Monday, July 2, 2012

The Return of Jean Grey or Just Another Tease?

I normally don't blog when Marvel gives fans their weekly enema of teasers. I especially try to avoid blogging about teasers that have been blatantly overused in the past to the point where they're more worn out than Ozzy Osborn's liver. But this is one teaser that's hit comic fans like rocket powered dildo up the ass. It's triggered confusion, dread, elation, relief, indifference, and drinking. Okay, that last one can really be caused by anything, but you get the idea. This time shit is serious. Marvel finally appears to have done it. They've dropped the J-bomb. By that I mean Jean Grey. Once again, they're teasing her return courtesy of an article in Entertainment Weekly of all places.

Comic Con: Jean Grey Returning? EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

It doesn't appear to be photoshopped or hacked from Joe Quesada's Iphone. The story was also picked up by CBR, Newsarama, and Bleeding Cool. The conspiracy theory in me wants to say they're in on the ruse along with the Illuminati, but this clearly cropped picture is the first time Marvel has been this overt about Jean Grey. The exact text of the article is equally compelling.

This week, Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con issue will prepare you for the geek event of the year with an in-depth look at a whole host of movies and TV shows. But what’s Comic-Con without comic books? (Nothing but “-Con.” Look at that lonely hyphen!) That’s why EW is excited to reveal an exclusive first look at an upcoming initiative by Marvel Comics that will build off the current Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and radically alter the Marvel Universe as you know it. For now, we just want to tease you with a first look at an exclusive piece of art by Marvel CEO Joe Quesada.

To answer your questions: Yes, this is Jean Grey — as in, the Jean Grey who’s been absent from Marvel Comics ever since dying for a second time back in the mid-’00s. And yes, she is modeling her vintage blue-and-yellow X-Men outfit from her Marvel Girl days. Does this mean that the fan-favorite character is finally returning? We can only confirm that her presence in the Marvel Universe will not be imaginary. This will not be part of the Ultimate line-up. She will not be a zombie hologram, like Shard on X-Factor. What could this all mean? Check back tomorrow, when all the secrets will be revealed. (Or some of them, anyhow.)

Could they finally have sobered up? Does this mean I'll have to find something else to rant about on this blog? Comic Con is in two weeks and I'll probably be passed out in a brothel in Tijuana for most of the time, but this may be were fans get their first insight into the post Avengers vs. X-men world. Marvel has a history of hyping up the aftermath of an event almost as much as the event itself. It usually all boils down to the tagline, "Everything will change." No shit! Everything changes with each fucking issue in a comic book series, but there's change and then there's cock-smashingly huge change. This may be the latter.

While I want to get my hopes up, the sober part of my brain tells me this could be another bait and switch not unlike a transvestite prostitute that claims he/she will offer you a discount. This could be just another plug for a new X-men First Class series or an X-men First to Last event (which was pretty fucking awesome mind you) where Jean Grey really doesn't come back. It's just another one of those untold stories of the past before Jean Grey became that red haired, green eyed, Phoenix wielder that Marvel loves to fuck with. We won't know until the guys at Marvel stop laughing their ass off at the reactions on the message boards and provide more info. I'll eagerly be waiting when I'm not drunk, but for all you Jean Grey fans out there I would like to offer you one painful reminder.

Nuff said!


  1. Would Marvel do another ruse? Are they that desperate and childish? Is this another attempt at "look at me". We'll see Marvel. They do know Jean causes talk and buzz though. Thanks for the read.

  2. So many thoughts about this. It's been surprising to me really. I've always loved Jean, but I never thought she was that popular of a character. But over the past few years watching the mere mention of her ignite a fire of speculation and debate in the comic community leads me to think I severely underestimated her star power. Love her or hate her; nothing riles up a comic board like Jean Grey does. I heard that she even trended on Twitter today (didn't verify cause Twitter annoys me) which gave me pause. I thought only comic guys like Spider-Man and Batman could pull that off.

    As for this I don't know. There's rumors of an "Uncanny Avengers" title to come out of AvX, but if that is Jean why is she in an 05 outfit? She also looks rather young. I sense a trick here...

    All I know is if it turns out that Hope starts dressing in that costume I may facepalm my head clean off.

  3. Sorry guys, but it was just confirmed on the CBR Boards that this is another ruse. Marvel is just using Jean's imagery to sell X-men First to Last II by Brian Bendis. Jean's not coming back. That pic is just of her past self. Marvel has made some dick moves before, but this one is of Ron Jeremy proportions. Expect it to be confirmed tomorrow.


  4. IceColdEmmaFrostJuly 2, 2012 at 10:29 PM

    What's al-Queda's address? and what's Marvel's address? this mother fucking bullshit cannot continue. It's perverse and masochistic! Those god damn shit eating fucking assholes need to die. Painfully. Some may ask "why is such a staunch Emma Frost fan such as yourself so passionate about Jean?" Because unlike many people, including writers at marvel, I think they actually had an interesting friendship under Grant Morrison. Jean didn't really blame Emma at all for her mental affair with scott, she brought Emma back to life and was never as bitchy to her as other have been. Jean was/is a decent character. It's fucking bullshit that Hawkeye, Sabertooth, and a stack of crappy characters (FUCKING ARIEL!) can come back and marvel teases Jean's return. When there's a large majority that wants her to come back.

  5. Yeah, that's about what I figured would happen. I used to think the "Marvel trolls Jean fans" belief was a bit odd and paranoid. Now I'm starting to wonder...