Thursday, March 6, 2014

All New X-men #24 Preview - Injustice For All

As someone who is no stranger to seeing the justice system screw people over, I’m somewhat numb to the rampant injustice that still exists in the world. But in the Marvel universe, that injustice extends to space as well. Apparently, even advanced aliens have yet to uncover the secret to a fair and balanced justice system. That means mankind will master faster-than-light travel, space colonization, and alien contact before it will master the justice system. That’s a pretty bleak outlook for those whose asses are aching for some kind of justice.

But even by Shi’ar standards, the justice system is being as kind to O5 Jean Grey as the LAPD is to minorities. It’s not enough that the Shi’ar slaughtered her entire family on the off-chance that one of them might pitch another Phoenix-powered hissy fit. They want to try her for crimes she hasn’t even committed yet. Even Kim Jong Un would look at that and say that’s cruel. But that’s exactly what Gladiator is doing in The Trial of Jean Grey. At this point in the story, he’s making the opening arguments against O5 Jean at a trial that has less substance than a rerun of Judge Judy. And while O5 Jean has gotten some compassion from Oracle, who is acting as her under-qualified public defender, nobody else is coming to her defense. I imagine that defending someone like her in the Shi’ar is akin to blowing O.J. Simpson at his deposition.

However, not everyone in Marvel’s alien population shares the Shi’ar’s fucked up view of justice. And in a preview released by CBR, a surprising ally comes to O5 Jean’s aid. The rest of the O5 and the Guardians of the Galaxy are still a long ways from coming to her rescue. Without any kind of defense, I imagine the Shi’ar would be inclined to skip the verdict and go right to public execution by punching. This unexpected defender also promises to create some gloriously awkward moments for when the X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy finally arrive at the scene and not the kind that involve showing up to a family dinner with no pants and a torn shirt.


• X-Men and Guardians vs. Gladiator and Jean Grey’s fate lies in the balance!

• One of the X-Men’s lives will be forever changed!

Now anyone who has been following Guardians of the Galaxy since it relaunched as a shameless way to promote the upcoming movie knows that Starlord’s father, J’son of Spartax, has gone out of his way to be an inter-stellar douche-bag. This is a guy who constantly issues arrest orders for his own son and ditches Earth women he knocks up as soon as his ship is repaired. He’s had very few redeemable moments. Yet here he actually comes off as a guy I don’t want to punch in the face. It’s almost distressing, but still refreshing in some respects.

In addition, this legal bullshitting brings up an issue that many on message boards have been bitching about since the early days of All New X-men. On top of finding out that she dies twice and marries a guy that goes onto kill Charles Xavier, O5 Jean also learns that her entire family was used as target practice by the Shi’ar. Some have a problem with not exploring her reaction to this fucked up revelation. Well now it’s being brought up in a very prominent way so I hope those people will find something new to bitch about. It’s not like they have problem finding reasons.

I still doubt that Gladiator will have a change of heart just because Starlord’s father makes a compassionate, logical argument in favor of O5 Jean’s innocence. But at least it adds some much needed balance to this bullshit show trial that has been unfolding. Seeing as how there’s enough exceedingly bias justice in the real world, it’s refreshing to see some in this world. It’s still going to lead to some kind of disaster in the spirit of the LA riots. It’s just not going to make everyone’s assholes slightly less sore in the end. Nuff said!

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  1. Couple things that jump out at me.

    1. J-son is pretty staunchly defending Jean when at the beginning of the arc he seemed rather indifferent to this whole trial idea. At first he just made a statement of how dumb he thought Gladiator was being. Makes me wonder if he doesn't have some other angle behind coming to Jean's defense.

    2. The statement about how a super powered Jean likely would have vaporized Gladiator and half the Shi'ar empire upon learning their role in her family's eradication followed by the look on Jean's face. To paraphrase the look Oracle has "Oh shit..." It looks like the fuse has been lit. Jean's been poked and prodded for nearly five straight issues and her last nerve may just about to get worn out, and that never bodes well for anybody.

    Can't wait!