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X-men Supreme Issue 58: Proteus Part 1 PREVIEW

Summer is here, the heat has settled in, and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series continues to explore new territory of the Marvel 1015 universe. With the San Diego Comic Con going on and movies like Amazing Spider-Man in theatres, it's an exciting time for Marvel fans. I hope X-men Supreme can continue to add to it. I've been working hard on capturing the kind of drama and action that makes X-men so awesome. For much of X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope, I've been building a number of connected plot threads. Some of them have already come together. The sibling drama between Havok and Cyclops took center stage in Issue 56: Diary of the Fallen. Now I plan on bringing together some other plots that I've been developing, some of which I've been dropping major hints at over the course of Volume 3. Some of you may already have a good idea of what's coming. These big events are still on the horizon, but they begin here with a new arc called Proteus. I've prepared a brief preview to offer a brief insight into this next major development in the world of X-men Supreme.

Times had been tough on Forge, the mutant with the gift to build any machine. Ever since the mess on Genosha, he had been tossed around from one prison cell to another. Nobody really knew what to do with him. On one hand, he helped a madman create a machine that nearly destroyed the world. On the other it was his own foresight that helped defeat Magneto. Some wanted him imprisoned for the rest of his days. Others wanted him executed because his gifts were just too much of a threat. Either way, his creative genius was going to be restrained. It seemed all but necessary in a world that wasn’t ready for his machines.

After rotting in a prison cell at NORAD for a while, he came across a new opportunity. White Cell, a private military company that often employed mutants, pulled a few strings to get him out. The only catch was he was going to have to work for a special research facility called Muir Island. They didn’t tell him too much about what he would be tasked with, only that he would have a chance to put his talents to good use. At this point, anything was a step up.

He arrived on the Muir Island landing platform via transport chopper, courtesy of White Cell. He was still in shackles and being carefully watched by John Proudstar. But so long as he was a prisoner, he had to call him Thunderbird. Since he was a former X-men, he had little sympathy for him after helping Magneto.

“We’re here. Get up,” ordered the Native American mutant sternly.

“Seriously, is it so much to ask for a simple please?” groaned Forge, “I get that shit enough back at NORAD.”

“After helping a man like Magneto, you deserve every bit of it,” said John as he shoved him to the rear of the plane.

“In case you forgot, I did help stop him.”

“You wouldn’t have had to if you hadn’t gone along with him in the first place. It would have spared the world a whole lot of anguish and one of my partners wouldn’t be in a coma.”

Forge shifted, muttering some curses under his breath as John led him out the rear entrance. As soon as the hatch was opened, they encountered the dreary Irish weather. It was pouring rain and very windy. But aside from the conditions, the facility before him looked pretty advanced.

“You should feel lucky,” said Thunderbird, “If it were up to me you would stay locked in the darkest cell in Guantanamo Bay, but you still have something to offer the world you almost destroyed. As it just so happens, a few friends of mine have the right leverage.”

“These friends of yours sound generous,” grinned Forge.

“Don’t mistake it for a charity. One of them happens to be an old partner and trust me, he’s not doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He’ll be keeping a close eye on you and so will I. You got yourself a big break, Forge. Don’t blow it.”

“Thank you for the encouragement. No wonder you went so far in the Marines,” said Forge dryly.

Thunderbird ignored his remark and shoved him forward into the rain. A few other White Cell guards followed them, keeping their weapons pointed right at Forge in case he made a break for it. If he knew what was good for him, he would get comfortable here because this was going to be his home for the foreseeable future.

Just outside the landing zone, two figures were waiting. It was Moria MacTaggart and Sean Cassidy. As soon as John Proudstar saw Sean, he nodded and saluted. Sean smiled and saluted back. As old partners, they were still bound by their roles.

“Good to see you again, Banshee,” John greeted.

“Ye too, Thunderbird,” replied Sean, “But I’m not in White Cell anymore. Just call me Sean.”

“I’m more tempted to call you crazy for brokering a deal like this. How you got the higher ups to let Forge work for Muir Island is beyond me,” retorted the Native American mutant as he roughly shoved Forge towards them.

“Ow! Easy there! You’re the super strong one! Not me!” groaned Forge.

“Sorry about that, lad. John tends to hold a grudge longer than most people,” said Sean as he undid his shackles, “It’s a good thing the leaders at White Cell are more forgiving. They just needed a few reminders of all my years of service to them and they made it happen.”

“That still doesn’t make him any less deserving of a prison cell,” muttered John.

“Ever consider giving therapy a shot, Proudstar?” groaned Forge.

“Watch it, Forge! Get used to my attitude because you’ll still be dealing with me! Sean and Moria here may have you in their custody, but there’s no way the big wigs back in the states will let someone like you go unsupervised. That means I’ll be checking in regularly to make sure you’re not constructing another doomsday weapon.”

“I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to it,” groaned Forge.

John Proudstar’s gaze narrowed as Sean shooed away the rest of the White Cell guards. He made it clear he was not letting him off the hook. Forge may be a brilliant inventor, but he was no fighter. He had no desire to test his luck with these people.

Thankfully, Sean and Moria looked a little more welcoming. Moria even held her umbrella over his head so that the pouring rain would stop soaking him. They started leading him inside, ready to show him where he would be putting his inventive skills to good use.

“I be honored to have ye here, Forge. I think ye will find Muir Island to be the perfect place for an inventive mind like yours.”

“Compared to prison, anything would be a step up. Making a cell phone out of a bar of soap just gets old after a while,” said Forge, “So what exactly will I be working on? I’m guessing you don’t call in these kinds of favors just to upgrade your laptop.”

“Oh we have quite a challenge for ye, lad,” said Sean, “And ye be coming in at the right time because we’re all pretty stumped.”

“Sounds right up my ally,” grinned the mutant inventor, “So what’s the problem?”

“Not what…who,” said Moria with a slightly saddened look, “It’s my son, Kevin. He’s a mutant with very dangerous powers.”

“Ah, I see. Issues with control, I’m guessing?”

“It be a bit more complicated than that, lad. Just know that if we don’t find a way to help him soon, we will have far bigger problems on our hands.”

This arc promises to set the stage for the biggest moment yet in X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has explored many facets of the X-men and the Marvel Universe. Some in particular have always been in my plans. I hope that with Marvel's recent events such as Avengers vs. X-men and the upcoming Marvel NOW! relaunch, the time is right for such an event in the pages of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Volume 3: Ashes of Hope, is close to the end. The world of X-men Supreme is poised to undergo a major change. As such, it's all the more important I continue to receive feedback and support from the wonderful readers who have made this fanfiction series so awesome. Please continue to post your comments in each issue or contact me and I'll be happy to chat! I know Marvel has some big events in store for fans. I hope X-men Supreme can meet the high bar they've set. Until next time my wonderful readers, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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