Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Second Coming #2 Quick Spoilers - It Does NOT Suck!

I just came back from my comic book store. I went early today, making sure I got there just as the place opened. I immediately went for Second Coming #2, which was in limited supplies. And I quickly thumbed through it. And by the end I could breath a slight sigh of relief. My fears from X-Force #28 were finally put to rest. The Phoenix was NOT a ruse. In one iconic spread, Hope does share the same panel with the Phoenix. Not only that, the vision Emma Frost had in Uncanny X-men #510 is recalled. So it appears there may be a connection after all. So all those Phoenix fans can rejoice at least for the moment. Hope showed that the power she wielded was no ruse. Now I want to post scans, but unfortunately my scanner is on the fritz. The best I can manage is a picture taken from my phone. I know the quality sucks, but it's all I can manage at this point.

On the Jean Grey front she does make a slight appearance in terms of flashbacks. On one panel she appears in an old picture with Scott and the former X-men and on the scan above she is shown within the vision Emma had back in Uncanny #510. It was not confirmed whether or not Hope was Jean Grey and that's somewhat expected. They couldn't answer everything at once, but they did drop the Phoenix into the mix and that is essentially leaving Jean Grey's fingerprints on this event. It also doesn't discount the possibility that Hope is Jean. It only adds yet another clue.

I want to go over the whole issue, but I would rather wait until I have the scans to fully flesh out this story. As soon as I have them, I'll post a review. Until then, I think it's safe to say that Second Coming ended on a high note. It didn't completely screw the readers over and it opens the door to some very intriguing story lines. I was way too close to jumping ship and going to DC exclusively, but I've stepped back at least for now. I'm still on board the X-train. I'm ready to see where it takes me.

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