Friday, May 28, 2010

X-men Supreme: Revenge of Weapon X Part 3 PREVIEW and Movie News

X-men Supreme is rolling along and the next issue is set to release in one week. The end of the Revenge of Weapon X arc is at hand and some major twists are in the works! Like I said from the beginning, I want to treat this series less like fanfiction and more like a series that Marvel would actually hire me to write. That means keeping it interesting and fresh. I feel this chapter helps do that and sets the stage for some much bigger twists down the line.

But before I get to the preview, some other news came up recently on the X-men First Class front. It seems the movie has it's first confirmed cast member. All the major movie news outlets are reporting that Professor Charles Xavier has a new lead in James McAvoy.

James McAvoy Signs onto X-men First Class

He's Scottish so he has some of the Xavier's background down and he's been in some decent movies such as Wanted and Atonement. The presence of a confirmed cast member helps lend credence that they're serious about this movie, which is a big plus considering how the past few movies have been handled with the equivalent of a drunken retard with carpel tunnel syndrome. What still isn't clear is whether this movie is a full reboot or a prequel. They're still calling it "X-men First Class" and not "X-men Origins: First Class." Either they'll keeping it under wraps or they have no fucking clue themselves. Whatever the case, Xavier has a new face and reports are that Magneto's actor will soon follow. I'll be sure to report that as soon as the information emerges.

For now, enjoy the preview of Revenge of Weapon X Part 3. Check back on June 4th to see the thrilling conclusion!

“No!” he cursed, “Not now! Not when I’m so close!”

“Doctor, what’s going on?!” exclaimed one of his fellow scientists.

“I don’t know! But stay at your posts! Get the backup systems online!” he ordered.

“Are you kidding?!” exclaimed another scientist, “I’m reading total grid failure and nearly all the servers are being shorted out by some magnetic interference! There’s no way we can continue like this!”

But Dr. Cornelius wouldn’t have it. He grabbed the nearest scientists and held him by the throat.

“I will not accept such cowardice! We’ve come too far to stop now!”

“With all due respect sir, you didn’t hire us for our bravery,” retorted the scientist.

He then broke free and ran off along with many of his other co-workers. Dr. Cornelius was forced to hold onto a nearby console to stay upright from the shaking. He watched as nearly every technician and scientist ran for the emergency exits. With them, he saw his last hope at completing this project leave as well. As he cursed their cowardice he looked back over at the screen to his console and saw something even more infuriating. The electronic locks keeping Logan restrained were starting to fail.

“Errrrrrrrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhh!” roared Logan as he thrashed more violently.

“No…not again!” exclaimed Dr. Cornelius, “Wolverine! You will not escape this time! You hear me?! You are mine! You are Weapon X!”

“I don’t think he’s listening doc,” growled Sabretooth, who emerged from behind the console, “And I’d step back if I were you.”

Dr. Cornelius refused to leave his specimen, but he had no choice. Another violent tremor sent him tumbling to the hard ground. He bumped his head in the process, nearly knocking him out. While he was dazed, the restraints on Wolverine failed. Sparks burst out from the metal shackles as he thrashed more violently. The veins in his neck and muscles bulged as growls of pure rage fueled his push for freedom. Then with a distinct snikt of his claws, the shackles broke and Wolverine burst free from his confines.

“RRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he howled in a rage.

“He’s out again! Shoot him! Take him down!” yelled the remaining guards.

“Here we go again,” snarled Sabretooth.

But with the tremors still going strong, the guards didn’t stand much of a chance. Logan pounced on the first armed guard he saw and tore into him with his adamantium claws. Pained cries quickly followed along with splatters of blood and mutilated flesh. He was in full berserker rage. Even as bullets ripped through his body, he raged on with merciless fury. Some guards wisely fled while others tried to defend themselves. One tried to shoot him in the face, blowing a good chunk of his skin off. Logan barely flinched, the bullet bouncing right off his forehead. Growling even louder, he literally decapitated the man where he stood. When two more tried to shoot him again, he ducked so they shot each other instead and finished them off by impaling them with his claws.

It was a bloody display. With feral rage and inhuman agility, he ripped through every guard in sight. He stabbed, slashed, and pummeled his way to vengeance. This wasn’t just about getting free. This was about making them pay. With the blood still dripping from his burly flesh, he set his sights on Dr. Cornelius, who lay helpless on the floor. This was the man who stole his life and tried to turn him into his personal meat puppet. For that he would be the focus of all his fury.

“YOU!!!” roared the Wolverine.

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