Friday, January 29, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 3: Competition is up!

It's been two weeks and another update is upon us! I just posted issue 3 "Competition" on my main website. Please check it out when you get a chance and don't forget to review! Any feedback either here or on the site is much appreciated. I am open to all kinds of criticism. I want this series to be the best it can be so it's important that I get feedback! Thank you all and enjoy the new issue!

Issue 3: Competition

Monday, January 25, 2010

Second Coming: One Will Lead & One Will Die Teaser

Marvel is certainly stepping up the hype for Second Coming. This past week they released two ominous teaser. One is an image that says "One Will Lead" with Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Magneto standing together. The other says "One Will Die" with Cyclops standing over a freshly dug grave. It has already been hinted at in interviews and the solicitations for April so this really didn't come as too much a surprise. It appears the writers want us to believe that a major leadership schism will emerge during Second Coming and there will be casualties. But given how Uncanny and the recent comics have unfolded, there seems to be little room for surprises.

First off, the image about someone leading has already been built upon in Uncanny 520. In this issue a growing rift between Cyclops and Magneto is festering. Magneto has his own way of doing things and Cyclops doesn't very much like Magneto operating behind his back. There remain plenty of reasons to be suspicious. Magneto has a long history of backstabbing and betrayal. It's pretty clear where this is going. Magneto, even though he praised Cyclops for bringing mutants together, still has his own agenda. As soon as Hope comes back into the picture, it's doubtful he'll just yield to Cyclops's authority on every matter. At his heart, Magneto still wants mutants to reign supreme and if he feel he can do that with Hope he will take his chances.

That leaves Emma Frost the odd character out in the image. What is she doing there? Why is she listed? She's certainly not one who has taken up leadership roles. Since Fraction took over she's basically become Cyclops's arm candy, standing in the wings and wearing her skimpy outfit while standing by Cyclops and just letting him do his job without any real complaints. Is this the same snarky Emma Frost from Astonishing and New X-men? Since when did she just become another Yes Man for Cyclops? That's not Emma Frost. Even Jean Grey questioned Cyclops. She also took a more active role. This just feels like a watered down Emma that writers like Fraction are intent to make Cyclops's ultimate lover, which of course is redundant and damaging to the character. Emma can be a good lover for Cyclops, but this just isn't her. She's better than this.

That being said, I find it doubtful that she'll take on any leadership roles that aren't designated to her by Cyclops. She's not going to betray Cyclops. Utopia already showed she's incapable of doing so. Fraction has so limited her that she might as well be Cyclops's puppet and it would be shocking that someone who goes out of his way to make the Scott/Emma relationship more than it is to put Emma into a position where she could actually stand on her own and push away from Cyclops. There is no way Emma won't come out shining in this way and I'll be very surprised if Fraction or the other writers do it any other way.

Now as for the image about someone dying, it's not really saying much considering how common death and resurrection are in the Marvel universe. That whole "Dead means Dead" notion that Quesada once asserted has become a joke. They've brought back Psylocke, Stryfe, Bucky Barns, and Steve Rogers. Anybody who dies in Second Coming probably won't stay dead. As for who it could be it's doubtful that it would be Scott, Emma, or Magneto. Some speculate it will be Emma who dies because the Phoenix appears to be rearing it's head again and Emma has gone up against it before. It would be somewhat fitting if she did so again and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice just as Jean once did, leaving Scott at an even greater loss. But that's not going to happen. Fraction and Quesada love Emma way too much and they'll kill Wolverine before they'll kill Emma. Could it be Magneto? Honestly, how many times has that guy died? That would be way too predictable. It appears Cable might be the most likely candidate. He's a death that could actually stick and with the return of Nate Grey in Dark X-men, that cold open the door to a new Cable. But again, that may make too much sense.

It's hard to make predictions with Marvel, but given the writing style of people like Matt Fraction and Joe Quesada it's doubtful they'll do anything too surprising. Some characters may die while others may be thrust into new roles, but it depends on whether or not they'll be willing to take the characters stay true to their core rather than watering them down for personal reasons. To their credit that's not easy to do, but for an event as big as Second Coming someone is going to have to show some humility of this story is to live up to the trilogy that it spawned. Only time will tell.

