Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Trip to New York Comic Con 2015

Today, I can finally say I've crossed something important off my bucket list. Among the highest items on my list (right up there with getting a date from Jennifer Lawrence) was to attend the New York Comic Con. For the past few years, a lot of things kept me from doing so and not all of them have to do with being too hung over. This year, I didn't let anything get in my way. No hangovers. No ex-girlfriends. No parking tickets. Nothing. This year, I went to New York and attended the comic con. And it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I had so much fun. I met so many people. It was truly an amazing experience

Below, are just a few of the pictures I took to savor the experience. It's only a fraction of the awesome shit I saw at this place. I hope to see much more next year!

It was a long walk to the Javitz Center. Felt like entering the opposite of Mount Mordor.
Waiting outside. Actually much more crowded than it looks.
Batfleck's armor. Couldn't protect him from divorce though.
The first pic I took when I entered. I had SUCH an erection!
Naturally, Star Wars was a big deal. And this got everyone's attention.
Is the Hulkbuster supposed to look that cute?
Iron Man was on display at Marvel's booth. Thank you Robert Downy Jr.!
Silk is adapting to life outside the bunker very well.
Wonder Woman's movie costume. Can't imagine how awesome it looked on Gal.
I bet I could fit into that costume. It would look goofy. I wouldn't care.
Love seeing Batgirl represented. Can't have too many awesome redheads!
Me at the Star Wars fandom panel. Lots of Stormtroopers. Not enough Slave Leias.
Stan Lee dropped by. How nice of him!
Some things are untouchable, no matter what Marvel does to fuck them up.
X-23 is a popular costume. Can't wait to see her in Wolverine's classic duds.
The Mario Brothers must have found a warp tube.
One of MANY Spider-Gwens.
Slave Leias. The only thing that makes me wish I were a fat slug.
Marvel might not like them, but some couples endure like the Phoenix.
So many Wonder Women. So many wonders to explore.
How the fuck does he see where he's going?
That's Yoda made out of jelly beans. Nuff said!
Proof binge-watching can foster creativity!
Anyone up for some Blitzball?
Lots of art. Not all of it NSFW. Much of it still awesome.
Jubilee was well-represented, as she should with a movie coming out.
Jim Shooter holding up my copy of Uncanny X-men #137. I almost fainted.
Chris Claremont holding up my copy of Uncanny X-men #137. I did faint.
Perfect Kingpin cos-player. Almost gave him my wallet out of intimidation.
She-Devil with a sword and sexy costume.
One of a few Jedi. Were many more Sith.
Movie magic in action, minus the bullshit CGI.
Darth Vader made of jelly beans. Nuff said!
The crowded line into artist ally.
A true example of BFFs.
Black Widow may not have a movie, but she has awesome cos-players.
Squirrel Girl adding some cuddly ambiance to Comic Con.
Don't know what the teddy bear was for. Was too in awe to ask.
Boba Fett always attracts a crowd.
Unless you saw cartoons in the 90s, this was creepy as fuck.
I salute you ladies!
Wonder Woman epic win.
Anyone else feel like listening to Huey Lewis?
The Captain Kirk in me was very aroused.
Archer fans will know why this is awesome.
Wonder Women fill me with wonder (among other things).
Ultimate is fucked, but the awesome of the costumes endure.
Captain Marvel has a very loyal following.
Marty McFly looks at me like I banged his mom.
More Storm. Less Inhumans. I like it!
Not many Hawkgirls. Was too afraid to tell her.
Classic Ms. Marvel still awesome as hell.
Artist Alley was the epicenter of geeking out.
Yes. BoJack Horsemen has fans like this. Seriously.
Video games inspire more than shitty hashtags.
That's actually a manikin and not a cos-player. It was hard to tell the difference.
Anybody else remember the 90s?
I smell a team-up!
The only time I wish I were an Italian plumber.

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