Thursday, July 1, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 14: Underworld Part 1 is LIVE

Happy 4th of July everybody! A holiday weekend is upon us and wouldn't you know it? A fresh issue of X-men Supreme is ready for the occasion. I've been very pleased with the feedback I've gotten thus far. The last update with Bedazzeled was more productive than usual. I got more emails and comments than I usually do (which isn't much to begin with mind you). That definitely added some extra motivation for this issue and I think it shows, but I'll let you the readers be the judge of that! The next phase of this fanfiction series is ready to begin and it promises to move things forward in this unfolding saga.

Issue 14: Underworld Part 1

I hope this issue garners just as much feedback if not more than the previous issue. I'll say it again. Please take the time to review! Contact me with any of your feedback and I'll be happy to listen and discuss all things X-men with you. This fanfiction series still has a lot of steam to spout so please keep providing me feedback so I can make it as awesome as humanly possible. Thanks again everybody and enjoy the issue!



  1. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the reviews. This website honestly gets me through the day at work, and keeps me up to date on most of DC and Marvel Comics. Thanks!

  2. Wow, it was a really great issue! You managed to put so much in this one! Magneto continues plotting something as always and it makes me wonder what else he'll be up to. I like you underline the fact of them used to be great friends cause it's very important detail. They do share respect for each other while so many people/writers treat Magneto as some kind of cruel enemy.
    Well,Professor couldn't have failed to notice Jean's demeanor. But again, It goes without saying he has always known or least guessed about them if not in your Universe then almost in any other.)
    Then comes the conversation between Scott and Logan I enjoyed the most. I suppose it's impossible for these two to have a nice chat but it's how things have always been,right? By the way, I was surprised Logan pointed to Scott that he had had his chance and everything but well, it leaves Logan to be the only one who isn't blind after all. At last Scott shut him and gave something worth thinking for one evening. The subject of Logan/Jean relationships and possibility of them can be debating forever and people's views are very different as you know. Anyway, I can always express my opinion later.
    I definitely liked the Scott and Rogue's date more than that of Jean/Logan! I don't know, maybe because I have a certain fondness for them in Evolution but I can really see them together!(ok, I can't completely, but I'm trying, honestly!)Still, I must say Rogue really brings out the best out of him. And they were very cute so far, till their date was ruined. Again, adding Morlacks and battle scene was an interesting twist and it reminded me of a certain episode in a certain cartoon)
    What I enjoyed the most? Scott's character. Always on the look out and described so right! You're one of those a few who're capable of it.
    All in all it was impressive. Keep on writing!

  3. John, thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad my reviews/rants help get you through your day. That'll just inspire me to work harder at each post. With all the stuff coming up at marvel I'll have plenty to review so I hope I can continue to help. Thanks again and take care.

  4. For Anonymous,

    Thank you very much for your kind words on the issue! I really appreciate you taking the time to offer me a review like this. I try to treat this as if Marvel was sanctioning it and I had to keep the characters up to a certain standard. That goes double for Magneto and Xavier, two men for whom the entire X-men line is often derived from.

    I also enjoyed writing that scene with Scott and Logan a great deal. It was my chance to show them clash in a different way with Scott being a bit less confrontational and a bit more practical. Because he makes a few valid points. He does know Jean better than Logan and for whatever reason Logan is holding back. What could that mean? What could that do for their relationship? The answers will come in future issues! Same with Scott and Rogue. I too loved their chemistry in Evo and I wanted to take it a bit further here. Trust me when I say this I'll be bringing it front and center with the next story. That should be out on July 16th. Thanks again for the comments! I always appreciate them and feel free to post anything else about the story if you want. Peace.