Friday, January 22, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 3 Preview

Just one week left until the next update for X-men Supreme! The new issue is nearly complete. So far I'm very pleased with how this fanfiction series has begun. I hope it continues to blossom and I hope more support for it comes as bigger and better events unfold. I have a lot planned both short term and long term. These first few issues are critical and issue 3 entitled "Competition" is no different. Below is an extended preview if the issue.

Suddenly, Xavier stopped as his computer screen began to flicker. At first he thought it was just typical technical troubles, but it quickly got worse. Taking his hands off the keyboard, he looked on curiously as the lights around him soon followed, casting an eerie light upon his office.

“What in the name of…”

But before he could finish the metal objects on his desk came to life, levitating in mid air and swirling around his wheelchair. Pushing himself back from the desk, he looked over towards the window where he saw nothing except a bright, sunny day. But Professor Xavier didn’t need to see anything to know what was going on.

“I know you’re here,” he called out, “Come out, Erik. Or should I say…Magneto.”

The window then flew open, causing a gust of wind to flow through the room. Papers were kicked up in the wind and several books from his shelves fell to the floor. The metal that had been shaking was now swirling in a whirlwind. Through this chaos an ominous figure hovered in mid air just outside. It was a figure Xavier quickly recognized. He held firm to his wheelchair as he watched him casually enter his office.

He bore an imposing demeanor, covered from head to toe in a dark purplish body suit with a red cape fluttering in the wind behind him. His face was clearly ravaged by time, but his expression was strong and cold. His eyes were dark, having clearly witnessed some very morbid scenes in the past. They were like a window to a very troubled soul. And on his head was a strange looking helmet, casting his face in an ominous shadow.

“Hello Charles,” he said in a deep, ominous tone, “It’s been awhile.”

“It most certainly has Erik. But I see that time has not altered your choice of attire.”

“Still trying to get around my helmet?” said Erik, giving it a few taps, “You know I like to keep my thoughts private. I never did like you snooping around my mind.”

“I never read your mind, Erik,” said Xavier strongly, unafraid of the hovering figure before him, “I accept that you and I don’t see eye to eye on many key issues. But at least accept my respect for a friend’s privacy.”

The scowl on Erik’s face intensified as more metal from around the room began to swirl more violently. Yet Xavier remained unafraid, maintaining his poise as he stared down the old man before him.

“Still a man of principle I see,” he said, a strong hint of cynicism in his tone as he descended to the floor.

“I always have been,” asserted Xavier, “Even if you refuse to believe me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, Charles. I simply don’t trust you. Not anymore.”

“Don’t tell me you came just to argue my trustworthiness,” he retorted.

“Of course not,” scoffed Erik, “I am not here to have that argument again. I am here because I have something much bigger planned.”

This is just a small sample. See the full story when the new issue comes out on January 29th! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the X-men Supreme homepage. Until next time, take care my fellow fanboys and fangirls!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cable & Deadpool: The Original Odd Couple

In the annuls of comics there are some very memorable partnerships. There's Batman and Robin, Spider-Man and the Black Cat, and pretty much anybody and Wolverine. Some partnerships allow characters to really compliment one another and help tell better stories. Some help contrast the characters, bringing out new sides to their persona that wouldn't have emerged otherwise. Either way there are many ways that such partnerships exude awesomeness. But one in particular is very special.

Enter Cable and Deadpool, the two people you would least expect to get along. On one end you have Cable, a rugged soldier from the future. He was born of a clone, raised by Cyclops and Jean Grey, and earned his battle experience in the worst of environments. He has a dark, serious demeanor. Who wouldn't after growing up in a dystopian future? He has Wolverine's badassery and the poise and determination of Cyclops. He's the last person you would think could get along with someone like Deadpool, a man who by any measure is one of the craziest characters in comics. He's a wisecracking, 4th wall breaking, offbeat psycho mercenary who can have a heart of gold at times. He's lovable in so many ways. If Spider-Man used guns, could heal, and was nuttier than squirrle turds then that would be Deadpool. You would think that someone like him wouldn't be able to stand someone like Cable. And yet, they make it work.

