Friday, October 29, 2010

X-men Supreme Update - Supreme Reflections: Ororo Munroe

It's been a busy week for me, but I still managed to complete a new and hopefully worthy addition to X-men Supreme. Supreme Reflections has been off to a good start so far. I didn't as much feedback as I hoped for it, but that's to be expected. This mini isn't on the same scale as Volume 1 was or Volume 2 will surely be. It is still a vital component to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and I'm committed to making it awesome. As promised, I've updated the story with a new entry within a week instead of the normal bi-weekly schedule. This time Storm gets her moment. As the X-men's most famous African goddess, she's more than deserving of some supreme level reflections!

Supreme Reflections: Ororo Munroe

Now as always, I implore everyone to post comments and provide feedback on this and any portion of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series they may read. Please post it in the chapter or contact me directly. I want to keep updating weekly with this mini, but there are forces in the outside world beyond my control that are making that difficult so if the demand isn't there I'll have to push it back to biweekly. Stay tuned for more updates regarding my decision. Despite this I've prepared a preview of the next entry, which will be for Rogue. You may see it below.

Ah’ve officially divided mah life into two phases. Before the X-men Ah was Anna Marie Darkholme, the problem child with an eccentric foster mother whose idea of bonding time involved teaching advanced kung-fu techniques. Ah was livin’ the life of someone who had no future. Ah was angry at the whole dang world. Guess that qualifies as an overreaction of sorts because Ah really didn’t start lashing out until mah mama jumped ship. But even before that, Ah knew something was seriously wrong.

Professor Xavier once told meh we’re all products of our parents in some ways whether we like it or not. He never said if that applied to adopted kids, but he doesn’t really have to. Ah got the answer first hand. So much of mah childhood was spent training. Mama and Irene went out of their way to make sure Ah was the toughest, strongest kid in Mississippi. Ah don’t know if every parent wants their kid to be tough, but even if they do Ah’m pretty sure Mystique overdid it. She didn’t just teach meh to defend mahself. She taught meh to fight the whole world. Nobody could be trusted and everybody could be a potential enemy. That kind of mindset will scare the heck out of an eight-year-old girl and make her pretty dang paranoid in the process.

Ah don’t know if it was Mama’s intention. Heck, it could’ve been for all Ah know. But all that trainin’ had meh fighting back at a world that didn’t understand meh. Problem is, Ah didn’t understand it either. It ain’t like I didn’t try. For reasons Ah still ain’t sure of, mah Mama cut meh off from the world. Ah wasn’t allowed to have friends. Ah wasn’t allowed to put mahself out there. Ah wasn’t allowed to be normal. By the time she left meh with Irene, it was too late. There was no goin’ back.

Irene thought Ah earned a little independence. Ah bet she regrets that decision every day of her life. The woman can see the future, but even she can’t predict how an unstable teenage girl is gonna thrust herself into the world. It sure didn’t help mah first taste of the world was Mississippi public school. Ah might as well have run naked through a mine field. Ain’t no way that was gonna be anything less than a disaster. The sad part is public school was almost as rough as mah Mama’s parenting. Only this time Ah wasn’t afraid to fight back. It sure got meh in trouble. Heck, the only good that came out of it was Ah met people who introduced meh to smoking, drugs, and clothes that weren’t hand-picked by a blind woman.

It was an endless cycle. People tried to control meh so Ah fought back. They tried to control meh even more so Ah fought back even harder. Ah really didn’t have a chance. Everybody just assumed Ah was angry, but the truth is it wasn’t like that. Anger is easy. Any fella can lash out at something they don’t like. Hell, Wolverine practically makes it an art form. Mah problem was never anger. It was isolation. All mah life Ah wanted to reach out to people, but there was always something in mah way. First it was mah Mama. Then everybody else joined in. When she got out of the way, Ah couldn’t find anybody who understood meh. Ah couldn’t relate to anyone on damn near anything. Ah wanted to and for a time Ah was ready to give up. Then Ah entered the next phase of mah life.

Thanks again to all those who have suppored X-men Supreme thus far. There is still plenty more to come. Excelsior!


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