Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Avengers vs. X-men #12 - Epic Cosmic Failure

Strap on your rubber boots, stuff your nose with cotton balls, and drink a gallon of paint thinner because it's finally here! Marvel's once promising epic crossover turned Category 5 shit storm is coming to an end! Avengers vs. X-men, the once promising mega-event that Marvel promised would be the greatest innovation in comics since Emma Frost's breast implants started off like an ecstasy fueled orgy at the Playboy Mansion. Then beginning with the 10th issue, it turned into a prostate exam with a boxing glove. After 9 issues, Marvel pretty much just said "fuck it" and ditched everything that made the story compelling. They threw away the story with Hope and any potential Jean Grey connection. They threw away any notion of making the conflict between the Avengers and X-men balanced on any level. Hell, they might as well have been a paranoid schizophrenic throwing away their medications and then watching the Matrix. It's been that fucked up. So it is with a sense of relief, mercy, and a touch of a hangover that this epic tribute on how NOT to do a major comic event comes to an end.

Now to be fair, Avengers vs. X-men still has had some pretty awesome moments. Watching Cyclops beat up Captain America was great. Seeing Emma Frost utterly neuter Thor will always put a smile on my face. And seeing Storm and Black Panther's relationship dissolve in a spectacle that would even disgust Chris Brown ensures that this event will have some slivers of gold in the mountain of shit it turned out to be. But there's a saying by some guy I used to smoke weed with before he disappeared mysteriously in the jungles of Columbia. Even a 100 epic beginnings can be nullified by 1 epic ending. There was something else he said about bratty, redheaded Jean Grey rip-offs, but at this point I'm pretty sure he was out of his fucking mind.

But as critical as I've been towards Avengers vs. X-men, I'm always willing to give a story a chance to redeem itself at least in part (unless it involves cat people dongs, ie X-men Legacy). Even though at this point the story has devolved to a point where it couldn't be awesome even if it was printed on Pamela Anderson's tits, there's still a chance that it could at least become less shitty. Marvel has already made a big deal about the aftermath of this series and how it will lead into the Marvel NOW! relaunch. And even I'm not drunk enough to deny that some of that shit looks pretty damn sweet, but it'll definitely be sweeter if Avengers vs. X-men doesn't end up swirling the toilet bowl with hangover vomit mixed with purified shit.

That may be a tall order after Avengers vs. X-men #11 because Marvel once again went out of their way to ditch the little things like detail and plot, opting instead to just try to shock readers into not regretting paying four bucks for this shit. After being poked, prodded, tempted, and talked down to like a dog, Cyclops finally lost his shit. He killed Xavier, attacked his girlfriend, stole her part of the Phoenix Force, and went Dark Phoenix. It was less a story and more a case study in how you shit all over a character for incredibly shitty reasons without having to call it German fetish porn. Now I've been in favor of Cyclops being humbled for a while. A guy who runs his own country and gets to bone Emma Frost is bound to let shit go to his head at some point. But if you're going to humble him, at least have that shit make sense. Cyclops spent the past few issues with everyone claiming he's a fucking monster after he used his Phoenix powers to create a worldwide Utopia. Not only that, the only way they try to reason with him is to fight him. Even when it clearly makes shit worse, they keep doing it like that retarded kid in grade school who wouldn't stop eating the paste. Marvel could have at least tried to be more cohesive in his downfall, but that would have required thinking.

In addition, they've pretty much ignored Hope Summers and haven't tried to make her any less a little bitch. If anything, they've made her even more unlikable, if that's not a feat in and of itself. Not only did she run off from the X-men, but she later agreed to leave with the Avengers after the X-men went to great lengths to save her ass in Second Coming. Instead, she didn't just trust the assholes who don't have a lick of experience in dealing with the Phoenix. She trusted Wanda fucking Maximoff, as in the same bitch who made her messiah tricks necessary. Not only that, Marvel reached into the deepest recesses of their asses and pulled out some elaborate story about how the Phoenix Force is connected to K'un L'un and some other redheaded Jean Grey rip-off named Fongi. Speaking of which, that connection between Hope Summers and Jean Grey that was hinted at so many times before? Completely forgotten. Now I've blacked out many times and forgotten some pretty messed up shit, namely where I parked my car and who shit in my pants. But something that blatant? Fuck, even I can't drink that much. But sooner or later, Hope Summers has to do something that makes her partially redeemable. And since Avengers vs. X-men #12 is the last issue, it's now or never for the little rip-off bitch.

