Friday, October 22, 2010

X-men Supreme Update: Supreme Reflections - Logan

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is ready to move forward! Volume 2 is still in the works, but as I work out the details for this portion of the saga I'm ready to present my generous readers with something that I hope will be the icing for Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. As I announced previously, I'll be releasing a small mini-series called Supreme Reflections. This series of character vignettes are meant to compliment the stories told in Volume 1. It should also fill in a few blanks for those who haven't read over the bios page. Hopefully this is more interesting and today the new series begins with a little insight into the X-men's most famous Canadian, Wolverine.

Supreme Reflections: Logan

I hope the many rabid Wolverine fans are satisfied with this little insight into his inner workings. As always I encourage everyone to review each new issue or provide comments by contacting me. Either way is fine as long as I get feedback. This fanfiction series thrives on feedback and based on what I've received so far, I'm going to try and make Supreme Reflections weekly instead of biweekly. That means readers won't have to wait long for the next installment. As such, here is a quick preview of what you can expect:

Nature is paradoxical force. It’s unpredictable, chaotic, and destructive. Yet at the same time it’s ordered, rational, and nurturing. It’s one of the few facets of life that nobody can take for granted even if they tried. One way or another, nature will impact the world and the lives of everybody on it.

Nature for me takes on a very different meaning. Ever since my powers manifested, I’ve had this profound connection with nature. I feel it in a way that no words can describe. I can manipulate it in a way that seems nothing short of miraculous at times. I liken it to reaching out and grasping the untouchable. It’s a feeling every mutant experiences with their powers to some degree. Whether it’s power of mind, body, or environment what we do gives us the ability to interact with a world so few have access to. Mine just happens to be the elements of weather.

I hope to continue this mini in rapid succession, but if feedback is light or the outside word starts applying too much pressure it might go back to biweekly. For now, this is the beginning and I hope it wets everybody's appetite for Volume 2!


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