Monday, January 5, 2015

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 8: Personal Angles is LIVE!

The holidays are over. That means the gift-giving, the decorating, the traveling, and the drinking/hangovers are over as well. But in between all the festive fun and frequent blackouts, I still found time to keep working. Through all the dry-heaves, family photos, and Christmas specials, I remain dedicated to providing quality awesome. And at this point, I can safely say the awesome of my first ever Superman/Wonder Woman has exceeded my expectations.

Whenever I take on a new challenge, I always expect to fuck up a little in the beginning. But by fucking up, I give myself a chance to learn on my mistakes. It often shows in the response I get from readers. They can tell when I'm either new to a subject or work too drunk or too sober. But for "Strangers In Paradise," I've somehow manage to stumble my way into a hot tub of awesome, complete with naked Playboy playmates and top quality whiskey. The concept of this story was simple. It asks the question what would happen to Superman and Wonder Woman if they met earlier in life? Well I've just started to answer that question in the past few chapters and that answers has made for some awesome moments.

Now another big moment is unfolding. After six years apart, Superman and Wonder Woman came together again during a battle with Metallo. It was not the most romantic way for them to cross paths again. Lex Luthor, a killer robot, and hidden agenda by Ares does not make for the kind of that gets anyone in the mood. But somehow, Clark and Diana were able to make the most of it. Now they're laying the foundation for a new relationship and a new turning point in their lives. And that new era begins with this latest chapter.

Thanks everybody for being patient with me. My holiday cheer and my love of eggnog spiked with tequila did slow me down, but I'm back on track. Expect more awesome very soon. Nuff said!

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