Avengers vs. X-men #12 starts by just reminding readers how fucked they are and how little thought Marvel has given to the details. Iron Man basically summarizes that when Wanda went nuts and tried to wipe out the mutant race, the Phoenix Force got pissed because it fucked up its sense of cosmic order. Hope was basically the yin to Wanda's yang/nervous breakdown. She's supposed to be to the Phoenix what Wanda is to her crazy chaos magic that she used to butt-fuck the universe. And together, they're best equipped to stop Cyclops and the Phoenix. In other words, Cyclops was right. Hope needs to take on the Phoenix Force and the Avengers were fucking stupid to try and prevent it in the first place. That's how fucked this story is and how fucked readers should feel.

This knowledge isn't lost on Hope, aka the Jean Grey ripoff that is still an arrogant bitch. She finally points out to Wanda that all this shit is her fault. And she's right. It was her fault. She's responsible for M-Day. She's responsible for Hope having to be born in the first place. Hell, she's responsible for Hope having to be this arrogant little bitch that ditches the people who did everything to save her ass and trusts people who didn't give a damn about her until the world was coming to an end. So yeah, Wanda deserves to get her ass kicked and to shoulder some of the blame. But will she be held accountable for M-Day in the same way Cyclops will probably be held accountable for Xavier's death? Fuck no! That shit might actually make sense. It's just a flashy little fight between two bitches that have done nothing but fuck up reality. And flashy is fun. It's just not as fun as it would be if they were naked and covered in rum.

But that shit happened in a flashback. In the present, Cyclops has gone Dark Phoenix after all the bullshit and pestering the Avengers have done since they personally split the Phoenix. Oh wait, the Avengers were responsible for splitting the Phoenix? I'm sorry, but that shit was never mentioned. It's all just Cyclops going on a rampage while the Avengers and the X-men who have since decided to become Avengers groupies trying to keep the world intact. There's not even a thought bubble that says "Hmm...maybe we shouldn't have tried to shoot the Phoenix with one of Stark's crazy inventions or keep poking Cyclops until he went nuts." It just gives the impression that Cyclops is evil now and the Avengers had no part in it. Really Marvel? You can't spare a fucking thought bubble anymore?

As is often the case with Dark Phoenix, everyone is obscenely outmatched. Cyclops beats up and bitch-slaps everyone that tries to attack him. He compares it to them trying to snuff out the sun by throwing pebbles at it. It's a pretty fair comparison. One of those pebbles is named Nova, as in the same annoying kid from that shitty Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon that first reported that the Phoenix was coming. Well, he shows up to blind-side the Phoenix. You get the sense that Marvel just realized they were running out of pages and needed to do something with Nova so they did the least creative thing possible. There's being contrived and then there's just being lazy. Nova does absolutely nothing to change the nature of this battle aside from allowing Marvel to say they didn't ignore him. Really? That's worth wasting a two-page spread? When did you treat story like Congress treats debt, Marvel?

The tide finally does turn when Hope and the Scarlet Witch enter the battle. Really? It took them this fucking long after they did absolutely jack shit in the last issue? The Avengers decided it didn't make tactical sense to lead with the Yin and Yang that Iron Man told them in a flashback? They just had to screw with the Phoenix even more until it went Dark Phoenix? Again, there isn't so much as a fucking thought bubble to explain this obscenely shitty tactic! Did they think they needed another challenge? And that was worth incurring the wrath of Dark Phoenix?

