Friday, November 18, 2011

X-men Supreme Reflections: Warren Worthington III PREVIEW

I wasn't able to update within a week this time, but that doesn't mean I'm still not hard at work on the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Volume 2 of Supreme Reflections is past the halfway point. I've had a lot of fun developing the Original Five X-men that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made so endearing nearly a half-century ago. They've help me set the stage for what I have planned in X-men Supreme Volume 3. But that's still a ways off. I have much more I want to explore with X-men Supreme Reflections. I've had a great time developing Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Beast. However, none of them went through quite the same turmoil at the end of X-men Supreme Volume 2: War Powers as Angel. He not only confronted issues with his father. He came face to face with his ex-girlfriend, who broke his heart yet again. What's the story behind this? Well that's what Supreme Reflections is going to explore! I've prepared a preview here to show what can be expected of this latest entry into the mind of everyone's favorite winged mutant.

Warren Worthington III may very well be the most sarcastic and cynical person on the face of the planet at the moment. Considering the planet just made it through a close call with mass extinction, this was really saying something. But if Warren was a betting man, he would wager his entire family fortune that he harbored more bitterness than anyone could ever hope to match.

It was a tragedy and not of the Shakespearean kind either. He just found out the last two years of his life had been tainted by one big lie. Even though he had grown used to lies from the world outside the X-men, this one hurt. It hurt in ways no words could describe. His heart, his soul, and his very will to continue was shaken. While the X-men and the rest of the world worked to undo the damage done by Magneto, Warren Worthington III had some more personal repairs of his own to take care of.

He needed to get away from it all. He needed a clear head and a quiet place. In his experience there was nowhere on Earth quiet enough to wrestle with these issues so his only sanctuary was up in the sky within the clouds. It was probably the best use of his powers. Every day he would just step outside and go on a nice flight, taking refuge in the calm surrounding of the clear blue skies. Today happened to have the perfect weather. The winds were light, the sky was clear, and the temperatures were just right. For the past hour he had been flying around the mansion and the lake, trying to get away from everything on the ground that had caused him so much pain.

I wish I could live the rest of my days up here in the sky. It’s so much simpler up here. There’s no conflict, no heartbreak, and aside from the occasional jet fumes it smells a lot nicer too. It would be so great if I could just leave it all behind. Lord knows I’ve tried before. Even if I look like an angel, there are times I feel outright damned.

It’s pretty ironic because there aren’t many people who wouldn’t hesitate to switch places with me. I’m young, I’m handsome, I’m rich, and I can fly. It’s like I won the lottery three times in a row the day I was born. Who wouldn’t want to grow up in that kind of environment? The Worthington family isn’t just rich. They’re obscenely rich with billions of dollars of wealth. We have so much money that even the most reckless human being in the world couldn’t spend it all in one lifetime. You don’t just get a silver spoon when you’re born. You get a diamond encrusted, platinum plated, gold molded arsenal of eating utensils that you use to shovel the most expensive cuisine in existence into your mouth as if it were chocolate.

That all sounds nice on paper, but there is a long list of caveats. The cynics are right in this respect. It is lonely at the top sometimes. Money really cannot buy away problems. As if that weren’t enough, more money tends to attract more problems. Throw a family legacy and a multi-billion dollar enterprise that five generations of Worthingtons have built and you’ve got the kind of enigmas that Einstein himself couldn’t crack.

None of these problems are clear at the beginning. I sure didn’t feel that way when I was young. I had damn near everything a kid could want. My room was like a miniature toy store. If I ever wanted something, I would just ask and within a day or so I would have it. One time I wanted the latest Nintendo game, my father’s people actually called Nintendo up in Japan and had them fly the game over to me personally before it even hit the shelves. That’s the kind of wealth we’re dealing with here and I didn’t give it much thought. What kid would? But it became painfully apparent earlier for me than it did with other rich kids and it wasn’t just the burden of a family legacy.

Warren picked up speed as he flew higher into the sky, reaching an altitude just above the cloud-line. He could only fly so high before the air got too thin and or too cold. Whenever he was really upset, he often tested the limits and today was more than appropriate. He was almost at his record for altitude and a fresh stream of blistering cold soon swept over his wings and body. The winged mutant cared little for the shivers that followed. He was willing to do anything at this point to take his mind off his troubles. But even at this altitude, the conflicts of his life still followed him.

As the X-men Supreme fanfiction series prepares for it's thrid volume, it's even more important that I get plenty of feedback. I've noticed the web traffic tapering off with X-men Supreme lately. I know it may be because it's in between volumes, but I would love to find ways to keep this fanfiction series and this website strong. I plan on doing a major special after Supreme Reflection is done. I hope it helps boost this website and this fanfiction series. But if anyone else has any suggestions or feedback, I'd love to hear it! Please contact me at any time and I'll be happy to listen. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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