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X-men Supreme Issue #60: Mounting Losses PREVIEW and Bios Updates

It's getting to a point where the end of another volume of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is within sight. It feels like X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope began so long ago. It's already poised to be longer than the first two volumes, but length does not equate to scale. As Marvel has been parading some of their biggest events of the year in Avengers vs. X-men, I've been setting the stage for a big event in X-men Supreme that I hope everyone will find very satisfying. I know the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has had its share of events to date. The events I have planned are on a completely new level. I already dropped a hint in Issue 59: Proteus Part 2 and some have picked up on it. Those hints will soon manifest into something bigger very soon.

But for the moment, the X-men Supreme fanfiction series will have to deal with more immediate concerns. In the previous arc, the X-men took on Proteus in a battle that ended in tragedy. But beyond the loss, the every public battle will have far-reaching ramfications for the X-men and Professor Xavier's efforts to oppose Senator Kelly's election bid. It's only fitting that as the election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney heats up, the election in the world of X-men Supreme intensifies. But beyond the politics, other conflicts are brewing and I've prepared a brief preview to offer yet another hint of what's in store for the X-men. I've prepared an extended preview.

‘God I hate reconnaissance. Almost as much as I hate these brown onions they put in my burger. Seriously, how do you screw up a Big Mac? It should be an international crime! That should be the focus of my next mission! Oh well, at least the fries are good.’

The merc with the mouth continued to watch through his binoculars the target building. It hardly seemed fair that he had to scope the place out from this far away. There were several other buildings that were much closer and with much better views, but this was the best he could do. The target building belonged to company known as Shaw Industries. It didn’t look any different than a typical skyscraper, but there was definitely something unusual about it.

‘As if you would even be writing about it if it weren’t. Woops! Forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk to the writer. I swear I would lose my mind if it weren’t already crazier than a Mel Gibson rant.’

It was kind of spooky, even by his standards. The whole area around this building was heavily monitored. It wasn’t overt. To the untrained (or un-crazy) eye there was nothing suspicious, but Deadpool had been in the mercenary game long enough to know the signs. He saw traces of electronic surveillance on all the surrounding buildings. He also saw an army of armed guards dressed in neatly tailored suits guarding the entrance. What really stood out though was the sheer number of spies. At any given time there were dozens of spies walking the streets and working the other buildings, keeping an eye on the area. He could tell they were spies because he picked up on some of their radio traffic. They were serious about keeping people out. It could only mean they had something to hide and Deadpool loved a good secret.

However, this wasn’t a typical job. In fact, it wasn’t even technically a job. Nobody was paying him to spy on these guys. He had no connection with them whatsoever and they had not wronged him in any way. Usually, he would never throw himself into something this mysterious unless there was a good reason. Mental stability aside, there was just something about this mess he couldn’t turn away from.

‘Damn…whoever this Sebastian Shaw guy is, he’s a paranoid son-of-a-bitch! The freakin’ White House should have this kind of security! No wonder I had to practically disembowel that guy in Madrid to tell me about this place. These people definitely follow the don’t-ask-or-we’ll-kill policy.’

As he watched more spies scope out the area, covertly talking into communicators at subtle intervals, his curiosity grew. His twisted thoughts drifted back to the Sefton girls, for whom this entire mission was based around.

‘Seriously, what were these chicks caught up in? They steal the secret formula for Coke or something. If these were the guys who hired me to kidnap that Sefton chick three years ago, then she’s in WAY more trouble than I thought! It sure makes for a killer mystery! Give me a talking dog with me and the Mystery Machine van I’m officially one of those meddling kids! Ha! ’

The masked mercenary watched with more intent. This whole affair sounding the Sefton’s had intrigued him since his last encounter with them in Germany. Normally, he wouldn’t have taken such a keen interest in the trivial matters of two women who weren’t working the night shift at Hooters, but something about this intrigued him. Never being one to think twice before thrusting himself into danger, he decided to look into it. The only problem was the deeper he dug, the fewer clues he came across. If he didn’t get some fresh leads soon, he may have to shelve this side-project for a while. He couldn’t afford to abandon his mercenary trade for too long. There were too many beautiful ladies counting on him to put them through college.