It's yet another detail Marvel has overlooked, almost as much as any hint of a Hope/Jean Grey connection. They just needed their heroes to look stupid first by attacking something they knew they couldn't stop until Hope and the Scarlet Witch had taken their thumbs out of their asses to actually participate! What makes this shit all the more egregious is that their combined efforts finally do turn the tide. Without any other help from the Avengers, they're able to disrupt Dark Phoenix's rampage. I's still not all that epic. Again, being naked and covered in rum would help, but that may just be another extra that makes too much sense for Marvel.

The combined efforts of Hope and the Scarlet Witch finally overwhelm Cyclops. It allows the Avengers to finally participate and not look like they're pissing into the wind. Again, why the fuck didn't they just wait until Hope and the Scarlet Witch softened him up ahead of time? I seriously cannot wrap my head around that shit. But in the end it does weaken Cyclops to a point where the non-crazy part of his brain kicks in and he asks them to kill him. But the crazy is just too strong and he tries to fight back. That's when after 11 issues of Phoenix, we finally get a shadowy glimpse of Jean Grey.

Now maybe this shit is all in his head. That's probably the official story at Marvel so they can still say Jean is dead with a straight face. But whatever ti is, Jean's figure shows up to Cyclops and she tells him to let the Phoenix go. Emma doesn't tell him this. Xavier doesn't tell him this. It's Jean. She's the one who can get through to his sorry ass. It's probably the only shit in this battle that makes sense at this point. But at least we can say partially that Jean Grey does show up in Avengers vs. X-men, but at the last fucking moment no less. As if she couldn't do this before Cyclops killed Xavier. Again, that shit would just make too much sense. Really Marvel? What do you have against stories that make sense? Do they make you sick or something? If so, see a fucking doctor and quit using it as an excuse to fuck up good comics.

Cyclops takes Jean's advice. He finally lets the Phoenix Force go and it in turn goes directly to Hope in, the same Hope Summers that was supposed to get the fucking Phoenix in the first place! This time, the Avengers don't get in her way. They don't try to blast it with one of Tony Stark's gadgets. They just let the Phoenix take they should have fucking done in the first fucking issue! And what happens? The world doesn't end. That's right. It took a royal fuck-up that led Cyclops to go Dark Phoenix for them to realize that Hope is meant to wield the Phoenix. And with it, she essentially repairs the damage Cyclops did...after he did the exact same thing without being a messiah and without any bullshit training in K'un L'un. Again, is Marvel allergic to stories that make sense?

This scene only confirms something I suspected after smoking enough weed. Marvel purposefully dragged this series out because they knew it would sell more. And you know what? They're right. Fear Itself was just 7 issues and that's not enough money for their Disney overlords. So what's the solution? Draw a story out much longer than it needs to be. The whole point of the battle between the Avengers and the X-men was because one side wanted the Phoenix to go to Hope and the other didn't. Well now the Phoenix took Hope and it fucking worked. All that shit with the Phoenix Five didn't need to happen. It was just padded on and/or an excuse to fuck up Cyclops beyond repair. I'm not sure which reason was more pressing, but I'm pretty sure padding it and the money that would result played a bigger role.

After Hope is done fixing the damage that Cyclops did (only after the Avengers made it possible in the first place) she takes on the same White Phoenix costume that Jean Grey used to wield. So now she doesn't just look like Jean Grey and use the Phoenix like Jean Grey. She has to dress like her as well in the EXACT SAME FUCKING COSTUME! And yet Marvel did absolutely nothing to explain a link between her and Jean if there was one?

But I digress. The key moment here is where the Scarlet Witch comes in. She tells Hope that before she does what Cyclops did and try to fix the world, she should consider why she's the mutant messiah. She says it isn't because she can wield the Phoenix. It's because she can let that shit go and somehow that's going to fix everything. It makes about as much sense as saying that holding a magnet to your nuts will cure cancer. But at this point I've given up hoping that this story will make sense.