The Cable and Deadpool series brought out the best in each character. They showed once again that the old ploy of the odd couple can still make for great stories. Leading up to Civil War, it most certainly did. These two kicked some serious ass together, creating a partnership you would never see anywhere else. What's more is it worked for them. These characters were able to grow and develop. It has often been said that Deadpool's surge in popularity was helped in part because of the success of Cable and Deadpool. It was somewhat of a shame that this partnership ended after Civil War, but both characters have gone on to better things. Now Deadpool has so many ongoing titles it's hard to keep up with. He's almost as omnipresent as Wolverine and that's saying something. Cable has taken center stage in the Messiah Complex story, now helping to raise Hope Summers, the first mutant born after M-Day, in the future. It has made for some great moments, but there's still no substitute for that old classic partnership.

And it seems as though we may get one last gasp at Cable and Deadpool. It was recently announced that the Cable series, which began after Messiah Complex, is about to end and the final issue, Cable 25, will bring Deadpool back into the fold.

It's an exciting prospect, promising to tell the story of how Cable was able to get the infant Hope before the X-men and the Purifiers. It is a tale that hopes to bring the odd couple back together, but is it for the last time?

Recent releases for the upcoming Second Coming event indicate there will be some deaths by the end. Is Cable one of them? The man has pushed himself a great deal in the comics. He raised Hope into her teenage years and even for a time traveler, he isn't getting any younger. Will he end up making the ultimate sacrifice for her? If so it would be fitting, but at the same time it would be tragic because that would mean the end of the Cable/Deadpool partnership. Only time will tell. We'll just have to wait and see. Either way, Cable and Deadpool have already shown that no matter how uptight or certifiably crazy two people may be it can always work to produce grade-A awesome.

Monday, January 18, 2010

For the ladies

Historically, comic books have always had a strong appeal to males young and old. There's just so much to love about stories of action, adventure, fighting, and attractive women running around in exceedingly revealing costumes for the average guy. This is why most comic sales go to men. This is why comics are written with young men in mind. A girl seeking comics to some men is like a unicorn, mythical yet beautiful.

But there is and always has been a strong appeal for comics in the female crowd. It just goes understated more often than not. Just think about it. In comics you have buff, muscular men running around in skin tight outfits pulling off amazing stunts of manliness and badassery. Can any woman honestly say that doesn't have some sort of appeal? You also have these same manly men doing these stunts in the name of love for their ladies. Just look at Superman and Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (until One More Day that is), or Cyclops and Jean Grey. If women like romance comics have some very epic pairings. If this can be such a draw with series like Twilight, why not with comics?

It does appear that comic books are finally seeking to tap the awesomeness for the lady crowd out there. There are already more female oriented comics like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, but those comics are few and far between. But this April Marvel is launching a more ambitious series called Marvel "Her-Oes." Okay, so it's not the most awesome sounding name, but their hearts are in the right place. This is a comic about superpowered teenage versions of heroines like She-Hulk, Wasp, and Miss Marvel showing off how girls can kick ass. Add to the mix the teenage drama that goes along with high school and you've got the appeal you're looking for in a female focused comic!

There's only so much that can be done in the mainline series. All the continuity between Marvel and DC is hard to catch up with. A comic like this could offer the ladies a way in and bring us a step closer to a more egalitarian comic world. Awesomeness knows no gender. It deserves to be shared and enjoyed by men and women alike. There are fanboys and fangirls and it's high time we start coming together! Hopefully Her-Oes is a step in the right direction.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Issue 2: Enter the Wolverine officially released!

Today's the day, folks! The new issue of X-men Supreme has gone live! Issue 2: Enter the Wolverine can be viewed on either the X-men Supreme website or the link.

