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X-men Supreme Issue 59: Proteus Part 2 PREVIEW and Pics Update

I have high hopes for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. It's been over two years since I began writing it and I have so much I want to do with this fanfiction series. Lately, the reviews haven't been coming on in this site or the other fanfiction sites I post at. I hope that changes because I have a big event planned soon that I hope will coincide with the end of Marvel's Avengers vs. X-men event and the subsequent Marvel NOW! relaunch. I know I ask for feedback every week with every post, but I mean it because I want this series to be successful. I want its appeal to grow as the series continues to grow. So if anyone out there has any comments or criticisms, I would love to hear them. It will definitely be vital as I tell a very important story in the pages of X-men Supreme.

One of the major themes in X-men has always been about the nature of power and how it corrupts. What truly happens to someone when they gain god-like power? A number of characters in X-men history have experienced such power. Well that's something I've only slightly touched on with X-men Supreme and now I've finally brought in a character in Proteus who now has that god-like power. It presents not just a daunting physical challenge for the X-men, but a daunting challenge to their entire mutant philosophy. The first issue set the stage for a battle against a truly distressed young mutant. Now one of the most dramatic battles in X-men Supreme to date is set to begin. As always, I've prepared a brief preview of what you can expect in this high-drama issue of X-men Supreme.

Senator Robert Kelly rubbed his throbbing temples as he stormed though his campaign center. He just returned from a speech at a local university in downtown Atlanta. It was his latest effort to salvage his plummeting numbers in the polls. Charles Xavier’s media blitz and Lilandra Neramani’s constant badgering had really disrupted his campaign. It should have been an easy ride to the White House in wake of the Genosha incident. Now it seemed less and less certain.

“Come on, people! Get me some solid numbers here!” he barked to his staff, “I don’t care that Xavier’s events got higher ratings! I want to know how it’s affecting the polls!”

“We’re trying, sir! But we’re not showing any major shifts,” said one of his staffers.

“Then run them again! Call for more ads! Get more contributors on board! And for the love of God, would someone keep an eye on that damned Wikipedia page on me! If I see one more edit claiming that I’m secretly a mutant, every last one of you is fired!”

The presidential hopeful was asking a lot. The strain Senator Kelly endured was felt by everybody. Nothing seemed to be going right for them lately. People like Charles Xavier, Lilandra Neramani, and every mutant sympathizer in the country were hampering their efforts. If something didn’t turn around for them soon, then the election was in serious doubt.

Senator Kelly took a moment to catch his breath in a nearby conference room. His head was still throbbing. All these setbacks were taking a toll. His resources were being pushed to the limit and so was his patience.

‘Damn these rallies! I’ve laid out my stance on the issues in every way. I’ve countered every point Charles Xavier has made thus far and people still don’t get it! What will it take for them to see how dangerous mutants are?”

The presidential hopeful collapsed in a nearby chair to rest for a moment. He was working on his 18th hour without sleep. He should have been used to such hours, but this kind of frustration was testing his tolerance stress. Taking deep breaths, the frustrated politician closed his eyes and tried resting for a bit. He didn’t get to rest long though. His cell phone started ringing, forcing him back into his distressed state.

“Ungh, this better be God himself looking to grant me a miracle,” he groaned.

Rubbing his temples again, he looked at the caller ID and saw it was from Reverend Stryker. Not feeling too hopeful, he answered it begrudgingly.

“What is it, Reverend? It better be good,” he said.

“Are you near a TV, Senator?”

“Why? Did Fox News play that cartoon with me as a monkey again?”

“Turn it on and you’ll see. I think it’ll lift your spirits.”

The senator’s was now intrigued. With Stryker still on the line he grabbed the remote to the projection TV for the room, which was hooked up to basic cable. They usually kept it on CNN or Fox News so as soon as he turned it on he saw what the reverend was referring to.

Immediately, he was bombarded with a stream of terrifying images. The caption at the bottom of the screen read “Terror in Liverpool. Suspected Mutant on Rampage.” Just above those words were images of what appeared to be a glowing monster casually walking down the streets of Liverpool. Along the way buildings were being destroyed, streets were being ripped up, and people were being maimed. It was a horrific image, but to Senator Kelly it was a sight to behold.

“My God…” he gasped.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing, Senator? Do I even need to describe the implications?”

Senator Kelly put down his phone and watched the broadcast in a daze. Anyone with a weak stomach would have had to turn away from such images. But to the aspiring politician, it was just what he needed.

“Guess I’ll be getting that miracle after all!”

Also, I have a minor update of the pics section to announce. I know it's been a while since I updated the Jean Grey section for X-ladies. I try to wait until I have a certain number of new pics to post. Well I've had them for a while and now I've finally found time to update. They're posted and remember, if you want to submit something please feel free to contact me and we'll discuss the particulars.

Jean Grey Pics

Once the Proteus arc is complete, I plan on doing some updates to the bios page. I'm trying to keep up with the influx of new characters into this fanfiction series and rest assured, there are plenty more to come. However, I can't make these new characters and these upcoming stories awesome without feedback. A while back someone did actually say my dialog needed improvement. I took that to heart and I have made an effort to improve it with subsequent issues. But I want to improve more! Please contact me with your suggestions and I'll try to use them to make X-men Supreme them most awesome fanfiction series it can be! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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