With help from the Scarlet Witch, Hope released the Phoenix with a "No more Phoenix" spell. This causes it's power to spread out, as explained by the Stepford Cuckoos, and undo M-day. All over the world, mutants start popping up again. And it's not just isolated mutants and Akira rip-offs that Hope has to fix. These are real mutants that M-Day nearly wiped out. This has another grave implication. It means Cyclops was fucking right all along! Hope was meant to undo M-Day. The Phoenix was meant to save the mutant race. He was fucking right all along and the Avengers just got in the way until the world got fucked up enough for them to realize that they screwed up. Oh wait, they didn't fucking realize that! They just watch in the same way a cow watches two horses fuck each other. And all Hope had to do was fucking let it go. Really? She needed training for that shit?!

Even though the Avengers were the ones that fucked up the Phoenix and got in the way from Hope doing what needed to be done, Cyclops is still arrested. He's still the big villain that must pay for the crimes that the Avengers themselves started. To his credit, Cyclops admits his guilt. He and Captain America have a little conversation in a ruby quartz cell where Cyclops basically laments for what he's done. He knows he killed Xavier and went crazy. And he wants to take full responsibility, even though Emma and the rest of the Phoenix Five are still missing. Captain America takes some of the blame as well, but not for provoking the Phoenix Force or anything that logical. He just admits that the Avengers were assholes for not helping mutants when they should have. That's it. That's all he apologizes for. Yet he has the balls to yell at Cyclops and call him a criminal? Hearing that from Captain America almost makes me want to renounce my citizenship and move to Switzerland.

That would have been a pretty shitty ending to the story. But Marvel just can't resist making it even more shitty. They show that Hope, after finally fulfilling her destiny, is still fucking alive! This annoying, bratty, arrogant, rip-off character didn't die in releasing the Phoenix. She's still in one piece and looking like the rip-off character we've all come to despise. I thought messiahs were supposed to sacrifice? What the fuck did she sacrifice? She betrayed the X-men, acted like an arrogant brat, and came off without a scratch. That, my friends, is how you make shit shittier.

Allow me to take a deep breath and a shot of heroine to gather my thoughts before closing the book on this herculean clusterfuck that Marvel has conjured. I'll start by saying that Avengers vs. X-men #12 didn't make shit any worse. That's the absolute least we could have hoped for at this point. But beyond that, it really did nothing that would make me conclude, either drunk or sober, that this story was even remotely decent. It did succeed in one key aspect though. It undid M-Day. It finally took mutants off the endangered species list and it did so exactly as Cyclops thought it would by having Hope use the Phoenix Force kickstart the mutant race again. So in the end, he was right and Captain America was wrong. Yet still Cyclops lost and is labeled a douche-bag. It makes about as much sense as an economics lecture by a drunk Glenn Beck. But beyond restarting the mutant race, it also forced the Avengers to admit they were twiddling their thumbs while mutants were being ass-fucked by karma. It effectively sets the stage for Marvel NOW! It also humbles Cyclops in a way that's been overdue for quite some time. Granted, it was more excessive than Marlon Brando's caloric intake, but now he's not the ruler of a country that's boning Emma Frost on the side. He's been utterly screwed so hopefully that means the rabid anti-Cyclops crowd will finally shut the fuck up for at least five minutes. Plus, it ended the Storm/Black Panther marriage. Let's face it, that alone does give this story some merit because that relationship was more screwed than Tiger Woods's marriage.

That's the good. The bad is a billion times worse. The conclusion of Avengers vs. X-men is a case study in what happens when you give a drunk a frontal lobotomy and unlimited amounts of alcohol before telling him to organize a story. This issue is like that asshole that drives a Hummer, runs over people, and doesn't even bother to slow down to take note of who they just maimed. The bikers in this case are the details and cohesiveness to this story. Cyclops went Dark Phoenix and terrorized the utopian world he created. Yet no one seemed to realize that he only did this after every fucking hero on the planet kept poking him with a stick and finding new ways to piss him off. All Captain America admitted to was that he didn't help mutants when he should have. He never admitted that he was wrong to just pick a fight with the X-men when he didn't know shit about the Phoenix.

