Friday, May 6, 2016

X-men Supreme Issue 135: Spirit Misguide PREVIEW!

It’s another one of those uncertain times for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The X-men have just quelled a major threat in the Mutant Liberation Front, albeit at a price. Natural Disorder now joins the likes of Uprising, Overlord, the Phoenix Saga, and Dark Legacy as instances where the X-men have saved the world from the brink of destruction. However, as is often the case with X-men, their struggle is far from over. There are still plenty of unresolved conflicts in this fanfiction series that continue to brew.

One of them has been brewing since the Civilization No Longer Lost arc in X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths. That arc saw the apparent death of Selene and the return of Amanda and Margali Sefton from exile to the hidden city of Nova Roma. This city, which Selene helped found, had been insulated from the world for years, hidden by magic. Now, it is going through a transition period, no longer able to hide in a magical cloak. It is also where Nightcrawler has remained, choosing to stay out of the X-men so he can protect his ailing girlfriend.

It has been a growing conflict since Nightcrawler was first introduced to X-men Supreme in the Family and Fiends arc. Amanda Sefton has been keeping a lot of secrets from him. Inside her is an immense power that has been brewing since the day she was born. That power is part of a much larger conflict that I’ve been developing in X-men Supreme across multiple volumes. That conflict will continue to unfold and it’s about to take another major step.

Just because Selene is not in the picture anymore doesn’t mean that there aren’t other forces looking to exploit Amanda Sefton’s secrets. Nightcrawler has already encountered more than his share, but he’s about to face more. And he won’t be able to face it alone. The X-men still consider him a friend and now that Rogue has returned to the team, it also has enormous family implications. And this is on top of the implications surrounding Mystique being Wolverine’s former lover, Rose. So there are plenty of conflicts to go around.

As the X-men Supreme fanfiction series moves forward, a few major conflicts will undergo major shifts. Now that the Mutant Liberation Front has been given a serious blow, I’ll be setting up another major development that will shake the X-men to their core. And no, it’s not another sterilization plot. I feel like that’s worth mentioning. But the first small step of this shift will begin in this issue. As always, I’ve prepared a preview to give readers a hint of what and who this shift will entail.


“I’m still learning your language. I take it zhat vas an insult,” said Kurt, now using his own wooden sword to block the attack, “Very well, I’ll put this in words you can understand. You need to do better.”

The gladiator was started upon hearing the young mutant speak in native Nova Roman. Even in his German accent, the message was clear. Kurt added to it by launching an attack of his own.

Using his agility once more, Kurt slipped under his opponent’s sword and rolled to the side. As the gladiator turned around to block, Kurt went in low for another strike. He landed it right on the back of the knee, sending a sharp sting through the powerful man’s leg. This kept him from moving around as quickly. It allowed Kurt to get in behind him, deliver a punishing blow to the back, and follow up with a strike to the head.

“Ungh!” he grunted.

“Now it’s your turn to submit,” said Kurt in an overly calm tone.

Since the man was so disoriented, it was a simple matter of slipping around again and striking his arm. This caused him to drop his sword, which in a Gladiator match was grounds for disqualification. Kurt kept him from retrieving it by stabbing him with the tip right in the sternum. Even through his armor, the man felt it. He fell back in defeat, getting the wind knocked out of him in the process. He was defeated, yet Kurt took little satisfaction in the victory.

“I didn’t even have to use my teleportation powers,” the German mutant, “Training used to be so rewarding. I almost wish our roles vere reversed.”

“Hnn…” groaned the gladiator.

He clearly didn’t listen or understand. It added to Kurt’s frustration. Few could understand his predicament. It was a bad sign when training was his only solace. Nova Roma’s famous markets, bath houses, and parties were of little appeal. How could they when the woman he loved was in a coma? Shaman and Margili worked on a daily basis to resolve her condition. Ever since Selene’s defeat, there had been no progress.

