Thursday, May 26, 2016

Role Playing With Cyclops and Jean Grey: A Sexy Side-Project

I like to stay busy in my craft, be it reviewing comics, writing books, or making X-men Supreme more awesome. I’m rarely short of ideas. I’m always motivated to be more awesome. So when I see an opportunity to add a little something extra to my X-men resume, I take it!

That is the purpose of this latest sexy side-project of mine. Those who follow my work know I write them from time to time. I get an idea for something that would never make it past the censors at Marvel, Fox, or the FCC for that matter. It’s my way of exploring more mature, sexier stories that you’re not going to find anywhere else. I try to make the nature of that story relevant. That’s not always possible, but this is not the case for this sexy side-project.

As some of you might know, Fox is releasing this little movie called X-men: Apocalypse and in that movie, a few notable characters play a major role. Those notable characters have a nasty history of being horribly screwed over in the X-men movies. Without spoiling too much, this movie seems to buck history, if only this once.

The less said about this moment, the better.
Yes, I’m talking about Cyclops and Jean Grey. James Marsden and Famke Jansen are out. Tye Sherriden and Sophie Turner are in. They’re entering a franchise that saw Cyclops get killed off-screen and Jean Grey become a dispassionate fuck toy for Wolverine. To say there’s room for improvement for these two in the movies would be a big fucking understatement. X-men: Apocalypse is, I hope, the first of many steps. It promises to be an uphill battle, but this is a side-project I hope will help with that effort.

Out with the old and in with the new!
One of the big problems surrounding Cyclops and Jean Grey as characters is that, despite being the most iconic romance in the history of X-men, they’re perceived as boring and bland. The movies certainly don’t help in this effort, but the comics are guilty of this as well. It’s true that while they can come off as a generic romance at times, that doesn’t hide the fact that these two share a genuine, passionate love story together. There’s a reason why they’re such an iconic romance in the annuls of comic books. I’ve tried to capture that romance in my X-men Supreme series. I’ve also tried to show that they can be fun, sexy, and interesting.

Well, this sexy side-project takes that several steps forward and to the edge of a cliff. In this story, I entertain the crazy possibility that two people in love can fool around and be a little adventurous at times. Shocking, right? What kind of twisted mind could imagine Cyclops and Jean Grey in that kind of situation? Well, my mind is more twisted than most so why the fuck not?

Their thoughts are FAR dirtier than you think.
For that reason, and in celebration of Cyclops and Jean Grey NOT being screwed over in an X-men movie, I present this simple sexy one-shot. You will never see this side of Cyclops and Jean Grey in the comics, movies, cartoons, or anywhere else that the FCC has say over. This is a side that I think is in every passionate love affair to some degree, a desire to do something reckless and adventurous. This is my way of giving these two a chance. I think after all the shit the comics and movies have put them through, they’ve earned it.

With all the projects I have going on, it’s hard to find time to explore the sexy ones, let alone finish them in time for an event like this. I hope that those who see X-men: Apocalypse are primed to enjoy this story. I hope to make more like it down the line. So long as my mind remains both twisted and awesome, I’ll be making the effort. Nuff said!


  1. Good
    Hope yo will write more jean and scott stories in the future
    about the comic do you think there is still any chance to them get together ? I mean maybe adult jean coming back and marrying scottt again and their young themself starting a relationship
    and do you think jean loves more scott or logan ?

    1. Thanks for the support! Glad you enjoyed it. I do have other plans for other pairings in X-men: Supreme, including Cyclops and Jean Grey. I don't know if Marvel will ever let them get back together in the comics. X-men 92 might be the only series where they'll have a chance to be together. As for the 616 comics, it's hard to say. It really depends on what happens with adult Cyclops and how Marvel resolves the O5 X-men being in the future. I'll keep my eyes on it, but I'm not getting my hopes up. So I intend to not make the same mistakes in X-men Supreme.


  2. Love Scott and Jean. They were never boring to me and I hate what Marvel did to them in the comics. Can't believe they'd tarnish what these two had. A complete shame! Thanks for writing these stories.

  3. Love Scott and Jean. They were never boring to me and I hate what Marvel did to them in the comics. Can't believe they'd tarnish what these two had. A complete shame! Thanks for writing these stories.

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