‘Man, this website needs more artwork! Come on, guys! Don’t you wish you could see my twisted thought bubbles right now? Yeah, that’s what I thought!’

Still staring through the binoculars, Deadpool lifted up his mask briefly and stuffed some fries into his mouth. It got cloudy overhead and he could hear some thunder in the distance. It was that tropical rain again. It always came up at the worst possible time. If it got too bad he was going to have to pull out and try his luck tomorrow. In the meantime there was a margarita bar uptown he had been looking to dry out.

But just as he was ready to pack it in, something caught his attention. A long, black limousine pulled up to side of the building. It was followed by a number of black vans with blacked out windows. Even for those not in the mercenary trade, it was clear sign that something was going down.

“Hello, hello! What do we have here, chaps?” grinned Deadpool, “Either Denzel Washington is in town or someone with deep pockets just arrived!”

Carefully moving over to the northwest corner of the building, he adjusted his binoculars so he could get a better look. He watched as the black vans pulled up in front of and behind the limousine. A couple of other police officers pulled up on the ends of the streets, effectively cutting off any traffic from coming into disturb them. Whatever was going on, they didn’t want any onlookers. It was just the kind of break Deadpool had been waiting for.

‘Wow…it’s like Miami Vice without the Hawaiian shirts. This is either a big deal or somebody’s been watching too many Soprano reruns! Let’s see if Big Pussy gets wacked again!’

With his view clear, Deadpool watched as several figures stepped out from the building and approached the car. There were about a dozen of them, all heavily armed and dressed in neat black suits. They reminded him of the Men In Black only without the alien weapons. They all seemed to be following a tall, middle-aged man wearing what could only be described as very old fashioned clothing. It looked like he was plucked straight from the Victorian Era, never Deadpool’s favorite period in history. But fashion critique aside, he seemed to be the leader of the pack so he took notice.

As he approached the limousine, the two black vans in front of and behind the vehicle opened. From the back a team of equally armed men filed out, only they were in more military-like uniforms. They weren’t quite soldiers, but they were equipped like them. They all surrounded the limousine carefully as the driver stepped out and opened the passenger door. From this heavy guard, an equally imposing figure stepped out. He was wearing a trench coat, but he could still make out a heavily muscled figure. But what really stood out was his pale, chalky skin tone and his messy blond hair. He was an odd, but intimidating looking guy and as luck would have it Deadpool recognized him.

“Well bend me over, kiss my ass, and call me Madonna. It’s Omega freakin’ Red! Isn’t he supposed to dead?”

This was getting more intriguing by the second. This Shaw guy was mysterious enough, but Omega Red was no mystery. If he was somehow involved, then this whole affair just got a lot more volatile.

He watched as Omega Red approached the man in the Victorian suit. They shook hands and exchanged a few words. Deadpool couldn’t make out what they were saying at this distance.

“Ooh, fresh gossip! I just gotta hear this!”

In addition, I've also completed some updates to the bios section. It's been a while since I've been able to add some new characters to the bios. Since I introduced some characters that had some back story that I never got to cover, I wanted to get them posted as soon as the Proteus arc was over. They should help fill in some of the blanks in the history of X-men Supreme.

Sean Cassidy - Banshee

Moira MacTaggert

Rahne Sinclair - Wolfsbane

With so many big events coming, I once again extend my gratitude to those who have supported the X-men Supreme fanfiction series since its inception and encourage everyone to post their feedback on every issue they can. Recently, I had a bit of a problem with spammers flooding my comments section with ads and links. As such, I've enlisted help from a good friend of mine to tweak the code so that they can't do it anymore. Please help make X-men Supreme more than just a former dumping ground for spammers! Post your comments in the comments section or contact me with your questions or concerns. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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