Friday, November 15, 2013

X-men Supreme Issue 88: Cambrian Explosion Part 5 PREVIEW

There comes a point in every story where a few fateful decision mean the difference between salvation and destruction. And the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is about to reach that point in the final issue of the Cambrian arc. Since this is X-men Supreme's 50th anniversary event for the X-men, I have every intention of making it as big a game-changer as X-men Battle of the Atom, if not more so. This arc has touched every corner of the planet in X-men Supreme. Every human and mutant has been affected in some form or another and when the dust settles, nothing will be the same. I know Marvel Comics says that a lot with their events, but I really do mean it when I say that X-men Supreme will be a different world when the Cambrian Explosion arc ends.

In X-men Battle of the Atom, conflict consumed the X-men to a point where parts of the team were shaken to their core. I want to capture those same elements here in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. So far, the one character who has been affected most is Magneto. He may have unleashed the Cambrian, but he did so with good intentions. He believed that the mutant race was too vulnerable. Not long ago, his own home was attacked and his children wounded by a secret plot by General Grimshaw and Captain Jack Freeman. He had no idea what he was dealing with and he is now literally at the center of the Cambrian. For better or for worse, Magneto has driven most of the major changes in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and expect this arc to be the biggest to date.

In addition to Magneto, there have been some distressing developments within the X-men, namely with Professor Charles Xavier. Once again, he has taken it upon himself to stop his old friend. Yet he's doing so while not in peak condition. His health has once again started to affect him and now in X-men Supreme's darkest hour, he has to find the strength to stop Magneto. While Xavier may be dead in the comics, he's still the visionary behind the X-men and that vision will be at a crossroads with this arc. The end of one era for the world of X-men Supreme is almost over and another is prepared to begin. I've once again prepared an extended preview of this final issue of this important arc.

“Yes Mr. President…no, we don’t…I can’t tell you…no, not because I won’t! I seriously cannot tell you why our cruise missiles aren’t launching! The target markers haven’t…with all due respect, sir, are you sure? We still have time to…no, I understand…I know…just make damn sure we’re out of options. Otherwise we’ll be paying a mighty high price.”

General Grimshaw hung up his phone in a fit of frustration. Nothing was going right. Just when it seemed his attack was poised to begin, his agent in the field failed to come through. For a moment, they had the target acquired. They were locked on and ready to launch the missiles. Then the target lock disappeared. It was as if Mystique had completely destroyed the system. Perhaps trusting her had been a mistake and now he and many innocent people may pay for it.

The Pentagon was swarming with activity. Every major officer in the building had gathered in the confined Mutant Security Agency hub. Everyone seemed prepared for Armageddon to unfold before their very eyes. Even the analysts and technicians were starting to settle, ready to concede that this was it.

“Sir…we still have no word on target acquisition. The subs report they’re ready, but even they’re getting anxious,” said one of the female lieutenants.

“They’ve also been getting orders from the President,” said a higher ranking Colonel, “They’ve armed a number of tactical nuclear missiles and are ready to launch as soon as they get the verification codes. If we don’t launch those missiles…”

“I just got off the phone with the President. I know what he’s planning to do. I don’t need to be reminded how screwed we are,” said General Grimshaw firmly.

A heavy silence fell over the room. General Grimshaw was at a loss. For once his plan was falling apart. None of his tactical brilliance could save him now.

“So what do we do now? Should we just let the President launch the nukes?” asked a nearby Corporal.

“Tucking our tails between our legs is never an option, Corporal.”

“Then I would advise you to make an exception for once in your life, General!” said one of the high ranking Majors.

General Grimshaw scolded the Major and was about to respond when his cell phone went off again. Setting aside his anger for his fellow officers, he checked to see who it was. When he recognized the number, a new ray of hope emerged.

“Hold that thought, Major,” he said as he answered the phone.

Upon pressing a few buttons, he checked to make sure this line was secure. He didn’t need anyone asking him questions about this later.

“Yes? This is Grimshaw,” he said.

“General, you know who this is so I’ll make it quick. I’m locking on the target right now, but if you want to spare yourself a world of hurt you’ll only launch when I say so.”

“Oh? And why should I do that?”

“Because Charles Xavier said so.”

General Grimshaw’s remained stoic and calm. All eyes were on him. Nobody had a clue as to who he was talking to. They didn’t have to. All they needed to know was that his plan was about to come through after all.

“Good enough for me,” he said flatly.

The decorated General then turned to his subordinates who were waiting eagerly for orders of any kind.

“Send a message to our subs. Tell them we have a lock on the target.”

“We do?! I mean uh…of course,” said one of the young analysts.

“Are they okay to fire?” asked one of the female officers.

“No…not yet,” said General Grimshaw, “Tell them there’s been a new development on the ground. Do not fire those missiles until I give the order.”

“But what about the President, sir? What if he fires first?” asked one of his lieutenants.

“Send a message to the Joint Chiefs through a secure line. Tell them it’s all going to be taken care of,” he said with the utmost confidence, “Nukes won’t be necessary. They have my word.”

With many big changes on the horizon for both Marvel Comics and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, it's an exciting time for X-men. After 50 years of epic stories, there are many more left to tell and I hope to tell plenty with X-men Supreme. I have every intention of making these stories as awesome as they can possibly be. For that reason, it's very important that I get as much feedback as possible. I know I say this every week, but I really do mean it when I say I listen closely to any and all feedback that I get. So if ever you have any questions or comments about X-men Supreme or X-men in general, please contact me at any time and I will respond. Until then, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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