Friday, June 28, 2013

X-men Supreme Issue 78: The Lotus and the Warrior PREVIEW and Pic Update

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is taking many new twists and turns. I've set the stage for some very important conflicts both in the enar and distant future. Expect the X-men to face threats the likes of which they have never encountered before in this fanfiction series or any. New characters have emerged. General Nathan Grimshaw and Captain Jack Freeman are starting to make their presence felt in the world of X-men Supreme. And with Robert Kelly now President of the United States, there are many new conflicts to explore.

However, that doesn't mean there isn't room for more classic X-men conflicts. One of the original premises of X-men Supreme was to tell some of those familiar X-men stories with a novel twist. Marvel has tried to do that too with a number of their comics. I did a lot of that early on with X-men Supreme, but lately I haven't made much room for such stories. Some may even think X-men Supreme is drifting too far away from that classic X-men feel. Well, I hope this upcoming arc will change that because it involves introducing a couple of familiar and classic X-men characters, but with some very important twists.

As I revealed in Issue 77: Meeting of the Minds, the story of Weapon X has not yet come to an end. Wolverine has had his past torment him in a long list of ways throughout the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Sometimes it comes directly from Weapon X, sometimes it comes from the likes of Mr. Sinister, and sometimes it even comes from his own fragmented memories. Well now it's about to come from a new source and that source is from Japan. Most Marvel fans already know that Wolverine already has a big solo movie coming out next month that features stories inspired from his history in Japan, which are part of a classic series of tales told by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Japan has always been an important link to his life and that will be no different in X-men Supreme.

General Nathan Grimshaw already revealed that he knows more about Weapon X than the X-men. With the information he gave them, they're now on their way to Japan where they'll encounter the likes of Deathstrike, a classic X-men villain known for tormenting Wolverine in so many ways. But she won't be the only one! X-men Supreme is about to introduce Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke. She's one of Marvel's top telepaths and a personal favorite of mine. She and Deathstrike are going to make a big impact on the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and it begins with this arc! As such, I've prepared an extended preview of what readers can expect in this new arc.

Elizabeth Braddock had slipped away from the investigation at Yashida Tower. She had the information she needed and the police were none the wiser. As soon as she was a safe distance from the scene, she took out her phone and called Matsu’o Tsurayaba. The old man was right. This case was officially out of their league. When Yakuza were involved with someone like Deathstrike, there was no amount of due process that could stop them. She was just about to get into her rented car when Matsu’o answered.

“I have been awaiting your call, Betsy. Please tell me what you uncovered.”

“Sorry for the delay, luv. Traffic around the crime scene has been a real bitch,” answered Betsy, “But it appears you were right. Someone knows the Yashidas are up to something and she’s tying as many toe-tags as they can to find out what it is.”

“Who exactly is this she? Is it anyone we know?”

“You were at Interpol for more years than I’ve been alive. I’m guessing the name Deathstrike rings a bell.”

There was a brief silence over the line. Betsy assumed Matsu’o was taking a moment to cringe.

“Deathstrike…are you certain?”

“It had all her calling cards. You would think someone with adamantium claws built right into her fingers would try to be more subtle. The cuts on that body were clean and so was the cut on the chain, which the police appear to have completely missed.”

“So they are still oblivious? They have yet to deploy any resources into seeking her or Yashida’s activities?”

“That seems to be the case. Regardless of what the police throw at her, I don’t doubt she’ll keep probing. So long as she doesn’t find what she’s looking for, the body count will keep rising.”

There was another silence over the line. Betsy assumed Matsu’o was contemplating their next move. Looking back towards Yashida Tower, she scowled the Yakuza and the blood on their hands. Her father spent much of his life at Interpol taking on groups like the Yakuza. She grew up hearing stories about their greed, secrecy, and brutality. Yet that never stopped him from trying to bring them to justice. Even after the death of her mother, he never stopped fighting. As such, Betsy sought to follow in his footsteps. It seemed fitting that she would carry on this fight and her Uncle Tsurayaba was giving her a chance.

“So what’s our next move?” asked Betsy, “We can’t just let Deathstrike keep killing people. It’s going to cause another bloody turf war between the Yakuza families.”

She heard her uncle sigh over the line. He sounded deeply distressed, which was saying a lot because he should be used to this.

“Do not fret, Betsy. I have a plan.”

“Please tell me I’m still part of it. It would be a shame for me to fly out here and not see my first real case to the end,” she said.

“Rest assured, you will play a major role in this investigation. For that reason, I need you to meet with me. I am in the Rinku industrial district.”

“The industrial district? What in the bloody hell are you doing there?”

“I cannot explain over the phone. Just get here as soon as possible. I am in Building X-10. I’ll be waiting with a few associates of mine.”

“Did you already call for backup?”

“In this situation, I assumed that would be a given. I will fill you in on the details as soon as you arrive. We must move quickly though. Yuriko Oyama has a tenacity that is not to be underestimated.”

“No need to remind me. I’ve seen enough of her handiwork to want to throw her into the darkest pit I can find,” said Betsy as she got into her rental car, “I should be there in a half hour.”

“Thank you, Betsy. Again, I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Your father would be proud.”

“Thank you for giving me a chance, Uncle Tsurayaba,” she said as she started up her car and prepared to drive off, “This is what I was born to do!”

And in my effort to keep other areas of this site up-to-date, I have also taken time to update another section of the pics section. I'm always on the look out for awesome artwork to add to X-men Supreme. It has been a while since I've updated the sections for Rogue, Mystique, and the Black Queen so I've compiled an assortment of new images and included them. Enjoy!

Rogue Pics

Black Queen Pics

Mystique Pics

I believe there is always room for these classic X-men stories, even as the world of X-men Supreme continues to distinguish itself from the depictions in Marvel comics. It will be difficult balancing these stories with some of the newer stories I have planned for this fanfiction series, but I promise I will make a concerted effort to ensure it's awesome every step of the way. As such, it's very important that I continue to get feedback. So please take the time to post feedback in each issue of X-men Supreme or contact me directly. I'm always open to talk X-men! Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!



  1. I love your blog! I always can't wait to get home on a thursday and read your reviews on wolverine and the x-men! I love that you include the pictures and the story Many thanks!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my work. There's so much I want to do with it and not enough hours in the day to do it all. For now, I'll definitely keep it coming!


    2. Thank you That's great news!!

    3. Will you be doing a review for wolverine & the x-men 32?

    4. Yep! I will be doing a review for Wolverine and the X-men #32. I will release it next week! Thanks for your support.


    5. Thank you so much! Can't wait!

  2. Excited for Psylocke! Hopefully she runs into Warren at some point!

    1. Oh trust me, I have big plans for Psylocke! She's going to play a big part in the future of X-men Supreme. As for Warren, I only ask that you be patient for future plots.


  3. Oooh looking forward to this chapter!

    I agree with the above poster too...hopefully there's some Betsy/Warren love eventually to make up for the travesty that is Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2

    1. I don't want to spoil too much. All I'll say is that patience will pay off in the long run. ;-)