Wednesday, May 5, 2010

X-Position: Louise Simonson - My Question Posted!

This week CBR did an X-position on Louise Simonson, writer of X-Factor Forever. That in of itself is awesome enough, but what really has me giddy is that they actually asked a question I posed and Simonson answered it!

X-Position: Louise Simonson

This is big for me because I've been sending questions to X-Position for a long time and my questions were never posted. This is the first and it was well worth the wait! X-Factor Forever is one of my favorite books to come out in a long while and I hope Simonson decides to write more.

So anyways, here's my question.

And now back to all things "X" with this query from MarvelMaster616:

Mrs. Simonson, I've been loving every moment of "X-Factor Forever" thus far. Your portrayal of the original five is spot on! I especially like how you've used Cyclops and Jean Grey. Nobody has done justice to those two in years. But are you really going to end it after just five issues? Is there any chance you'll continue the series in some other form? Keep up the good work!

Thanks. It's a five issue miniseries, and so far, I haven't heard differently. Maybe, if it sells well enough, they'll give me a chance to do a "Twelve" miniseries some day. That would be fun.

It's a shame it's going to stop at five issues. They'll give Chris Claremont an ongoing, but not Louise Simonson. It hardly seems fair. This was the highlight of my week and part of my life. I can die a little happier now.

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