Thursday, April 10, 2014

Amazon To Acquire ComiXology - NOT An April Fool's Joke

I admit I don't know much about economics and business. The most experience I ever had with business was selling my ex-girlfriend's birth control pills to Catholic school girls. But even I know when something qualifies as big business news. I damn near shit myself when I heard Disney was buying Marvel. I didn't think that shit could ever be topped. And to date it still hasn't. But a late breaking story came pretty damn close. This is NOT an April Fool's Day joke, people. Comixology is being bought by

I don't think any comic book fan needs to explain why they love Comixology. This is to comics what what the iPod was to music. It finally created a viable digital platform for comics and after taking way too fucking long, all the major publishers began releasing day-and-date digital comics. For me, it was like building my own comic book store in my bedroom next to my TV and my weed stash. It was a beautiful thing. It still gives me a boner whenever I remind myself that I can now buy a comic while walking around in my underwear and not worry about being arrested. But now, it's going to be yet another bitch in Amazon's growing harem of services. That's not necessarily a bad thing. is pretty fucking awesome too. They also allow me to buy shit in my underwear without having to worry about getting arrested. But now Amazon and Comixology are joining forces? What sort of corporate shit storm could they create? Will it be awesome? Will this be the next New Coke? I have no fucking clue. But it's happening. The CEO of Comixology already released this.

Dearest readers,

I’m very excited to share some big news with you: we have just announced that comiXology is becoming a part of the Amazon family!

More than seven years ago, John D. Roberts, Peter Jaffe, and I set out to connect people to comic books and graphic novels they’d love, and we’re so excited about how far we’ve come. Thanks to the books we are privileged to present and the platform we created, there’s access to more diverse content than ever, allowing all readers to enter the amazing world of comics.

We have long had the goal of making every person on the planet a comics fan. With Amazon’s help, this crazy goal is more possible than ever before. With the Kindle, Amazon has shown a passion for reinventing the reading experience, just like comiXology has shown for comics and graphic novels.

ComiXology will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary and we’re not anywhere near done “taking comics further.” We are confident that – with Amazon by our side, who shares our desire for innovation and a relentless focus on customers – we’ve only just begun.

We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Thank you. The best is yet to come!

David Steinberger
Co-founder and CEO

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