Sunday, October 11, 2015

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 19: Pain and Sacrifice is LIVE!

It took me longer than I hoped. You can thank unexpected complications and the New York Comic Con for that. But I still did it. I updated Strangers In Paradise. I know. I know. I'm a sick son-of-a-bitch for making readers wait nearly a month for the next chapter. I ended Chapter 18 with such a juicy teaser that I should be locked in a public restroom at a Jets game with no air freshener for not updating sooner. But between the delays Marvel has had with Secret Wars and the delays DC had with Forever Evil and Convergence, I think I deserve some credit. It's not like I pulled a Bryan Hitch or anything.

But it's true. This chapter is the culmination of Superman and Wonder Woman's struggle in this story. First, they came together in their youth. Second, they found each other years later after so many obstacles. Third, they built a powerful, meaningful relationship despite those obstacles. Now, in the final test of their struggle together, they must trust in each other completely to overcome a threat that was born from both their worlds.

Lex Luthor has usurped the power of the gods. He willingly cooperated with Ares and Apollo in a plot to overthrow Olympus. Had he been like the many mortals of myth, they might have succeeded. But Lex Luthor is no ordinary mortal. He's the smartest, most ruthless mortal that the gods have ever dealt with. They thought they could control him. They were wrong. In the end, it was Luthor who manipulated them. Now, he has both the Annihilator Armor and the power of Erebus at his disposal. Now, he's set to unleash this power on the world and take his rightful place as the true Man of Tomorrow.

The only ones standing in his way now are Superman and Wonder Woman. They stand as the final obstacle between Lex Luthor and ultimate triumph. But if they're to stand a chance, they'll need to trust in both each other and the influence they've had on those around them. Superman and Wonder Woman dared to defy the traditions of those around them, be it the people of Metropolis or the Amazons. They dared to show that love, trust, and understanding can be more powerful than hatred, fear, and mistrust. Will those efforts pay off? That's what this final battle will reveal.

The final battle is here, but the impact it makes has only begun. That impact will affect more than Superman and Wonder Woman. While this is a critical test in their relationship in terms of sharing each others' burdens, it is also a major turning point for those around them. What will this mean for Wonder Woman's exile? What will this mean for Olympus? What will this mean for Clark Kent? Those are all questions that will be answered in time. But for now, the big battle is here. And it's shows Superman and Wonder Woman at their best. Nuff said!


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