That leads to the absolute most egregious detail of the story. The Avengers were fucking wrong in keeping the Phoenix away from Hope. Had they just gotten out of the way and let Hope do her shit, she would have fixed everything without all this Phoenix Five shit in the first place! In the end they pretty much ignored the fact that they fought tooth and nail to keep the Phoenix from getting to her, but only found out in the end that it had to happen. And all that so-called 'training' she did in K'un L'un? What the fuck was it even for? All she had to do was fucking let the Phoenix go. Do you really need to train for that shit? She did with the Phoenix exactly what Cyclops did and fixed the world. And he didn't need any training. So why the fuck would Hope? It essentially renders all those details about the Phoenix and its history with K'un L'un that Marvel pissed out like ricey diarrhea completely worthless.

Moreover, Hope Summers is still fucking alive! That's the second most egregious detail. This annoying brat/Jean Grey ripoff is still fucking breathing after this series. I know I've made my hatred of Hope very clear in recent times, but Marvel keeps finding ways to make her easier to hate. First, they constantly tease a link between her and Jean Grey and claim it will be explained in Avengers vs. X-men. But do we get those details? Fuck no! All we get is Hope ditching the X-men after they sacrificed damn near everything to save her ungrateful ass and trusting the Avengers, who ended up being dead wrong about her and the Phoenix anyways. Not only that, we have a teenage Jean Grey coming back in All New X-men. That shit is confirmed. Yet we still have this annoying little bitch who looks like her and was teased to be her still alive? If the shitty organization of Avengers vs. X-men didn't make it worth less than the paper you wipe your ass with, that shit sure does.

This event had so much promise. It started off as one of the best events I've ever read and I was so hopeful that it would raise the bar for Marvel moving forward. But once again, I've learned to never trust Marvel with big events. They only know how to start. They don't know how to finish. They can jump out of a plane with ease, but they don't know how to work the fucking parachute. Avengers vs. X-men was an egregiously bad event in that it failed to understand its own logic and was about as cohesive as Britney Spears's second marriage. The fine folks at Marvel have adopted a "Fuck the finer details" policy while thinking that the only way to develop a character is through fucking character assassination. After the sheer disappointment left by Fear Itself, Avengers vs. X-men found a way to actually lower the bar. For that, I give Avengers vs. X-men #12 a 2 out of 5. It would have been much lower, but it wasn't bad enough to make me want to ditch Marvel NOW! For the next big event, I just hope that Marvel starts giving more of a shit.

So it's over. The Phoenix is gone again and we're still stuck with Hope fucking Summers. Marvel has taken a massive shit on Cyclops's character while going out of their way to make the Avengers come out smelling like Scarlet Johannen's breasts. All I can say is good riddance, fuck Avengers vs. X-men, fuck Hope Summers, and fuck I need a beer and a mountain of blow. Nuff said!


  1. They really were trying to do things fans wouldn't expect so that messed up the stories for them. Hope was chosen so she could let it go, really? I can already see the next event brewing.

  2. Good review. I agree with a lot of what you said. While this event has been bad, hopefully it leads to something good.

  3. Ugh. I swear I've just had about enough of Marvel's ignorance. This issue not only highlighted the redundancy of the whole event, but it also immensely screwed Cyclops up to a villainous extent that gives him no chance for redemption. But most of all, I just can't stand the level of hypocrisy in Captain America's final judgement of Cyclops. He's so fucking way up on some delusional moral high ground that he doesn't see his true part in this whole mess. He fucking antagonized the Phoenix/Cyclops and did nothing but made it worse. The least that he could do is admit that much. FUCKING. HYPOCRITE. And I don't even like Cyclops that much to begin with, but it's just unfair how unredeemingly negative they have made him out to be. I just can't see how they could allow the ending to veer off towards such an unreasonably biased pro-Captain America/anti-Cyclops slant. Cyclops was right all along. And maybe destruction was necessary (thus the whole middle issues) but again it boils down to the simple fact that it all went down a spiral of shitfest when the Avengers decided to interfere (mind you, in something which they've had lesser experience in) and make everything so much more worse. I've never hated Captain America (and I guess Avengers too) more than I do right now. Your review is perfectly on point, I concur with you word for word. Ughhhhhh. Why Marvel why.

