marvel's favorite wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking mercenary. I'm really happy with the response I got from the previous issue, but as always there's room for improvement! There's no way I could tell Deadpool's story in just one issue. That's why I've turned it into a two-issue arc. In the last issue, Deadpool captured Nightcrawler's girlfriend and her mother for the second time. Now Nightcrawler must get help from Storm, Wolverine, and Cyclops to get her back! Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect.

Kurt and his fellow X-men didn’t have to go too far in their search for Amanda. The address Logan got was fairly close by. With the X-jet still refueling they rented the fastest cars the airport had on hand and sped down the Autobahn towards Frankfurt. Kurt was naturally anxious for most of the trip, but Logan was on edge as well. That voice on the phone stuck with him. He was sure he remembered it. He just didn’t know from where. Whoever it was, they were going to find out soon enough.

Upon reaching their destination Scott led Kurt, Logan, and Ororo towards the front entrance of the building. It was in a decaying part of the city, full of ghettos and crime. The building itself was boarded up and covered in German graffiti. Any worthwhile criminal would be right at home in a place like this.

“Is zhis it?” asked Kurt as he stared down the building.

“Oh this is it,” said Logan as he sniffed the air, “I can already smell the two of them inside!”

“Can you tell if they’re okay?” asked Ororo.

“Since when can I smell that? But they ain’t got friendly company. I’m also smelling cordite and grenades, the military kind. Whoever’s got them doesn’t skimp on the merchandise.”

“Zhen vhat are ve vaiting for?” exclaimed Kurt, “Let’s get in zhere and get Amanda out!”

“Normally I’m not for barging in, but you’re not going to listen are you?” said Scott.

“Do I ever?” said Logan as he drew his claws, “You can stay out here and see the sights all you want, Summers! But we’re going in!”

Kurt and Logan barged ahead, shoving Scott aside as they ran up to the front entrance. Scott lingered a bit before following with Ororo. Neither one of them had a good feeling about this. It just didn’t seem right. But nothing was going to stop Kurt or Logan at this point. They were going in trap or no trap.

Logan made quick work of the front door, cutting the board securing it in half and kicking it in. Kurt quickly barged in ahead, intent on finding Amanda as soon as possible. Logan, Scott, and Ororo followed close behind him. The ground level of the old hotel was fairly spacious, consisting of an open foyer with a desk off to the right-hand side and a staircase leading up to the second level on the left-hand side. There wasn’t much light aside from some flickering fluorescents. There was also trash everywhere over the dusty floor. It was not a pleasant sight. This place had clearly seen better days.

Logan sniffed the air while Kurt scouted ahead, looking for any signs of a presence. Scott kept his hands on his visor, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Ororo stuck close to Logan, keeping a watchful eye out every step of the way. But the more they looked around, the more suspicious this whole situation seemed. Whoever was behind this was crazy enough to call them and give them his location. But to set up shop in a place like this? Either he was incompetent or even crazier than they thought.

“This place is a dump,” commented Scott as he stepped over a pile of garbage, “Doesn’t exactly fit the profile of a kidnapping headquarters.”

“Who cares? I can smell ‘em here! And the nose never lies!” growled Logan.

“Good enough for me,” said Kurt as he teleported around the desk and second level, “Let’s just find whoever is behind zhis and get Amanda out of here!”

“It still doesn’t feel right,” said Ororo suspiciously, “This has to be a trap.”

“Or just someone’s sick idea of a joke,” said Scott.

The team kept scouting around the foyer, not seeing any trace of the kidnapper or of Amanda and her mother. Logan continued to follow his nose, tracing any scent he could. It was hard when the stench of garbage filled the area. But there were subtle traces of a live presence.

The more he smelled it the more certain Logan was he recognized it. His memory may be fragmented, but his nose was as sharp as ever. He kept following the mysterious scent, tracing it back to the center of the foyer just between the desk and staircase. Ororo stayed close by while Scott covered them. Then the scent stopped. The trail abruptly shifted. Instead of leading him forward it was leading him up towards the ceiling. That’s when it finally dawned on him. But not before a booming voice echoed through the old building.


In addition to the preview, I've also done a major update to the pics section for X-men Supreme. I added some new material to the always popular X-ladies section. Check out a fresh batch of scintilating images from Storm, Mystique, Jean Grey, Rogue, and the Scarlet Witch. I don't have any new commissions at this time, but I am hoping to get some new ones soon! Please keep in mind I'm always open to accepting artwork from others. If you wish to contribute to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, please let me know! I'll be happy to work something out.

It won't be long now before Deadpool continues to add his personal (and destructive) touch on X-men Supreme. In the meantime, please take the time to review and comment on previous issues of this fanfiction series. If ever you want to discuss this or any X-men related topic, please contact me. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


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