Friday, January 9, 2015

X-men Supreme Issue #112: Death Grip PREVIEW!

One of the biggest developments for the X-men in 2014 was the death of Wolverine. Few would argue that the death of Marvel's most iconic X-man is a major upheaval, even though death is somewhat of a revolving door in the comics. It has already lead to some pretty significant changes and more of those changes are set to unfold in 2015. For the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, I have plenty of other changes planned regarding Wolverine. And at the moment, death is a big part of those plans.

A year ago, the idea of stories revolving around death and Wolverine sounded foolish. One of Wolverine's defining characteristics is his ability to heal and survive, often cheating death in ways that few characters not wielding the Phoenix Force can match. He's demonstrated these characteristics throughout X-men Supreme. He's also demonstrated how they can be a burden on him, especially during the later parts of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. Wolverine has had a long, eventful life full of struggle, loss, and regret. Him having to live on as others around him die helped make him one of the most iconic characters in X-men. I made it a point to capture that status in X-men Supreme. His arrival was the first mission the X-men carried out in X-men Supreme. Now, even as Wolverine's death in the comics is still sinking in, he's about to come face-to-face with death itself in this fanfiction series.

Once again, the shadow of Weapon X have reared its ugly head. A new incarnation of this diabolical program has emerged in Fantomex, a character who has made his mark in the comics in the past decade. His debut in X-men Supreme will leave quite a mark as well. In many ways, it already has. His first act in this fanfiction series involved mortally wounding Wolverine and X-23. He didn't just best them in combat. He poisoned them so that their healing abilities could not save them. Now Wolverine and X-23 lay at death's door and it's up to the X-men to save him. It's a dark moment for the team and for Wolverine. But I intend for it to be one of his defining moments in this fanfiction series. As always, I've prepared a preview that should offer a brief taste of this vital moment in the history of X-men Supreme.

The mood was tense and solemn as Piotr, Kitty, Remy, and Betsy paced restlessly outside the door. A sick feeling permeated the team. While injuries were part of being an X-man, nobody ever thought Logan would end up at death’s door like this. He was the most durable and resilient member of the team. The notion that he may die still hadn’t sunk in.

“This is wrong. This is totally wrong on infinite levels,” cried Kitty, who was pacing the most.

“I’m tempted to say you’re being melodramatic, luv. But I happen to agree with you,” groaned Betsy, who was sitting with her back against the wall hugging her knees, “Logan is the last person I ever thought would be in this position.”

“Remy’s seen that homme get burnt to a crisp and go on a bender that same night. This ain’t just wrong. It’s downright cheating,” added Remy who was sitting next to her.

“But his healing is supposed to protect him, is it not?” asked Piotr as he paced with Kitty, “Why can’t it save him now?”

“That’s what the Mr. McCoy and the Professor are trying to answer,” said Kitty, “After seeing how he looked when he came in, I’m not sure I want an answer.”

Kitty found herself walking into Piotr’s arms through her pacing. The Russian mutant willingly embraced her, offering what solace he could. This was a grave situation. One of their own was dying and there was nothing they could do about it. Piotr had seen enough death from loved ones to lose all taste for such loss. If Logan succumbed, then that would be a blow to the X-men that would be difficult to recover from.

While they contemplated the grim scenarios, the elevator from down the hall opened and Bobby Drake came sprinting towards them. He had been hanging out in District X all day. Kitty was the one that phoned him the news and it was enough to drag him away from Jubilee.

“Guys! Please tell me there’s an update. Tell me Logan’s condition isn’t as bad as I heard it was,” said Bobby breathlessly as he arrived at the infirmary doors.

“Glad you could pull yourself away from your girlfriend long enough to care,” said Kitty in a bitter tone.

“Whoa now! That’s not fair, Kitty,” spat Bobby angrily.

“You’re right. It isn’t,” she retorted, “Neither is Logan dying. So for once I think I’m entitled to blurt out stupid shit.”

