Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spider-Man and the Prostitute: The Proposition UPDATE!

Since I know certain fans can be impatient about certain stories, I did a little overtime on my new side-project, Spider-Man and the Prostitute. It's a story I built around the premise of being unambiguously, unapologetically sexy and nobody likes to wait on that, I'm making sure I don't leave too many fans hanging.

Few characters evoke a natural, unmistakable sexiness than Mary Jane Watson. She's right up there with Emma Frost in terms of characters who exude a natural, powerful sexiness. And for reasons I can only attribute to chronic blue balls, Marvel has decided to sideline and marginalize her. Even when she does show up, they don't let her be sexy and that's a crime against comic fans everywhere.

Now this story has cranked up the sexiness, some might say to a gratuitous level. But to those who would say that, I say fuck off. This is a story about a world where Mary Jane Watson became a prostitute and never knew Peter Parker in her youth. And that's a story that's bound to get sexual in a major way very soon. That story continues in this next chapter, which I hope gets the blood flowing in all the right directions.

I plan on letting this story get a lot sexier before it's finished. It's not going to be long, but it will be hot as hell because we should expect nothing less from Mary Jane Watson. Nuff said!

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