For all you Wolverine fans out there, you won't want to miss this! This issue officially marks Wolverine's arrival in the X-men Supreme universe. It's going to have a big impact on the team and on future plots. You'll see what I mean very soon! So please take the time to look over the links and review. I'm open to all criticism, especially from the die-hard Wolverine fans out there. I understand he's a tough character to write, but I promise he'll be treated with the kind of respect he deserves.

In two more weeks the next issue, Competition, will be released! Stay tuned for previews and updates! Enjoy the new issue!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uncanny 522 Mystery Revealed - Kitty Pryde is Back!

Well Marvel didn't make everyone wait until March to see who the mystery girl was on the Uncanny 522 cover. Today they officially revealed who would be returning. Jean Grey fans will once again be disappointed and distraught (as they so often are as a result of such teasing), but fans of Kitty Pryde will be elated.

It's official. Kitty Pryde is returning in Uncanny 522. So my hunch that it was the Scarlet Witch was wrong. In this case I'm glad I was wrong. I would much prefer seeing Kitty Pryde return over the Scarlet Witch. Kitty Pryde is one of those rare characters who can really carry a story. In Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men run she really shined. She was the perfect foil for characters like Emma Frost while also showing a toughness that even someone like Wolverine can respect. Her relationship with Colossus has always made for great drama as well. They took some major steps in Astonishing and it was a shame when she was sent away in the end. Now that she's coming back, those stories that began in Astonishing can continue in Uncanny.

It seems to make sense that Kitty would be coming back around this time. This coincides with her being mentioned in recent issues of SWORD. When she does return she will most likely go to wherever the rest of the team is and at the moment, pretty much every element of the X-men is taking place on Utopia. Not only is Colossus there, but so is Magneto, Namor, and Emma Frost. These are all people she can clash with. She also has the toughness to be involved in X-Force. The possibilities are endless! On top of it all, she comes back just in time for the beginning of Second Coming. Her presence could only increase the story's awesomeness factor.

While I am glad to get Kitty Pryde back in 616, a part of me still wishes that Jean Grey were the one returning. But if she was going to come back, it makes more sense that she would come back in a story like Second Coming. Writers and editors alike (including notorius Jean-haters, Matt Fraction and Joe Quesada), have been dropping hints about her having a connection to Hope Summers, the mutant messiah from Messiah Complex. In a recent issue of Cable, Hope even showed the Phoenix emblem in her eyes while demonstrating telekinetic abilities. This on top of having red hair and green eyes makes it pretty telling. In that sense it wouldn't work if Jean came back in 522 because what would that do for Hope? How would these hints be reconciled?

The hints about Hope and Jean having a connection are abundent and since Hope is in the middle of her own Homecoming story, it works better of Jean doesn't return in 522. I know a lot of Jean fans would probably disagree, but on a purely logistical level it makes more sense. Now there is the potential for 616 to have both Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde back into the fold. Could the awesomeness potential be any greater?

But still, Marvel isn't above making Second Coming yet another tease for Jean fans. By the end of it all there could be no Jean return and Hope could either be killed off or turned into a psuedo-Jean, much like Rachel is. This will offer no condolences to the fans nor will it add much potential, adding yet another Jean look-a-like into the story. But Marvel, particularly Fraction and Quesada, have been adament in their portrayal of Jean. They do not like her because she came back when she should have and she can upset things with Emma Frost. For that reason, I'm deeply skeptical they'll bring her back in Second Coming. I don't want to be, but I'll have to wait to be proven wrong (and I hope I am).

Until then, Kitty Pryde will help. But the sheer awesomeness that she and Jean Grey would bring to the table is just too enticing. Please Marvel? Do the right thing! Do not keep from us the gift of such awesomeness!

Spider-Man 4 - RIP

It's official. Yesterday Sony Pictures announced the fourth installment of the Spider-Man franchise is no more. Both Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire have walked out and the studio has instead decided to reboot the series. We pause briefly to allow Spidey Nation to mourn as it seemed a fourth movie was well on it's way. The third movie, despite not being as praised as the first two, left the door open and now it has been shut forever. It's a sad day, but also a day of confusion.

