Friday, July 23, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 16: Pryde and Prejudice PREVIEW

It's been a very busy week in both the comic work and that of X-men Supreme. While there is plenty going on with Marvel at the San Diego Comic Con, I haven't stopped plugging away with this fanfiction series. I admit I fell a little behind this week, but it's still on schedule to update as usual. The next issue is not going to be the beginning of another multi-part arc. It's going to be a stand-alone one-shot, a simple read that should offer a complete package of awesome. It promises to move the story forward while bringing in a familiar face to the world of X-men Supreme.

As always I encourage everybody who reads this series to provide me with feedback. It's very important that I hear from people so I know if I'm doing this right. Please don't be afraid to contact me or comment on this blog. I'm always here to reply to my readers. In the meantime, here is an extended preview of what you can expect from "Issue 16: Pryde and Prejudice." Thanks again to everybody who has supported me thus far! Take care and I wish you all the best.

Bobby muttered a curse under his breath. Just once he would have liked one of these fact finding missions to turn up dry. But given their history, the odds were stacked against them. That still wasn’t an excuse for them to interrupt a conversation with Lorna.

“Take it easy, Bobby. You’ll catch up with her,” assured Jean.

“Yes, you can always text her in the middle of class as you so often do,” added Ororo with a wry grin.

“Whatever,” groaned Bobby, “Let’s just get this over with. What did the Professor say was so strange about this again?”

“Aside from an ambassador from a mutant hating country coming to town, plenty,” said Scott, “He suspects Genosha’s escalating activities are somehow linked to Magneto’s. Our job is to find out what we can while keeping an eye on a new mutant signature he detected close by.”

“A new mutant? Why would that be a big deal?” asked Bobby.

“Because it’s a hell of a coincidence and that’s always the first sign of something rotten,” said Logan.

It sounded a little paranoid, but even Bobby conceded it was suspicious. It wasn’t every day an anti-mutant zealot was in the same city as a new mutant signature. It was a volatile mix that could get out of hand very quickly.

Scott flew in lower and around the airspace over the hotel. Even though the clouds were settling in, they could still see the crowds swarming throughout the streets. The media was probably there as well and sticking around for rush hour. If something was going to happen, this was probably a good time. So much focus was still on the hotel and if just one of the individuals amongst the crowd was the mutant signature Xavier picked up on it could get ugly fast.

Suddenly, one of the screens in the cockpit flashed. Then just as they were about to fly over the roof of the hotel, they noticed a bright streak of fiery light shoot up from the roof of the building. It was like a rocket of sorts, but none they had ever seen before.

“Whoa! What was that?” said Warren as he and the others looked out the window.

“Sure as hell didn’t look like fireworks,” commented Rogue.

“It wasn’t,” said Hank grimly as he began working feverishly on the scanner, “Whatever that was it took off at a phenomenal rate. And if the trajectory is any indication it appears to be intelligently guided.”

“What could it be? A missile?” asked Jean.

“Doubtful,” assured Hank, “But whatever it is it’s definitely targeting something. And it appears to be close by.”

“Oh we gotta stop this,” said Logan, “Think you can catch it, one-eye?”

“Just watch me, Logan,” said a determined Scott.

Gripping the controls, Scott hit the afterburner and followed the strange object through the clouds and into the city. The rest of the X-men held on and let their leader show off his flight skills. Whatever this thing was, it didn’t look friendly.

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