Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Announcement: THREE New eBooks by Jack Fisher

Today, I have another important announcement to make. No, I’m not shutting down this blog. No, I’m not going to stop Nuff Said just before Uncanny X-men #600 and Extraordinary X-men #1 come out. I’m that cruel. Instead, I want to announce something that I don’t talk about much on this blog, but is every bit as important to me.

In addition to writing awesome reviews and kick-ass X-men fanfiction, I’m actually an aspiring writer. I really do want to make this more than just something I do to be more awesome than I already am. I want to make a living with my writing skills. I’m not talking about a Stephen King or Chris Claremont type living, but a living none-the-less. And while I’ve been working on X-men Supreme, I’ve found time to work on other projects.

However, like Jennifer Lawrence’s panties, publishing is a hard business to get into. I’ve been submitting letters and manuscripts to dozens of publishers and agents. To date, I haven’t gotten any major offers. It’s become clear that some of my manuscripts are just gathering digital dust at this point. So while I work on more, it doesn’t make sense to just let them rot.

Enter Lulu, a self-publishing service that I’ve started using. This company is not a publisher like Marvel or Random House. They’re basically a self-publishing service. They’ll publish your manuscript through their channels in exchange for a cut of the sales profits. And after exploring this service, I decided to make use of it.

So with that, I’m proud to announce the publication of three books:

Behind the endless fantasy that is Las Vegas, Shawn Stevens makes a comfortable living as John Steadman, a professional gigolo and male stripper. Jane Jefferies makes a similar living as Charlotte, a stripper and high-class escort. For years, they’ve navigated an illicit criminal underworld run by Las Vegas’s unofficial queen of vice, Felicity Ramero. Within this world, they’ve fulfilled many fantasies while maintaining the lowest possible profile. But over time, they have become jaded and disillusioned with this world.

Then, on one fateful night, Shawn and Jane come in a moment of reckless passion at Club Oasis, the most popular club on the Strip. However, their passion does not go unnoticed by Felicity, who just happens to be in need of a couple of patsies to take the fall for her many crimes. In the face of increasing pressure from the law, she plans to blackmail Shawn and Jane by having them play a part in an elaborately decadent fantasy.

In a not-so-distant future, Reverend Simon Grant inspired a new generation of repression to oppose decades of moral liberalization. The two main characters of this book, Peter Watson and Scarlett Hunter, embody that struggle. They are two of the most successful Hollywood stars who fell in love on a movie set. They come from humble roots and do their best to embody the morals of restraint and chastity that they were taught. However, their passion for each other proves to be too strong.

Because of this passion, Reverend Grant invites them to a secluded island in the Mediterranean called Sadfur Island. This island is reserved only for men and women of great influence, but it’s no luxurious getaway. While on this island, Peter and Scarlett are exposed to a world of harsh truths that expose the struggle between repression and expression for the lie it is. In doing so they’re opened to a world of decadence that will test their bodies, souls, and hearts. Can their love survive such upheaval?

Emily Masters hates Christmas. She has hated it ever since the fateful Christmas Eve where her best friend, Jennifer Graves, stole the love of her life, Sean Sanders. And it only seems to get worse every year. She has failed in love, school, and work while Jennifer and Sean are now engaged to be married. In a desperate effort to reconcile, Jennifer and Sean attempt to help heal Emily’s wounded Christmas spirit. And in the process, things get very emotional and very heated.

If you’re a fan of X-men Supreme or my various side-projects, then I’m confident you’ll enjoy these. They’re not expensive. In fact, the ebook versions are actually cheaper than the $3.99 you’ll pay for most comics. These three books will join Skin Deep and Child of Orcus as my growing list of publications. And make no mistake. I have plenty more in the works.

So if you wish to support this blog and my various writing endeavors, please check out these books and tell me what you think. I’m always open to feedback. I’m always happy to hear from readers and discuss the merits of a story, be it X-men or anything else. I hope to publish more moving forward. I still have several manuscripts that haven’t been published. And I want to keep putting my material out there. It’s the only way I can add to my overall awesome. Nuff said!


  1. Thumbs up! Not exacty my book genre, but I am willing to give one of them a try. Which one do you recommend for starters? Or maybe I should check first your previous work that you mentioned?

    1. Thanks for the support, my friend! I'd recommend you try Holiday Heat first. It's short, concise, and sweet. The rest are a bit more elaborate in terms of scope and plot. But if you like Holiday Heat, I think you'll like the other two. Thanks again!


  2. Same here. Not my type of gen of stories to read but I'm down to try one just to support Jack. He deserves it.

  3. Same here. Not my type of gen of stories to read but I'm down to try one just to support Jack. He deserves it.

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