CBR: Spider-Man 4 No More

It has been no secret that the Spider-Man movie has been struggling lately. Reports have been coming out about delays and disagreements over what direction the series would take. Most notably, there were reports that Sam Raimi wanted to use Vulture (rumored to be played by John Malkovich) in the last movie, but was rebuked. Now after being rebuked again, he's walking out and taking the continuity of the movie with him. What's more surprising is that there were few indications it had gotten this bad. While the creative disagreements were well known, nobody imagined they were to the point where the movie would be halted. It has comes as quite a shock, but now it appears we'll have a reboot to look forward to.

It seems ironic because the Spider-Man movies have been the one franchise that are least in need of a reboot. Compared to the other series like X-men, Hulk, and Superman this movie has been consistent quality across the board. It hasn't had a "Batman Forever" flop and it hasn't evoked the same kind of fan rage as "X-men 3: The Last Stand." Spider-Man had what none of the other franchises really had. They had a stable acting cast, a stable director who had the trust of the fans, and a consistent story that was true to the comics yet still fresh. That kind of consistency is not easy to build and even harder to maintain.

With a reboot, it's tantamount to trying to capture lightning twice. It's a long shot. It took years to get a fresh start with the Batman franchise and fans are still waiting for Superman to get a reboot. The X-men movies are in far greater need of a reboot than Spider-Man. While the first two did well, the third X-men movie was almost universally panned by fans and is still the butt of many jokes among comic readers. Yet they still saw fit to continue the series with Wolverine Origins, which also didn't live up to the hype and was not well-received despite doing okay at the box office (even if movies like The Blind Side did better). Now more prequels are in the mix like First Class and Deadpool, all of which are working within a continuity that not many like because the ending is already known with X3. A reboot would inject fresh life into a struggling series. Yet instead, a series that isn't struggling as much is getting a reboot. How's that for irony?

Either way, Spider-Man movies are officially a concern. How are they going to reboot the series without re-telling the story? How are they going to make it feel like a movie we haven't seen before? How are they going to capture the magic that the first movie captured? It's not going to be easy. Only time will tell.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who or what is Ultimate X? Who cares!

Since the destruction of the Ultimate Universe in the nearly universally despised event, Ultimatum, much has been made of what Marvel is doing with their Ultiamte division. Rarely has there ever been an event comic that was hated by so many readers and so poorly received by critics of all kinds. The stated intent of Ultimatum was to shake up and revitalize the Ultimate line. It definitely succeeded in shaking things up, but it certainly doesn't appear to have revitalized anything.

So far only two Ultimate books have come out. Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man. So far both books have been well-received critically and by fans for the most part. But in terms of sales they're a far cry from their earlier incarnations. Ultimate Avengers was the best selling Ultimate book in November 2009 with 59,023 sold. Compare that to sales of Ultimates 3, a book that also suffered from horrible critical reviews and fan response, which pulled in over 90,000 with the first three issues.

Comic sales in November

Comic Sale trends: Ultimates

As for Ultimate Spider-Man, which has been by far one of the most successful Ultimate titles, sales of issue four were steady around 49,106. That's saying something considering this book has historically sold at least 50,000 with each printing.

Now there could be a number of reasons for this. Competition with the other titles could be a factor. Events like Dark Reign and Seige coupled with events like Blackest Night from DC could definitely cut into major comic sales. But good comics, competition or not, are able to compete. So far, Ultimate Comics appears to be failing. Already, the delays that have plagued the title are setting in with Ultimate Avengers being pushed back. Ultimates 4 has been pushed back as well, which was supposed to be a January release. Yet now, the Ultimate series is hoping for another shot in the arm with a title called Ultimate X. It's supposedly going to follow the story of what happens to the mutants of the world after Ultimatum. It's being hyped as something entirely new, based around the question "What is Ultimate X?"