Kurt sighed and tossed his wooden sword aside. Gladiators always refused help from the victors so he didn’t bother offering a hand. He would have to find another opponent now. He had defeated nearly every amateur and a few professionals. As the training grew blander, his outlook wasn’t as hopeful. He was so jaded from the monotony that he didn’t realize Amanda’s spirit appearing behind him.

“Wow, even in spirit form I’ve never seen someone so indifferent to victory,” said the astral figure of Amanda Sefton.

“Guten tag to you too, Amanda,” said Kurt flatly, “I take it Shaman has taken a break from zheir latest round of failed spells.”

“They’re taking a break to give Illyana some training. I hope that’s not disappointment in your voice.”

“Nein, I’ve grown used to the lack of progress. Your own indifference shows that you have as well.”

“Perhaps it has. That’s not necessarily a good thing.”

“I never said it vas.”

Kurt’s demeanor remained stoic as he walked out of the training arena. Amanda’s spirit followed him closely. She tried flying in front of him, but he kept on walking. He nearly walked right through her. It was one of the many frustrations of only being able to communicate in astral form. They couldn’t embrace one another, make love to one another, or share a simple kiss. It bothered her as much as it did Kurt.

“Come on, love. I hate seeing you like this. You look so…”

“Distant? Jaded? Upset?” offered Kurt.

“I was going to say bored, but now you’ve given me more reasons to worry,” said Amanda as she hovered next to him.

“I don’t mean to concern you, liebe. I’m my own greatest frustration. After seeing zhe X-men defeat zhe Mutant Liberation Front, I realized something. Other zhan worrying about you, I’m doing nothing of value. Me being by your side is not making a difference.”

“I don’t believe that. Not for a minute,” said Amanda strongly, “Having you here has made all the difference. My spirit would be outshined by a candle if it weren’t for you.”

“I feel like I should be doing more,” mused Kurt.

“You’re doing plenty. It’s not like we’re completely cut off. Ever since Shaman taught me more about astral forms, I’ve entered your dreams on a regular basis. All that astral lovemaking has made a difference. I can feel it.”

“Not zhat I don’t enjoy it, but it still doesn’t change anything. You’re no closer to vaking up from your coma. At zhe same time, I’m just vasting time in zhe lave of luxury while zhe X-men fight all zhese battles. I even heard zhat Rogue rejoined zhe team. I vas trained to fight. I vas taught to make a difference. Yet here I am, doing as much as I can vhile doing less zhan I should. It just feels…wrong.”

Kurt kept on walking, feeling Amanda’s presence close by with each step. She didn’t offer an immediate response. He didn’t expect her to give one. This was an issue before she was in her coma, him having all these skills yet not being able to utilize them. It was a major source of strain and it was only getting worse.

After a prolonged silence, Kurt stopped walking. He sighed and held his head low. This wasn’t fair to Amanda. She had it way worse than him, yet he was the one complaining. Swallowing his frustrations, he turned to face his ghostly lover.

“I’m sorry for brooding, my love. I don’t mean to…”

Kurt froze the moment he saw Amanda’s ghostly form. Something was wrong. She was no longer in a clear form.

“Kurt…feeling something…the Cheyarafirm…help me!”

“Amanda! Amanda, vhat’s happening?! You’re breaking up!” he said with new urgency.

Kurt reached out to her, but as soon as he touched her astral form it dissolved. It faded so quickly that she literally disappeared in his arms. He had that sinking feeling again. Amanda was often the victim of forces beyond her control. This felt like something new.

“So much for being bored,” said the German mutant groaned, “I’m coming, Amanda!”

The evolution of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series will continue and X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation will bring about huge changes. We’ve seen it happen in the comics many times before. Conflicts become so great that it shakes up the X-men in ways they don’t expect. I’ve done that before with this fanfiction series, but not like this. In order to ensure that I shake things up in all the right ways, it’s very important that I continue to get feedback. Reviews help me know that I’m doing something right and avoiding doing something wrong, like forced sterilization plots. So please help me keep X-men Supreme awesome. Send your feedback to me directly or post it on the comment section of this website. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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