Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jean Grey Update: It's Officially Another Ruse (Bullshit Time Travel)

Well for one brief moment in time, Jean Grey fans all over the world were filled with hope and jubilation at the prospects of their favorite red haired, green eyed Phoenix wielder NOT named Hope fucking Summers returning to the pages of X-men. But like prospect for peace in the Middle East, that jubilation was short lived. Less than 12 hours after Marvel dropped this teaser to EW, it was already reported by someone on the CBR message boards that Jean Grey is NOT coming back. That image was just a teaser at another time travel story that involves the Original Five of the past coming to the future to see how fucked up they've become. That's it. It's just X-men First to Last II as I mentioned. Here's a full clip of the image Marvel so carefully cropped.

So once again, Marvel shows Jean Grey fans why they should NEVER get their hopes up. For me, I'm not a die-hard Jean Grey fan. But I still feel like this is a massive dick move. If it's just another bullshit time travel story, why pitch Jean Grey's imagery to stir up a reaction? There's dick moves, there's really big dick moves, and then there are the kind of dick moves that only German fetish porn will entertain. Time travel is right up there with clones and making some new character look just like her (aka Hope Summers). Now I loved X-men First To Last, but when that was pitched it didn't put Jean Grey front and center to hint that she was coming back. This is just another bait and switch. It's the reason why car salesmen are on the same level of annoyance as Jehova's Witnesses. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think people like being deceived. We generally consider that a shitty way to sell us something. So once again, Marvel finds a way to upset Jean Grey fans and go to exceedingly fucked up lengths to keep her dead while using her imagery. They cloned her. They made a character look just like her. They brought in her daughter from another dimension. Now they're using time travel. That's the fucking trifecta right there and one that should dissuade anyone from ever taking a teaser by Marvel comics seriously again. Nuff said!


  1. It seems they inadvertently spoiled some drama in AvX by revealing that: 1) Scott lives, and 2) Jean doesn't come back.

    Definitely a let down because I was kind of hoping the reverse happened. Oh well, I'll spend my money on useful things like Facebook stock.

    Thanks for the updates.

  2. On it's own, it's not like this idea didn't have merit. People coming back from the future stories are a dime a dozen in comics. The potential of characters coming from the past to the present is a road much less traveled (admittedly because it opens continuity holes the size meteor impact sites), so having Jean come to a future much grimmer than what her young mind is useful (not to mention finding herself dead and Scott a few fries short of a Happy Meal) could make for some interesting stories. But even with that promoting this venture with yet another Jean Grey tease really dampens my interest. I'll see if it's any good, but I ain't going out on a limb for this.