Sunday, May 8, 2016

Broken Legacy Chapter 3: Confrontation and Subjugation is LIVE!

Perfection does not come easy and it doesn't take much to taint. Just ask the 2007 New England Patriots. We, as flawed human beings, have a hard time wrapping our heads around ideals. That's a big part of why Superman and Wonder Woman are very much these larger-than-life heroes that push the concept of what it means to be a hero. They are, for all intents and purposes, embodiments of ideals. So what happens when those ideals are tainted?

That's exactly what I've been exploring here with Broken Legacy. Wonder Woman already had her ideal tainted when she found out that she was not molded out of clay and brought to life through the love of her mother. Instead, she now knows that she is a product of infidelity. She is very much effected by this change, an ideal built on a foundation of deceit. It forces her to reevaluate what it means to be Wonder Woman. Now, Superman has to deal with that as well.

Superman, for most of his history, has been as pure an ideal as can be. He is the alpha and omega of heroes. His foundation, his morals, and his legacy are crafted on an ideal foundation. So what happens when that foundation is tainted? Well, that's what Tyr-El is doing. His arrival brought with it a dark secret that will strike Superman at his core. Both he and Wonder Woman will be left wondering what it means to be heroes and what these ideals even mean. And this process is going to be a lot harder than they think.

That's what they're about to find out in the next chapter of Broken Legacy. I know it has taken a while to come out, but this is a challenging story with a challenging premise. But I hope it brings out the best in Superman and Wonder Woman. Because you don't know just how powerful an ideal is until it's tainted. But sometimes tragedy and hardship can breed a new kind of strength, as these two will soon find out. Enjoy!

Expect plenty of tough, dramatic upheavals for Superman and Wonder Woman. Also expect it to bring out the best and worst in them. Sometimes that's necessary for two people to come together. And when it happens, it's a thing of beauty. Things might be bleak in the comics, but I'm hoping that beauty will help as this story unfolds. Nuff Said!

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