Friday, October 5, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue #64: The Phoenix Saga Part 2 PREVIEW

It's finally here and it's off to a great start! And by it I mean the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga. The biggest event in this fanfiction series to date is underway and already I've received some wonderful feedback. It isn't much, but it really means a lot that some understand that this is a huge moment for this fanfiction series. I have to give a brief shout-out to Stormbreaker and Wolverine189, who were generous enough to leave comments. I hope others follow suit because the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is going to be forever changed by the Phoenix Saga. And Jean Grey will be at the forefront of those changes.

But as big a part of the story as Jean Grey may be, the Phoenix Saga is still a story about X-men. Issue 63: The Phoenix Saga Part 1 also dealt with some of the other ongoing dramas with this fanfiction series. One of those dramas involved a familiar name that Marvel fans should know well, Emma Frost. Like the Phoenix itself, I always intended for Emma Frost to play a part in X-men Supreme. I also intended for her to play a role in the Phoenix Saga, just as she did in Chris Claremont's original story. She finally showed up in the previous issue, but her story will take center stage in the next issue. LIke Jean Grey, I know Emma Frost has some very passionate fans. I hope those fans are happy with how she is utilized in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I can't get into too many details at the moment, but I can offer my usual extended preview.

“Sorry to interrupt, Herr Professor. But you have an emergency phone call,” he said as he handed him the phone.

“An emergency at a time like this? What else could be going wrong?” the Professor groaned.

“I don’t know, but it sounded pretty serious.”

The Professor turned took the phone and answered it. Few people had the ability to make an emergency call to the X-men privately. Whoever this was, it had to be someone in a very precarious position.

“To whom am I speaking?” he asked.

“Professor! Thank heavens, I reached you!”

The Professor’s eyes widened upon hearing that voice. He recognized it immediately.


As soon as he said this name, Scott looked up and took a sudden interest.

“Emma! Is that who’s on the line?”

“Oh boy, here we go,” groaned Logan, “Who the hell is Emma and why the hell is it such a big deal?”

“Quiet Logan! I’m having trouble hearing her!” said Xavier as he held the phone closer.

The room fell silent as the Professor listened intently. He knew that voice belonged to Emma, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying. There was commotion in the background.

“Big trouble…downtown New York…mercenaries…hostages…can’t get away! Need…the X-men! I…”

“Emma? Emma, I can’t hear you! What’s going on? Are you…”

“Hey bitch! Give me that damn phone!”

“Back off you ugly…”

“I said give it, bitch!”

Those last few words did not belong to Emma. They belonged to someone the Professor didn’t recognize. Whoever it was, it didn’t sound friendly. Before he could decipher more, he heard a gunshot. Then the line went dead.

“Emma? Emma are you there?!” he exclaimed.

Leaving Jean to rest, Scott got up and rushed over.

“What is it, Professor? Is she okay?!” he asked nervously.

Professor Xavier looked at the phone and then back at Scott with a look of dread. He had that same sinking feeling as his mentor. Something was up and if it involved Emma Frost, it could only be very dangerous.

“Assemble the team, Scott,” the Professor answered him, “Tell everyone to suit up and prepare for a hostage situation!”

“Emma is caught up in a hostage situation?” said Hank with a touch of skepticism, “As a hostage no less? I find that hard to believe.”

“I share your surprise, Hank. But I know what I heard and we must act!”

“How bad is it, Professor? Is zhis another Proteus level incident?” asked Kurt anxiously.

“Not quite, but if it’s too much for Emma Frost to handle then that does not bode well!” said Scott strongly.

The X-leader promptly rushed out the door in full urgency. Kurt followed him as well, not concerning himself too much with the details. Logan, however, wasn’t so eager.

“Not that I’m against a good fight, but what about Jeannie?” asked Logan.

“I’ll stay with her,” said Xavier as he wheeled up to his resting student, “If she has another episode, I’ll take care of it.”

“You don’t sound too sure of yourself, Chuck. You sure you can handle it?” said Logan skeptically, hesitating to leave Jean behind like this.

“She’s in good hands, Logan,” said Hank, coaxing the feral mutant away, “Overwhelming it may be, we must deal with crises as they come. And once we tell you about Emma Frost, you’ll see why.”

“Oh this I gotta hear,” he muttered.

Logan gave Jean one last worried look before following Hank out. He didn’t like the idea of leaving her at a time like this, but the X-men couldn’t shut down just because of her. It seemed this recovery period of theirs was not meant to last. Even with an ailing Jean Grey, there was still a hostile world out there and the X-men had to confront it.

The Phoenix Saga has always been a big part of the X-men mythos and with one issue down, I understand I have a big story ahead of me. I alsoI know that Jean Grey has some incredibly passionate fans out there. Some have already voiced their opinions on this series and the commission by Brian Brinlee that I posted with Issue 63: The Phoenix Saga Part 1. Some have even offered to Photoshop that image with variations of their own. As such, I'm opening the door to those of you who are Photoshop inclined to make your own twists on the officail image of Jean Grey in her Phoenix costume for X-men Supreme. Or come up with your own costume if you wish! I'll be happy to post it. If you wish to discuss this or just have some general comments, feel free to contact me at any time! Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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