Monday, January 18, 2016

New Book by Jack Fisher - The Final Communion

I know it seems like at times I put all my energy into drunken comic book reviews and an endless stream of fanfiction side-projects, but I try not to monopolize all my energy into one particular venture. As I've stated before, I am pursuing a serious career in publishing. I'd like to be able to make a decent living with my writing one day. Writing comic book reviews and X-men Supreme is just one of the many ways I refine my craft. And in addition to these ventures, I do try and craft stories that I can sell to those who seek more of my craft.

To date, I've already self-published several books. None are on the best sellers list, nor do I expect them to be. But it's part of the process. I write these books so that I can keep getting better. I want it to show in my reviews, as well as my subsequent works. And today, I've added another title to my growing list of published works.

It is entitled the Final Communion. Of all the books I've written to date, this one is probably the most unique. First and foremost, it's written in a first-person point of view. The entire story is told through the eyes of a single character. With this character, you'll enter a strange yet colorful world. And yes, by colorful I mean sensual. This is another story with heavy erotic themes. But don't expect the same themes I've written about in other stories. I've tried to break new ground with this story. And for the price of a cheap comic, you can enjoy it and all its intimate glory.

Like everyone at Camp Salvation, Grace Maria Goodwin has lived a life of hardship, toil, and strict discipline. It's a life ordained by the Church of the Army of Heaven. It involves heavy repression, strict morals, and an emphasis on avoiding fleshly pleasures of any kind.

For the past 13 years, Grace has been living this life. She and everyone like her live apart from their families, training to be soldiers for the Church in preparation for the End of Days. Her life and the lives of all those around her have already been laid out.

But for one night, Grace and her fellow adherents get to abandon their obligations. For one night, they get to indulge in all the sinful desires they've been told to avoid. This night is the Final Communion. And Grace has every intention of embracing these decadent desires.

However, she also seeks more than just indulgence. She's looking for someone special...someone she must find before the night is over. Can she find him? Or will her desires consume her?

To all those who wish to support this blog, checking out my book is an excellent way to do so. For anyone interesting in discussing this book or various publishing opportunities, please feel free to contact me at any time. Until next time, stay warm and thank you for helping me become more awesome. Nuff said!

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