Friday, December 6, 2013

X-men Supreme Issue 89: Disheartening Discord is LIVE!

The holiday season is upon us and the atmosphere in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has been less than festive. The Cambrian has done significant damage to mutants and humans alike. The X-men have been physically and mentally drained, some more than others. The strain promises to undermine all the progress the X-men have made towards cooperating with the government under President Robert Kelly and General Nathan Grimshaw. Oftentimes, the aftermath of a major event has just as much impact on the event itself. Marvel Comics has been showing that with the aftermath of X-men Battle of the Atom. I intend to do the same in X-men Supreme with the Cambrian.

The first step in dealing with any aftermath is the difficult recovery. All too often, the physical and mental strain on the characters is overlooked for the sake of moving onto the next story. I understand why Marvel wants to get to its big events, but it comes at the cost of some potentially important character moments. And I don't intend to gloss over those moments with X-men Supreme. The next issue of this fanfiction series isn't going to skip ahead or rely on flashbacks to deal with the aftermath. I'm going to actually try to take time to explore what the X-men, the Brotherhood, President Kelly, and General Grimshaw will be dealing with in a world that the Cambrian came uncomfortably close to destroying. It may not be heavy on action, but it will contain important moments for certain characters.

That said, the end of the Cambrian arc has already laid the foundation for the next big conflict in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Secrets are about to get revealed. Relationships are going to be tested. And some characters will be forced to make some very difficult decisions. It's a difficult time for the X-men and it'll all lead up to the final clash at the end of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. There has been so much upheaval in this volume of X-men Supreme and I have much more to explore. And it begins with this very important issue. The aftermath of one event is usually the prelude to another and this issue is no exception.

X-men Supreme Issue 89: Disheartening Discord

The end of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear is in sight. I have a strong vision for the future of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and the road to realizing that vision begins here. I would love to share that vision with as many people as possible, but that has been difficult. There has still been a distinct absence of reviews and feedback on the X-men Supreme website and on where I also post my work. I really mean it when I say that reviews and feedback go a long ways towards helping me make X-men Supreme as awesome as it deserves to be. So please take the time to either post your comments in the issue or contact me directly. I'm always happy to chat about X-men Supreme or X-men in general. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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