Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ms. Marvel #19: Nuff Said!

In recent years, Marvel realized something remarkable. They found out that women make up half the population and they actually have money to buy comics. I know. What a fucking concept, right? It’s one of those things that shouldn’t have had to wait until the 21st century, but better late than never I guess. Among Marvel’s efforts to appeal to the less masculine sex, Ms. Marvel has been its biggest success story. And Ms. Marvel #19 shows why. Sure, it takes place before the world ends during Secret Wars, but the Marvel universe ends every other Monday it seems. So does it really matter?

So Kamala’s mother apparently knew that she was Ms. Marvel all along. So does it really matter? Wait a second. She knew? An adult in a comic book about a teenage superhero actually has a functioning brain and can figure out when their child is acting strange? Well wax my balls, stick a feather up my ass, and call me a rooster because that’s another one of those concepts that should’ve happened way before 2015.

Beyond the shocking revelation that parents of teenage heroes can think for themselves, there’s no outrage or anger. There’s just feels…beautiful, glorious feels between a mother and her daughter. And why wouldn’t Kamala’s mother be proud? She raised a daughter who decided to become a superhero with her powers and didn’t need her uncle to get killed. I’m not saying she automatically deserves to be Mother of the Year in the Marvel universe. I’m just saying she’s got a head start.

As for Kamala’s father…well, he’s got a valid excuse. His son and Kamala’s brother just became an Inhuman. And he’s apparently not being very proactive about it. He says he’s going to pray about it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when was the last time prayer solved a problem that involved Inhumans and/or mutants? It’s frustrating, but it doesn’t stop Kamala from embracing her parents. Unlike them, she knows the world is coming to an end. And she’s not going to be an immature brat about it.

Looking at YOU Hope fucking Summers.

She gives her parents time to fume. This gives her time to catch up with Bruno, Ms. Marvel’s unofficial side-kick who badly needs a haircut. She tells him she knows the world is ending and there’s not a damn thing the Avengers can do about it. And when the Avengers are fucked, everyone is fucked. That’s all there is to it. But you know what? If the world is fucked, then they can spend their last day without any regrets. Bruno flat out says that, making him the most honest and sincere guy to ever stand in front of a teenage girl in any capacity in any universe.

He doesn’t need superpowers. He doesn’t need to be Batman either. He just needs to be Kamala’s friend. And hell, that might as well count as a superpower in this series.

Can everybody else seeking shelter in a fucking high school say the same? I doubt it, but we get a nice glimpse of how everybody is dealing. And no, they’re not eating live babies and using the sickly as target practice. They’re being decent human beings, helping one another in what they think is just another Skrull invasion. They don’t know the world is coming to an end, but they’re helping each other. That strange, alien feeling you’re getting in the pit of your stomach…that’s called faith in the human race. We don’t feel it often these days, but when we do it’s like a cold beer on a hot summer day.

Among these people trying to help out everybody is Zoey. Yes, I mean the same Zoey who might as well have been eye-candy in a Revenge of the Nerds movie. She actually takes Kamala aside and apologizes to her. She actually admits she’s jealous of Kamala. Everybody loves Kamala, but they only pretend to love her because she has nice tits. She’s probably the most honest a pretty girl has ever been outside of a divorce hearing. I didn’t think I could respect an spoiled brat like Zoey, but she actually made me like her here.

Again, looking at YOU Hope fucking Summers.

Kamala then catches up with her other friend, Nakia. She hasn’t had many moments to shine in this series, but she has come off as more likable than Zoey, which might not be saying much. But Kamala still goes out of her way to reach out to her. There is some unpleasantness, namely because Kamala didn’t tell her that she got a crush on an oversized sweat stain named Kamran. Granted, she doesn’t know Kamran also happened to be an Inhuman who used his powers to enhance his douche-baggery, but that’s beside the point. A quick Frozen joke and a hug later and they’re still on speaking terms. If the world is ending, the last thing Kamala needs is one of her friends to hate her. It won’t make Kamran’s scrotum collapse, but it’s the next best thing.

So the world is ending. And what do the fine people of Jersey City do? They say, “Fuck it! Let’s throw one last party.” Actually, that might be the healthiest way anyone has ever handled the end of the world. There’s no ritualistic human sacrifice, no crying, and no deep philosophical bullshit. They just party and enjoy their last few moments as best they can. Not gonna lie, I’d probably do the same thing, albeit with a few extra beers in me.

The last great party in Jersey City continues. But as the world ends, Kamala catches up with Bruno one last time. They finally have that chat that usually comes just as the rain starts falling in a shitty chick flick. But there’s nothing crass or contrived about this moment. Hugh Grant doesn’t make some dumb speech. Cameron Diaz doesn’t start crying. Kamala just thanks Bruno for being the best friend in her life. It’s the greatest non-pornographic display of affection two people can have outside a Disney movie.

Then, they both say they love each other. It’s not that “I’ve always loved you” crap that makes up every shitty boy band song ever made. It’s actually sincere. It feels truly genuine. It comes with context as well. Kamala says that right now, being Ms. Marvel has to be her focus, not playing the part of every Jennifer Anniston movie ever. That doesn’t bother Bruno in the slightest. Why would it? It’s not like he’s the kind of guy who feels like he has to control a woman to love her. Wait…that’s actually a thing? Men are capable of that? Well wipe my ass, spit on my face, and call me Ted Haggard. That’s way too reasonable, but it’s so damn fitting I don’t give a shit.

The world finally ends. The incursion finally happens. We all know what happens after that…Dr. Doom, Battleworld, and a fuckton of delays. But if I enter that shit storm after having spent one last day with Kamala Khan, then I’d be okay with that. it awesome?

Before I answer that, I need a moment to wipe the tears of joy and feels from my eyes. No, that’s not because of alcohol or weed, although that certainly helps. This really is one of those comics where you need to take a moment to soak in all the feels. Everything is so heartfelt and sincere, but it’s still fun and uplifting as Kamala Khan has been since her inception into the Marvel universe. Sure, there’s no epic battles or anything. She doesn’t even don her Ms. Marvel costume, but she doesn’t need to.

This issue dealt with the impact that Ms. Marvel has had on Kamala and her world as a whole. Even though that world came to an end, it’s an impact that hits you in all the right ways. And damn it, you want to keep getting hit. Kamala Khan, I’ve come to trust you with my heart, my balls, and everything in between. I trust you’ll use it wisely in the post-Secret Wars world of Marvel comics.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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