Friday, October 8, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 21: Chasing a Memory is LIVE!

Well it's here! The final issue of X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution is complete. It's been an eventful ride for this fanfiction series and this blog. What started on the first day of the new year has finally culminated with this latest issue. Like a real comic series, this issue helps bring an end to the events of one saga and set the stage for another. Writing fanfiction may not be the same as working for a company like Marvel, but the final product for this X-men series is as close as I can get at the moment. I hope the kind readers who have followed this fanfiction series and this blog feel the same.

Issue 21: Chasing a Memory

I've worked long and hard on developing this story. It feels great to get the first volume done. This is still just the beginning though. X-men Supreme still has plenty more to offer. Volume 2 is already in the works. I also have plans for a brief spin-off series. It will act as sort of a tie-in to Volume 1, taking certain characters that played prominent roles in story so far and giving them some personal time to think and reflect. The spin-off will be called Supreme Reflections and I'll have more details soon. So please check back on this for updates as well as some new reviews. I promise you won't have to wait more than a few weeks for more X-men Supreme! The new reviews should come even sooner!

For now, X-men Supreme Volume 1 is complete. This blog will continue with various comic news and reviews, albeit in the same limited fashion. For everyone who has supported this series so far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! As always I urge every reader to post comments on the new issue as well as every issue in this series thus far. Feel free to let me know what you think on this blog or contact me directly if you have questions or feedback. I welcome it openly! Thanks again and I look forward to developing the world of X-men Supreme for years to come. Excelsior!


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