Sunday, November 1, 2015

Spider-Man and the Prostitute is COMPLETE!

Every now and then, you just feel like telling a story that isn't overly epic. Sometimes, you just want something that's simple, fun, and sexy as hell. As someone who is trying to make a living writing awesome stories, some of which are built around the premise of being sexy as hell, it's an important skill to refine. That's why these sexy side-projects of mine are so much fun. And today, I've completed yet another.

A while back, I began a Spider-Man story built around a sexy re-imagining how of Peter Parker and Mary Jane became involved with one another. Seeing as how Marvel is intent on driving these two apart, despite the passion of fans, I feel stories like this are all the more precious. I didn't do anything too crazy. This isn't Ultimate or 2099. I just tweaked a few details about Peter Parker and Mary Jane's life. Then, I went to work making it sexy as hell. The finished product is ready for all those who miss the sexiness that this iconic couple once conveyed.

Now, it's complete. However, this is one of those stories that I could possibly expand on. It could be in the form of a sequel or a few extra chapters. It depends. And if anyone has any suggestions for how to expand this narrative, I'm always happy to listen. It's not like we'll be getting anything like this in the Spider-Man comics anytime soon. So I hope everyone enjoys it. Excelsior!

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