  4. So was there any indication that any of the former mutants that were depowered by M-Day regained their powers, or is it just that the mutant race was just restarted meaning that only new mutants are being activated?

  5. Another Marvel event that is solely for spectacle and not to be hindered by that little thing called characterization.
    So we have 12 issues of characters acting out of character. Cyclops is the big bad, even though he just wanted Hope to bring back the mutants by using the phoenix, which, um she does ... but Cap and the Avengers are the good guys because they caused an unnecessary fight that created crazy evil phoenix folk, caused death and destruction and even broke up a marriage (I'm ok with this one).
    I hate Captain America right now. It reminds me of the hatred that I had for Iron Man during Civil War. That smug, elitist,do no wrong attitude.
    Why a relatively normal character, like Storm perhaps, could not have spoken to Cap at the start and decided that a big fight between The X-Men and Avengers might not be the best solution still confuses me.
    Instead we have a bunch of usually decent, emphatic heroes beating the crap out of each other for stepping on toes. Gah!
    It was kinda funny how a relatively new title liked Avengers Academy managed to retain it identity and characterization during this event,yet 40/50 years of knowing characters and their motivations was jettisoned for fireworks and big fights.

  6. If Hope hated Wanda so much why did she leave with her in the first place? I guess people will go back to getting powers like Rogue's(pre-Non-lethal) and Wither's.

    1. Also why did Hope even listen to Wanda at the end and hug her as if they were BFFs?

  7. Maybe I am just being personal and/or emotional but I don't like what they did with Cyclops. I don't know if they are trying to hype up the Avengers because of the movie but I think they just made the xmen look worse and worse. Completely right in that the Avengers worked against the Phoenix and led to the Dark one else did it. It was like the Avengers were jealous or something. Horrible horrible horrible.

  8. i think there turning syclops into the next magneto and the other mutants that are on the run like emma would break him out of jail and become outlaw heroes

  9. I definitely agree with you about the end of the series, wtf. Marvel did a good job with the first half of this event but as soon as it hit half, they need to fire their writing staff. So many out of character moments, lack of fucking logic on the Avengers who threw rocks at the x-men just to try to justify their need of belonging in a utopian world, xaiver being a prick and just frustrating one page after the next. Cyclops really just saved the entire mutant race and they put him in a prison? They should be giving him a medal! I hope those writers for "MARVEL NOW!" think of a way to redeem him and the x-men who actually did the right thing with the phoenix

  10. Hope for the FutureOctober 3, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    im beginning to think that hope summers isnt a real human/mutant anymore, i think shes just the phoenix force posing as a human when jean first got the phoenix force.....its was creepy when hope said in avx12 "here me avengers and x-men, no longer am i the women you know'

  11. MArvel really jsut fucking destroyed my favorite X-Men character and one of my favorite Avengers in 12 issues. Fuck Marvel all together, I am done with the "House of Fucking Lame Ideas". Hell I saw this ending in X-Men the movie. Xavier took a 15 year old boy, and made him a soldier, fucked his mind up, abandoned him numerous times, guilt tripped him to return and get fucked by Apacolypse, and kept forcing more shit on him. No one seems to care about that in Marvel or X-Men universe. He did what he was trained to do, he was a soldier, and by having Cap and Logan take the Fucking moral high ground is pathetic. DC right now, but I never thought I would say this...I maybe getting closer to leaving comics forever...thaks Marvel.

  12. I agree, Marvel went absolutely OUT OF THEIR WAY to dismantle the X-Men while boosting the, in my opinion, overrated Avengers. Cyclops did everything asked of him, did things Cap couldn't do, told Wolverine to his face "Fuck You", and saved the world, his race, and did all this with a single vision of saving the world and saving the Mutant race. So to have Marvel take away his heroism with a BS storyline like this is ridiculous. I'm done with Marvel and DC.

  13. Actually, you've been far kinder to this event than I'm capable of being. Mainly because after 25 years of following this franchise, I'm done. I quit. I've been jerked around for the last 7 years, waiting and hoping that they'd stop crapping on my favorite set of characters. Sure, they offer little glimmers of hope that things are about to turn around.. and then they yank it away again.