But the bigger question is who really cares? Ultimatum's greatest pitfall was that it brutally and callously killed a whole host of characters that fans deeply love. Characters like Professor Xavier, Cyclops (you think they would have learned from X3), Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Wasp, Giant Man, Ultimate Dazzler (who had her own little following), and many others weren't just killed. They were slaughtered with no heart, no emotional impact, and no depth. It was as if the writer was just lining them up and executing them in cold blood. Even in mediocre comics, deaths are handled with some degree of dignity and impact. This had none of that. It was all shock value, doing something they knew they could never get away with in 616. But even though they could it didn't seem to dawn on them whether or not they should. Now they think the novelty of a post-apocalyptic Ultimate world can sell without the beloved marvel characters that made it great. That's not just a fools bet. That's damn near delusional.

By killing so many characters, Marvel has killed of any chance they had to flesh them out with new stories. Characters that were underdeveloped like Ultimate Psylocke, Ultimate Emma Frost, and Ultimate Toad will never be given a chance to grow because they were callously tossed aside. It's a real tragedy because the void of these deaths cannot easily be filled. We're talking about characters that are so recognizable in nearly every medium. Fan of characters will often buy a comic solely based on whether or not their favorite character appears in it. Now that Ultimate has butchered so many of those characters, those same fans are not even going to give titles like Ultimate X a chance even if the story is well-written and well-reviewed.

I used to be excited for every major Ultimate event, even as 616 started catching up. This is the first time I find myself so completely apathetic about the Ultimate series. I stopped collecting the trades and I barely keep up with the spoilers. It's sad for me to see the Ultimate universe that I so deeply loved just die like this, but that's out of my hands. Unless Marvel starts bringing some of these characters back (which they've publically stated they won't), Ultimate Comics is going to be a hard sell. It's a tragedy of Clone Saga proportions. Ultimate was born on the eve of a new decade and now it dies at the beginning of another. It seems that obsurity is only a matter of time if something major isn't done. I suppose we'll all have to wait and see, but given how Ultimatum panned out I'm not getting my hopes up.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Issue 2: Enter the Wolverine Preview

It's that time again! Every Friday Marvel comes out with new previews for upcoming comics. As such, it's only fair I do the same. Coming out in one week on January 15th is Issue 2 of X-men Supreme. Titled "Enter the Wolverine" it should give Wolverine fans something to cheer about. Below is a preview of what you can expect.

The vast pine forest of the Canadian wilderness was an unforgiving terrain. Between the cold, the predators, and the rugged terrain only the hardiest of beings had any chance of survival. It was deep in this unforgiving environment that a lone figure rested motionlessly in the snow. He was short, burly, and heavily muscled. Wearing only a pair of tattered jeans, his body was very much exposed to the icy winds.

There were traces of battle scars all over his body. The smell of blood hung in the air around him. He looked as though he had just emerged from a brutal fight. By all accounts, he appeared dead. His unmoving figure soon attracted attention. A lone grizzly out looking for a meal caught his scent and began sniffing around the motionless body. Snarling hungrily, the beast tipped the body with it’s nose to see if it was alive. There was no response, indicating the creature was ripe for predation. Showing it’s sharp teeth, the grizzly prepared to dig into it’s latest catch.

Suddenly, the burly man’s eyes shot open and erupted into a feral rage.


Out of his knuckles, three metal claws popped out with the sound of a snikt. And before the grizzly could react the burly man viciously attacked the creature, plunging his claws deep into its neck. The grizzly tried to fight him off, but it was too late. Blood spewed forth from the animal’s veins as it howled out in agony. Soon, the body of the imposing predator lay dead and the feral figure stood covered in blood with a demeanor more animal than man.

Looking down at his claws, he was very confused.

‘What happened? Where am I? Who am I?’

These burning questions echoed in his twisted mind. He had only a fuzzy recollection of how he got here. He remembered a bloody fight, being knocked out cold, and waking up strapped to a gurney. From there it got really hazy. He remembered men in lab coats surrounding him, poking and prodding him with needles and chemicals. It was painful, evoking in him a burning rage that overwrote any semblance of humanity.

