Friday, October 26, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue #65 - The Phoenix Saga Part 3 is LIVE!

At a time when many are celebrating all things scary with Halloween, the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is facing a great horror in the Phoenix Force. The cosmic power that has been known to destroy planets and entire star systems is inching closer to the world of X-men Supreme. Now, it's poised to take another step as the official X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga unfolds in a new issue! You've seen flashbacks into the life of Jean Grey which hinted at a connection with an unseen force going back to the darkest days of her life. You've seen her manifest symptoms during arcs such as Overlord and Proteus. It has left the X-men desperate for answers and in the previous issue, they may have finally found one courtesy of former X-man, Emma Frost.

The introduction of Emma Frost brought with it plenty of trouble. I always intended to introduce her into the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and that includes the drama she often brings. I've alreayd received a few questions about her life in X-men Supreme and the nature of her history with the X-men. I assure you all there is a story to be told here. Emma Frost does have an integral part in the history of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge too many details without spoiling key stories. So her bio will likely not take place until after X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope concludes. In the meantime, Emma Frost has introduced the X-men to Jason Wyngarde, who they are told can help Jean Grey. But can he really? Check out the latest issue of X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga to find out!

Issue 65: The Phoenix Saga Part 3

I was hoping that someone would take me up on my request to do another variation of my Jean Grey Phoenix commission from Brian Brinlee. Ideally, I want a variant for every issue of the Phoenix Saga, however long it ends up being. Unfortunately, nobody has responded. So I have no new variations to include with this issue. I sincerely hope that more are willing to contribute. I think the variants really help add something special to this very special event in the lore of the X-men mythos. As such, I implore all my readers who are Photoshop inclined to provide another variant. I also implore everyone who reads this latest issue to take the time to leave a review. Feedback is extremely important, especially during such a major undertaking like the Phoenix Saga. Please contact me or post the reviews directly with each issue. Every bit of feedback counts and I'm always happy to chat! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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