Friday, July 9, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 15: Underworld Part 2 Preview

As frustrating as this week in comics have been, I still have X-men Supreme to turn to. Granted it's fanfiction and most people don't give to shits from a squirrels ass about fanfiction, it's basically all I have now. And I'm going to keep going, but it's not going to be easy. The frustration with the comics is starting to bleed over to my writing and I don't want to stop. But only time will tell.

The next issue will conclude the Underworld arc. Like all those before it, this issue will set the stage for the next big event. Fans of big time X-men awesome and certain characters will be in for a treat! You'll see. In the meantime, here's an extended preview of what to expect.

“X-men, I’ve just located a faint signature not far from where you are. I believe it belongs to Scott.”

“Do ya know if he’s okay, Professor?” asked Rogue, her tone thick with concern.

“I do not know his condition, but I am certain that he is alive. But this signature appears to be a bit too clear. The Morlocks are usually very adept at escaping detection, even from psychics.”

“That could only mean one thing,” growled Logan, “They’re setting a trap.”

“That’s a very real possibility, Wolverine. Which is why I recommend pulling back so we can formulate a plan.”

“Pull back?!” exclaimed Rogue, “You want us to leave Scott in the hands of those wackos even longer? For all we know they could kill him any second!”

“They won’t do that, Rogue. I know the Morlocks. They are an embittered people, but they are not monsters.”

“Even so, we can’t afford to pull back now!” said Jean strongly, “We have to go in and rescue him!”

“So we should just walk into a trap?” said Ororo, “Jean, that won’t do Scott any good.”

“It’s better than doing nothing!” said the young psychic, “Professor, I know it’s risky. But we have to take that chance for Scott’s sake! We were able to reason with the Morlocks before. We can do it again! We don’t have to risk Scott’s life!”

Xavier considered it for a moment. He all too well the tendencies of the Morlocks. They were not adverse to mal-treatment of their prisoners, especially surface dwellers. Even though they abandoned their militant tendencies two years ago, that didn’t meant they had given up on violence. Jean gave him that pleading look. Rogue gave him a similar look. All points considered it was still risky, but Scott’s safety was at stake.

“Very well, there’s a large sewer duct just outside the main facility of the water treatment plant. You should be able to gain access to all the main sewer lines from there.”

“Thank you, Professor,” said Rogue graciously.

“But again, I urge you to exercise great caution. If the Morlocks are preparing a trap, you must take every measure to avoid it. You’re going into their domain and they’ll use every advantage against you.”

“Sounds like a fair fight to me,” said Logan with a wolfish grin, “Don’t worry, Chuck. We can handle ‘em. With all the aftershave Cyke wears, he shouldn’t be hard to track.”

“Let us hope so, Wolverine. I’ll be in touch.”

The holographic image went out as the link went down. Hank then flew the jet in lower so they could land in a clearing. The thought of venturing into the sewers with all the sewage, garbage, and grunge that went along with it didn’t appeal to anybody. But their friend was trouble. They couldn’t leave him in the hands of the Morlocks. Even if this was a trap, they had to save their leader.

“Another mission into the sewer,” groaned Bobby, “Scott owes us big time for this.”

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