“That don’t make it right, petite,” said Remy as he pushed the two of them apart.

“I know it’s not right! This is how I vent, okay?”

“Well why don’t you vent over here with me, Katya? There’s no need to inflict more wounds than we already have,” offered Piotr, pulling her away before she had another outburst.

Her boyfriend’s strong grasp helped put some much needed distance between her and the others. She ended up burying her face in Piotr’s shoulder again, leaving Bobby to process this in his own way. However, his way wasn’t much more effective than Kitty’s.

“Don’t start sulking for the wrong reasons, luv. We’re all on edge here,” said Betsy, offering Bobby a comforting gesture.

“I’m trying not to. It isn’t like me catching up with Jubilee in District X made a difference,” he said, “It doesn’t help that it wasn’t the productive kind of catching up either.”

“Would you be insulted if Remy told you to spare us the details?” asked the Cajun.

“I was going to anyways. Right now, I want to know everything. What happened to Logan and what are we doing about it?”

“What happened is the long part of the story,” answered Betsy, “What we’re doing about it is shorter and slightly more complicated.”

“How so?” asked Bobby anxiously.

Betsy’s question was answered when the same elevator that brought Bobby to the lower levels opened again. This time, a new figure entered and it wasn’t someone they had seen in the Xavier Institute before. Some recognized her as Tessa from District X. She was also Hank McCoy’s girlfriend, but she hadn’t befriended the rest of the X-men so when she approached with an unmarked briefcase in hand they were weary.

“Need I say more?” asked Betsy.

“No…you don’t,” said Bobby as he and the others approached the raven haired woman.

“So it is you,” said Kitty, pushing aside her sobs, “When Mr. McCoy said they were bringing in help, I didn’t think you were at the top of the list.”

“Why is it so hard to believe?” said Tessa in her emotionally empty tone, “Hank is my boyfriend and he’s asking me for a favor. It always helps to add a few hundred IQ points to our collective minds.”

“Brains don’t equal results,” said Remy apprehensively, “Last Remy checked, you a telepathic computer in a beautiful woman’s body. What you got that’s gonna help our friend?”

“The answer to that question is in this case,” said Tessa, holding it up for them to see, “I wish I had time to explain it, but I don’t.”

“Would you hold it against us if we find that excuse utter bullocks?” said Betsy.

“Not at all,” she replied, “I assure you I’ll go the extra distance. I won’t just save Logan and X-23’s life. I’ll hopefully answer a few other pressing questions.”

It was hard to tell if she was being sincere. Her voice was like a machine. It was impossible to determine any undertone. It was hard to see why Beast was so drawn to her, but at this point they were desperate. They didn’t just need answers. They needed a miracle.

The infirmary doors opened before Kitty, Piotr, Bobby, Remy, and Betsy could ask any more questions. Hank was the one to step out and as soon as he saw his lover, he didn’t need any convincing.

“Tessa, my dear, I would kiss you if our friend hadn’t just taken a turn for the worse,” said Hank urgently.

“We’ll have plenty of time for kissing later. Did you set up everything as I instructed?” she asked, keeping a steady composure.

“I just finished. Did you bring what you said you would bring?”

“Yes, I brought EVA…her second incarnation to be precise,” said Tessa, holding up the black case, “I haven’t tested her yet, but I’m not opposed to a trial by fire.”

“So long as she does as you said she does, we’ll take that chance to save our friend.”

At the moment, Marvel Comics has decided to take Wolverine out of the picture for a while and let other characters fill the void. It's a big void to fill and one that may or may not pan out in the long run, given the revolving door of death in comics. But his death in the comics presents a good opportunity for X-men Supreme. At the moment, there are no comics or mediums in which Wolverine's story can continue. X-men Supreme is the only game in town. So for Wolverine fans, I have extra incentive to make his journey in this fanfiction series more awesome. As such, it's very important that his fans and all X-men fans provide feedback. I'm always happy to chat. Please contact me directly or post your comments in each issue. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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