Friday, October 15, 2010

X-men Supreme Update - Supreme Reflections

It's been a week since the end of X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution and so far the response I've gotten has been great. It's not huge, but for those who have taken the time to offer their feedback on it I've been beyond grateful. I worked long and hard on this series and it means a lot to me when people acknowledge that work. Now that the first volume of this vast fanfiction series is complete, I'm ready to move forward!

Volume 2 is alredy in the works. However, before I get to telling that story I'm going to make a few more additions to Volume 1. Starting next week I'll be launching a mini-series called Supreme Reflections. This series will only be five issues long and they won't be nearly as lengthy as the main issues. As such I'm going to try and update them weekly instead of bi-weekly. This depends on how much feedback I get. I want to make it weekly, but depending on forces beyond my control that may or may not be possible. But enough about the schedule. In fanfiction it's content that's king!

Supreme Reflections will consist of a series of vinettes, these first person inner monologues, that cover some of the significant characters from Volume 1. The first Volume will cover the likes of Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Shadowcat, and Magneto. Each issue will allow a character to basically stand back and reflect on their role in Volume 1 while adding a few details to their history and persona. I know not everyone reads the bio page so I hope to use this series to fill in those proverbial blanks. It should help make sense of the personality behind the characters and add context to the previous volume while setting the stage for their role in Volume 2.

So for now, this will be the next stage in the X-men Supreme fanficton series. Supreme Reflections will begin with Wolverine's installment in the first issue. To give you a taste of what you can expect, here's a quick preview.

It may seem pretty damn petty. Hell, everybody who ain’t a former meat puppet takes it for granted. But having a life that’s worth waking up for is a hell of a luxury. Some in the X-men (mostly Cyke) think I take it for granted. Ain’t nothing further from the truth. How could I when I still have nightmares about what those pricks at Weapon X did to me? It’s impossible to understand without going through it first hand. Being bound and gagged in some bio tank…all these wires going into you…feeling as though every fiber on every level is being ripped to shreds and reshaped into a freakin’ monster ain’t just grounds for a good horror flick. It fucks you up in a way no words can ever describe.

Call it melodramatic. Call it bitterness or anger or whatever else sounds halfway decent. It doesn’t do it justice. Even Jeannie and the Prof can’t understand what it’s like to have only shadows for memories. My whole life, however good or bad it may have been, is gone. I didn’t just lose it either. It was taken from me. Those same assholes who turned me into a monster took from me any sense of who I am and who I was. Maybe I was a monster before I lost my memories. Maybe I was a saint. Whatever the case, I don’t know anymore and that’s torture worse than a 1000 rounds of adamantium bonding.

It’s hard to put into perspective for anyone who ain’t already half-crazy. The best way I could ever describe it to Chuck or Jeannie was relating it blacking out on booze. At one point you drink so much shit your mind stops forming memories and you wake up without any clue as to how you got there, what you did, or why you did it. Add the hangover to the mix and it’s a damn good hint at what it’s like. Except stretch it out over a lifetime and replace that hangover with a raging monster. Even the worst alcohol binge can’t come close to the kind of mind fuck Weapon X pulled on me. At least with booze you can still have some vague memories of what went down. For me, those memories ain’t exactly memories. They’re more like shadows cloaked in nightmares, all of which have one thing in common…rage.

It’s probably my most defining trait. I’m an angry son-of-a-bitch. Who wouldn’t be after having their mind thrown into a blender and reshaped into something entirely fucked up? In all the nightmares and bad memories I have, rage is always at the center of it. Chuck says it’s because memories are tied to strong emotions and anger sure seems to be my emotion of choice. I felt it in the memories before Weapon X. I felt it in the memories after Weapon X. I felt it in the memories Weapon X erased. I still feel it every time I think back on the life I don’t even know I’ve lived. Jeannie thinks that’s’ part of what drives my berserker rage. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was right.

Stay tuned next week to see the full product! If anybody has any questions or feedback on this or other such plans for X-men Supreme, please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to developing this fanfiction series in as many ways as possible. I hope there will be plenty to join me for the ride.


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