Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All New X-men #1 Cover - The Original Five are Back and PISSED

I know it's been a while since I posted something on the upcoming Marvel NOW! relaunch and/or ranted about it, but this is something I just had to post while I was sober. We already know that Marvel finally got the word that Hell froze over and are bringing Jean Grey back in some capacity in the 616 universe. Granted, it involves fucking time travel, but it still beats the hell out of some shitty replacement character who shall go unnamed. Brian Michael Bendis is shifting his focus away from the Avengers and taking on the X-men. He's already sounded more giddy than pervert in a panty factory so for that I salute him. But yesterday, we got out first actual teaser of All New X-men in the form of a cover. It's the first time Jean Grey has appeared on a cover without it being a complete ruse. I feel like this shit deserves a parade or something, but I'm content to just use it as another excuse to get drunk. You can never have too many of those!

It looks awesome and nostalgic in a way that doesn't make me yearn for the days when you could take a piss on a dumpster without it going on youtube and when cocaine wasn't so damn expensive. But moreover, the O5 look PISSED! I can already read the reactions. Beast says, "I'm a fucking cat?!" Angel says, "I'm a fucking hippie with amnesia?!" Scott says, "I'm a raging emo douche-bag that marries clones and forms kill squads?!" Jean Grey says, "I'm fucking dead?!" Bobby says, "I banged Mystique and might actually have a chance at banging Kitty Pryde?! Actually...I'm pretty good." Okay, so maybe Iceman needs a little work. I'm sure Bendis will get to that, but overall the Original Five are going to have a lot to be angry about. I've got some imported vodka on the way and plan on getting especially plastered for this issue! Stay tuned for more details as the booze wears off and the teasers keep coming. Nuff said!


  1. It'll be interesting. the young original x-men sans iceman are different enough from their adult counterpart. Of course they brought them to the present mainly for Jean since if she was alive this would be a miniseries or wouldn't of happened at all.

  2. And so the wait begins. I just want AvX to finish up so I can see if this is genuinely entertaining or a giant fustercluck.


  3. Can Stan Lee come forward from the past and get rid of Joe Quesada?

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I'm excited about seeing the Original Five again. And fuck if I can't say it enough, but Jean Grey is actually coming back to 616 in some capacity. I thought I would quit drinking before that shit ever happened, yet here I am (and no I'm not quitting). Thanks again, guys!