Friday, May 14, 2010

X-men Issue 11: Revenge of Weapon X PREVIEW

While there have been some great comics this week, I haven't stopped working on X-men Supreme. The next issue in the Revenge of Weapon X arc is well underway and on schedule to be released on May 21st. I've been happy with the feedback thus far, but I encourage everyone out there to comment and review even more. The more feedback I get, the better I can make this series. For those who give me feedback such as Kali and Roach, they have a special place in my heart. Hope this coming issue prompts more of you to join them.

As he poured over the genetic data taken from blood samples, General Wraith entered the observation deck.

“We’re ready,” he told him, “My men have both Wolverine and Charles Xavier.”

“Excellent!” said Dr. Cornelius with a grin, “What of his X-men?”

“We’ve got them contained as well. But we haven’t sedated them, just as you requested.”

“And what of their powers? Are the suppressor collars I provided working properly?”

“So far, no incidents,” said Wraith, “But I am curious as to where these collars came from and why you never mentioned them before.”

“They were a gift from a friend of a friend. That’s all I can say,” said Dr. Cornelius ominously. “All you and your men need to know is that it’s vital that we keep each specimen contained. We can begin their conditioning as soon as we extract the necessary data from Wolverine.”

“It would still be easier if we kept those punks under,” Wraith pointed out, “I did background checking on the X-men. They’re a pesky bunch. They have a way of screwing you over if you let them.”

“That’s a risk you and your people will have to take. Let me be clear, General. I don’t want you to sedate them until I have a full workup of their physiology. There is so much to learn and so much potential to be tapped. If you want to make good use of it you’ll do things my way.”

General Wraith didn’t like his tone. He didn’t like being kept out of the loop either. But Cornelius was never one for exaggerations. While he didn’t share Dr. Cornelius’s excitement, he did share his ambition now that everything was back in place.

“No promises, doctor. Most of these X-men are just punk kids. They get unruly and I won’t hesitate to take them out.”

“I understand, but do be careful with them,” warned Dr. Cornelius, “There is much they have to offer and it would be a shame if we were to miss out.”

“Don’t get smug with me, Abraham. Just because you’re the brains doesn’t mean you can order me and my men around,” said Wraith sternly.

“Just because you’re the muscle, don’t think you can intimidate me either, General,” said Cornelius, his smug grin not waning, “You may have the guns, but you don’t have the power. Like it or not, I am the only one who can extract the necessary secrets from Wolverine. And I am the only one who can put those secrets to good use. If you want any of this to pay dividends, I suggest you stop defending your ego and start doing your job.”

General Wraith hated it when men like Dr. Cornelius talked down to him. But as much as he hated to admit it, he needed his expertise. He wished he didn’t because there was still so much about this man he didn’t trust. But so long as he delivered, he could tolerate his arrogance.

“Fine,” said Wraith, maintaining a stern demeanor, “But make no mistake. You need me as much as I need you. This isn’t your personal science lab. This is serious business and I expect results!”

“And you shall have them,” assured Dr. Cornelius as he gathered his materials, “Remember I once promised that Weapon X would provide a foundation for us to do much more than just create weapons. Today I keep that promise.”

“You said that several decades ago. Unless my Alzheimers is kicking in, I remember that not working out so well.”

“Better late than never,” Cornelius shrugged, “Think of me what you will. But I am a man of my word. I won’t fail this time. You can count on it.”

With a confident stride, Dr. Cornelius took his materials and followed General Wraith out of the observation deck. Wraith was still skeptical, but he knew better than most men the value of his word. He and his men had done their part in getting Wolverine back along with the X-men. Now it was Dr. Cornelius’s turn.

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