Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New X-men Supreme Panel Art

Well I couldn't resist another update. It seems I can never stay away from the X-men Supreme fanfiction series for long. I should have an update on the future plans for X-men Supreme by the end of the week. Check back with this blog for more information on Volume 2 and some other exciting developments. In the meantime I have yet another exciting update in the pics department! I was hoping to add this to the last update, but it's here and it's ready. Another amazing piece by artist Brian Brinlee I just had to post it.

Brian Brinlee has once again blesses  X-men Supreme with his artistic talents and I hope he continues to do so for future issues. The latest pic can also be found in Issue 4: Growing Ranks and should provide some action packed visuals to enhance the story. I've been very pleased with how artists like Brian have contributed to this fanfiction series and I hope there's more to come. If any of your artistically inclined people out there want to contribute, please contact me and I'll be happy to work something out. Again, I should have more information on the future of X-men Supreme by the end of the week. Until next time, take care everybody! Excelsior!

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