    Well i'm not falling for it anymore. I'm done. Until someone tells me Quesada, Alonso, and that other @#$%hole who's name I'm blanking on and all their cronies have left Marvel, I'm done. Marvel Editorial has devolved in ways I can barely verbalize and I want nothing more to do with them as a publisher. With the death of Avengers: EMH for Loeb's new crappy creation, my following of their animated line dies too. At this rate, the only thing I can credit Marvel with is making good movies. Movies, ironically that are based more on the concepts and ideas they're print properties can't seem to wait to get away from.

    1. I agree 100%. I've been reading X-Men for over 30 years and I'm done. There is some loss but I don't recognize the characters anyway. You cant be an X-Men fan and in any way feel good about this stupid event.

  14. It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense!!! I cannot see from any point of view how the Avengers can think they are right in all of this. The horrible criminalizing of Cyclops notwithstanding, how are they labeling Magneto as a fugitive now, while Wanda gets placed on the premier pro-mutant Avengers squad? She bangs Dr. Doom, repowers Rictor, and beats MODOK'S ass and all is forgiven? She killed thousands!!!!

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  16. What happen with the lights?
    What happened with the blue/canadian light in wakanda?

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  18. /clap /clap /clap
    I don´t like nothing this crossover, nothing!! stupid and ignorant writers! grrrrrrr jeheejfpejffepfefke!!

  19. So no more Phoenix bullshit? No more Mday? Two birds-one stone. One very disorganized, made no sense, half-ass written, plan-as-you-go-bullshit, stone. But Maybe we can move on. I still don't get why Jean couldn't have come back. Have her come back and not remember a damn thing. Have Cable take her to the future, train her to be bad ass, come back the phoenix fuck shit up, then at the end remember everything and end Mday and the Phoenix. I still don't understand "HOPE" instead of Jean. Oh I completely understand the "this was done for more money." That was evident from the start. But they just won't learn that good stories bring in more money than over done crossovers.

    1. This. "But they just won't learn that good stories bring in more money than over done crossovers."

      I've been picking up more and more Image. Solid stories. No crossover garbage

  20. look at this, you will agree with it:

    i just gotta say... of course i'm looking forward for some books from Marvel NOW, but god, i dont wanna read Uncanny Avengers if it involves reading Captain Boring... i dislike avengers books cause i have found them utterly boring (sorry Avengers fans, just an opinion), also their tie-ins during this event were disappointing.
    i do believe think there are X Fans and Avengers fans, and there is a reason why we don't read the other books...
    now if i want to read about Rogue i must pick up a book in which Cap has become her boss? i mean, u think Cap will let Havok lead for too long?
    and the only way marvel could think of making mutants respectable is making them Avengers?? fucking wrong marvel...

  21. Glad to see there's someone out there willing to analyse the series for what it is, not just heap praise on it and ignore all of its flaws. I almost started reading X-Men comics again after seeing the Avengers film, only for an issue of this to remind me why I quit in the process. Heroes constantly fighting heroes for the sake of conflict and grimdark(!!!) borderline self parody seriousness, story-lines becoming increasingly more incomprehensibly due to the sheer stupidity behind them, characters being killed off purely for shock value and the demonisation of characters who deserve better.

    It's like Marvel somehow thinks its biggest screw ups are strengths they should emphasise upon. Civil War was a royal balls up in every sense of the term, admittedly largely due to creative infighting, and yet they seem to keep using it as a blueprint for every comic they want to push as a success.

  22. People dont like what they did to Cyclops, guess what, I dont like what Cyclops did to Professor. The Phoenix destroyed like 30 planets. What make you think the Avengers going to do knowing that the killer bird was about to destroy earth? Cyclops, as the Dark Phoenix, what you think he was doing? Saving the world and humanity? I don't think so plus, what happened to the dreams of peace between humans and mutants? Cyclops was a little right. but he had it all messed up. and ended up being wrong.