From there it went dark. The next thing he remembered was fighting his way out. Blurry visions of him breaking his restrains and attacking his enemies flashed before his eyes. He remembered tearing through dozens of armed guards and scientists. Their screams of yells still echoed through his mind. He had been operating on complete rage then. He couldn’t control himself. But something was different now.

Then suddenly, he looked down and his eyes fell upon a dog tag he had around his neck that bore a haunting name.

‘Logan…my name is, Logan.’

There you have it! There's plenty more to come so join me on January 15th as Wolverine joins X-men Supreme!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Uncanny 522 Cover Mystery

So every comic forum is abuzz with the revelation of the new cover for Uncanny X-men 522. It's an issue Matt Fraction himself touts as a huge issue. But the biggest draw is the mystery woman blacked out on the cover. Who could it be? What could it mean?

A lot of people are speculating/hoping that it's Jean Grey. She's been gone in the comics a long time and she's always been a huge draw. Bringing her back for Second Coming is sure to add to the growing hype surrounding the event. But is it really her?

Personally, I think this is another tease. Marvel has done this before. They're not above doing it again. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. By adding mystery and hype, they increase sales even if it does tick off Jean Grey fans (a much maligned group if ever there was one). If the mystery woman is anyone, it's either Kitty Pryde or the Scarlet Witch. I'm leaning more towards the Scarlet Witch since Magneto is on Utopia right now and she has such a strong connection with House of M. It seems fitting. But I could be wrong. Only time will tell!

I would love to see Jean Grey return, but knowing Marvel that's a long shot at best.

Friday, January 1, 2010

X-men Supreme Begins Today

Happy New Year true believers! The time has come! A new era is dawning and a new Marvel Universe is being born. Today on the first day of this new year, X-men Supreme has begun. On both my fanfiction account and my main website, the first issue of the first volume has been posted. For any of you X-men fans or fans of superheroes in general, I hope you check it out! Here's a quick sample of the first issue:

“Professor?” said Scott Summers as he stepped in to greet his mentor.

“Yes Scott. Come in,” he said kindly.

“I just came to let you know that she’s here.”

“Excellent. Let’s not keep her waiting then,” said the Professor, wheeling himself away from his desk.

Riding in his wheelchair, he followed his eldest student towards the elevator. This was an exciting time for his institute. The X-men had matured a great deal since the formation of the team. The time was now ripe for expansion. And today they were set to welcome a new member.

“So what’s this new teacher like?” asked Scott as he and his mentor rode the elevator down to the ground floor, “Hank’s been talking about her a lot.”

“Yes, he’s been corresponding with her for nearly six months. She’s a graduate student fresh out of college and I’ve been looking forward to her arrival. I believe she will make a fine addition to the institute.”

“What about her joining the team?” asked Scott, “Did Beast tell her what we do outside the classroom?”

“Yes, she is well aware of our extracurricular activities so to speak. But that has done nothing to dissuade her. She seems very much enthused about using her powers to make a difference.”

“Think she’ll feel that way after a round in the Danger Room?” said Scott.

Xavier let out a light sigh as the elevator reached the ground floor. The duties of the X-men were not to be taken lightly. Living in a world that was weary and untrusting of mutants was a challenge in and of itself, but trying to do good when they faced so much scrutiny took a special kind of spirit.

“I would hope she is not put off by the more challenging nature of our work,” said Xavier as they wheeled down the hall, “With the way things are we could use all the help we can get.”

“You make it sound as though we’re a handful, Professor,” joked Scott.

“Oh it’s not you I’m worried about. It’s the ever-increasing complexity of our task that concerns me. But that’s why we need allies and Ororo Munroe is the perfect woman for the job.”

“How do you figure?”

“Because I’ve seen what she’s capable of. She has the capacity to do good with her powers. She just needs an opportunity.”

To see more check out the full issue at the following link:

X-men Supreme Issue 1: Generation X

For further updates, stay tuned to this blog and my website. Happy New Year to everybody and here's to a Supreme new beginning!