Friday, October 30, 2015

X-men Supreme Issue 126: Heart Attack PREVIEW!

Fear and uncertainty have gripped the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. It's an oddly appropriate state here on the eve of Halloween. The events of Dark Legacy and the damage left by Sinister have left mutants, humans, and the X-men both vulnerable and anxious. History has shown that when the strong have been weakened, those seeking strength will attempt to seize it.

The X-men's previous enemies, like the Brotherhood of Mutants, are reeling as much as they are. President Kelly, now mourning the death of his son, has lost his appetite for conflict. And the Morlocks, as shown in X-men Supreme Issue 5.1: Deceptive Revelation, have been disbanded. The time couldn't be better for a new, menacing threat to emerge. And that threat is going to be the centerpiece of the next era of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. That's why I'm pround to make this official. X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation is about to begin.

Like previous volumes of X-men Supreme, the foundation for this one were already laid in events that might have flown under the radar. The first hints of this new conflict began back during the Cambrian Explosion arc in X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. During that arc, Toad spent most of his time in a prison cell. Often seen as the Brotherhood of Mutants' least competent member, Magneto and his team didn't seem to care when he got captured during a clash at Worthington Industries in the Test Subject arc. But while in prison, something strange happened to Toad. Now, he's about to become more menacing and more dangerous than anyone the X-men have ever faced.

Yes, you heard that right. Toad is going to become a top-level villain in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Let that sink in for a moment. Toad, as a character, has been a classic pushover. From the earliest days in Uncanny X-men to his brief role in the X-men movies, he's never been more than a joke of a character. But I think characters like that have something to prove. And in X-men Supreme Issue 110: Supreme Justice, Toad took the first step towards proving himself.

Thanks to the effects of the Cambrian, Toad is now bigger and badder than he's ever been in the history of X-men. He helped a group of mutants who have never known justice escape. Now, with Magneto still missing and Sinister having been defeated, the world is ripe for Toad to rise to power. He will now lead the Mutant Liberation Front, a group X-men fans should know well, into this new era of X-men Supreme. It's an era that's going to have many upheavals, especially for charcters like Charles Xavier, Rogue, Mystique, Wolverine, and so many more. As such, I’ve prepared a preview to offer the first glimpse of X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation.

“So you’re gonna make meh work for it this time? Ah’m game, sugah!” said Rogue playfully.

“Ain’t no game this time. You should be worried too. This be a game-changer,” said Remy in a serious tone.

“Don’t ya mean wildcard?”

“Call it whatever you want, cherè. When a gang of mutant terrorists starts making waves, it only be a matter of time before the X-men get involved.”

“All the more reason join meh under the sheets and make some waves of our own,” she quipped.

“Since when does late morning sex stop terrorists?” questioned Remy.

“Never said it stopped anything,” Rogue shrugged, “If nothin’ else, it’ll keep our strength up.”

Rogue had a strange way of rationalizing things now that she could touch. Intimacy seemed to be the solution to all her problems. Remy enjoyed it plenty while they were all still recovering from the damage left by the Legacy Virus. But that was months ago. The world around them was changing and they weren’t changing with it.

“You got a strange outlook on life, Rogue. You get your powers under control and suddenly everything has an easy answer,” said Remy.

“Who said it was easy? Ah didn’t gain control of mah powers. I lost ‘em. Well, the absorption part anyways, but it ain’t too big a loss.”

“So as long as you can still bench a fully loaded dump truck, you be happy?”

“Not entirely,” she said, sneaking her hand around his chest and tracing a daring path down his abdomen, “Ah do have other needs that ain’t gonna fill themselves.”

“And you can fill these needs better just lounging around District X?” questioned Remy, still not affected by her seductive gestures.

“Do ya really wanna have that conversation again? Or do you wanna turn the TV off and enjoy yourself?”

“Remy figured you would say that. And it ain’t puttin’ Remy in the mood,” he retorted.

Much to Rogue’s disappointment, Remy slipped out of her grip and got off the bed. She watched with a bed sheet still covering her nude body as Remy gathered his clothes. He looked as disappointed as her. This was the first time she saw him leave her bed with a disgruntled look on his face.

“Seriously? Watching the news now gives you an attitude?” questioned Rogue, “You’re usually so light-hearted when disaster strikes.”

“If Remy be overreacting, then you be under-reacting, cherè,” said Remy as he put on his pants and shirt.

“You sound like a new mutant terrorist group doesn’t bother meh.”

“Does it?” he asked her.

“Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it?”

“Maybe the idea of not layin’ around, catching up on class, and having sex bothers you. Maybe the idea of actually being an X-man bothers you.”

“That’s just crazy and comin’ from you, that’s saying something!” said Rogue defensively.

“Is it, cherè? Every time someone else brings up re-joining the institute, you change the subject. I know your list of reasons. You been helping District X with the influx of refugees. You still got some stuff you be talkin’ about with Isaac. That be all well and good a few months ago. Now it’s less like a reason and more like an excuse.”

Rogue wanted to scold the Cajun, but that wouldn’t have made his point any less valid. He wasn’t the first person that brought this up, but hearing it from him left a stronger impact. Everything he said was true. After the Legacy Virus, she stayed in District X and focused on helping Tessa, Bishop, Multiple, and Jubilee clean things up after the Legacy Virus. There was a large influx of mutants from mutant communities all over the world that collapsed. Bringing so many mutants into a limited area brough with all sorts of complications, but most of those complications didn’t require her strength and flight abilities to resolve.

She remained silent as Remy put on his shoes and trench coat. As much as she enjoyed his visits, they had been avoiding the most obvious issue. District X was stable now and she had too few reasons for being here. She never officially quit the X-men and she still saw herself as an X-man. Her reluctance to rejoin them was quite telling.

“Don’t be taking this the wrong way, Rogue. You know Remy still loves you, non?” said the Cajun upon tying his shoes.

“Ah know. Ah love you too, Remy. We’ve demonstrated that many times in bed together,” she sighed, “Ah just…”

“I know. Being in control changes everything, cherè. It makes some things easier. Problem is some things ain’t supposed to be easy. Everything that’s worth having involves a challenge. You usually real good about rising to a challenge, especially when the chips be stacked against you. Well now you been dealt a better hand. Don’t be afraid to bet big.”

I have X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation all planned out. I have every intention of seeing it through to the end. But as I've previously announced, updates will not be as regular. I worked long and hard to make sure that previous volumes of X-men Supreme were updated on a biweekly schedule. Between a lack of feedback and the emergence of other projects, I'm going to have to change that schedule. Now I don't intend for X-men Supreme to be subject to the same delays as Secret Wars. But moving forward, I will be updating less regularly.

However, that can change. If feedback for X-men Supreme grows, then I will consider resuming biweekly updates. That decision will be based solely on the extent of the feedback I get. As always, I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to review. Either post your comments in the issue or contact me directly. I have gotten some wonderful feedback, but it's sporadic and limited. I want to keep making X-men Supreme awesome. And I can't do that without consistent feedback. So please let me know so we can both make this fanfiction series as awesome as it can be. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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