Wednesday, May 19, 2010

X-Position: Victor Gischler - Another Question Posted

I've been getting lucky these past three weeks and no I don't mean in that way. Three times I've posted a question to CBR's weekly X-Position column and three times my question has been asked and answered. First it was Louise Simonson. Then it was Matt Fraction. This week it's Victor Gischler. All in all it feels so good to be three for three!

Gischler is in the unique position of taking on the event after Second Coming concludes. He'll be taking on a mutants vs. vampire story, which in and of itself is radiating with the kind of awesome that can cure cancer. He also works on Deadpool Corps, which instantly gives him the kind of street cred most comic writers would kill for. I had a question regarding a recent addition to the Deadpool family, Lady Deadpool.

X-Position: Victor Gischler

MarvelMaster616 is starting to become a regular around here, and we like it! He hoping to see more of a different Deadpool – you know, the Merc with Mammaries...

I've grown fond of Lady Deadpool in "Deadpool Corps" and hope she continues to get the love she deserves. That being said, will we ever see her interact with other characters in the Marvel Universe? Her presence could cause all sorts of awkward moments with the Avengers, the X-Men, and especially Spider-Man!

That's the best idea I've ever heard anyone say ever about anything. There is a Lady Deadpool one-shot on the way and some Dogpool plans as well. I'm looking forward to reading these. Should be a hoot!

I like the subtext of his response! That means I may get my wish and see Lady Deadpool cohorting with the rest of the Marvel U sooner rather than later. If that's the case, I'll definitely be looking forward to it! Deadpool is just too awesome in either gender to keep away from the rest of Marvel.

Now next week, it's Mike Carey's turn. He's one of the better X-men writers on staff right now so I did send in a question for him as well. Hopefully, I can go four for four! I'll know in a week!

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